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would we be on the verge of the president losing another cabinet secretary the Washington Post is reporting there's a mutiny happening at the Department of Veterans Affairs NBC News confirms they're reporting that VA secretary David Shulkin is at odds with the senior staff and according to the Post shokan has even revoked some staffers access to his executive suite to keep them from reporting back to the White House about VA meetings and apparently he's also positioned an armed guard outside his office this is all just the latest in a series of negative headlines about the VA including deplorable conditions at a DC area hospital an ethics probe into shulk ins travel and a high turnover among the senior staff so how much jeopardy is Secretary Shogun's job in joining me now is the Washington Post reporter who first broke this story lisa ride he said it was the story this morning was sort of breathtaking in this idea that he's got an armed guard outside his office what's going on I know everyone picks up on that that one's a hard one to sort of ignore yeah that's a little detail there Lisa thanks so you know P is this really challenging agency to run 360,000 people only the Defense Department is bigger and there's always some scandal and you know it's veterans so people care so much especially President Trump so David Shulkin comes in he's well-liked but he has this one kind of problem which is he's an Obama administration holdover and I think that a lot of the political appointees of the White House put in to work at VA some of them very senior people were suspicious the president Trump appointed David Choe so how did he get into the president's good graces to get the job one that I was you know there was the cabinet appointments most you know yet some that Mike Pence handled and some that Donald Trump handled this is one he cares a lot about absolutely and by all accounts Shulkin he's a doctor he's a former hospital administrator he's an extremely confident guy but I think that there was a suspicion of him in large part over a really controversial policy issue that might seem arcane to people who aren't veterans or in the government but it has to do with private care and whether veterans should more access to seeing private doctors outside this system and there's a lot of money involved the Koch brothers are intimately involved in this they have put lots of behind them no big contracts or contracts that some companies are trying to get with the VA and that Shelton's trying to stop well it's it's more the sort of debate over it's an ideological issue right so conservatives in the administration want more what they call choice and they want they don't they mistrust government buzzword during the VA scandal when it was getting a lot of attention a couple years ago exactly and there's a suspicion that VA is a big bureaucracy there have been scandals over you know wait times in 2014 people fudging the list for wait times and so Shulkin has been more of a moderate on this issue and there were people there are at political appointees both in the White House and at VA who want him to go much further and allow you know more private care there is a point in the Trump White House where you can get too many negative headlines and it seems as if secretary Shulkin is acquiring quite a few negative headlines I showed some others gravel one in particular and then having a DC area VA suddenly be bogged down and really some of the same issues that we thought the VA was fixing over the last three years that's right so first what happens is about a month ago the Inspector General comes out with this report on a trip ten day trip he took to Europe with his top staff six people on his security detail went his wife went at taxpayer expense he accepted some Wimbledon tickets as a free gift from a concert promoter a promoter of the Invictus games and there were enough problems and sort of ethical lapses with that trip that the Inspector General pointed out that it didn't look good and he acknowledges he made mistakes but I think what happened was that he is enemies at VA who already didn't trust him didn't trust him on these policy issues you know they had chafed at his leadership kind of you were able to use that to sort of start a coup so he's in big trouble well here's the fascinating I I actually think that he has been saved by the fact that the president has always liked him he says a personal rapport with him he has a personal rapport with them they're both yorkers they're brash they say what they think and so I also think that the White House does not want another cabinet secretary remember we had Tom Price who resigned over in a travel scandal they don't want the loss of another cabinet secretary right now when they've got this Russia investigation they don't forget looks like it's a mess too right now Ben Carson's getting that's why under scrutiny so and not only that but interior secretary Ryan's inky you know today it was reported or yesterday that he spent more than a hundred thousand dollars on a new door for his office cuz some people have to stay in the cabinet is what you're saying I think so not only that Shulkin is actually a very very competent administrator so I think for now the White House has said look we're gonna bite this one problem is the appointees who he doesn't get along with are still there and so they're their governing together and that cannot be a good recipe for 7m together with armed guards with an armed guard outside his office there isn't Lisa Ryan fascinating thanks for shedding a lot more light on what is behind all this hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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  1. Vet's like my husband shouldn't pay for healthcare and allowed to go too any doctor they want and should be taken care of and shouldn't live dirt poor or homeless. They give their life and their family's hardly see them for year or two or even more they put their life on hold to keep our nation safe, they give up to much. They go over sea's and come back and get s*** on.

  2. Thank you, Thank you. Someone who actually understands and gets the point, Wonderfully said!!! This discussion being had rings pretty HOLLOW and is nothing more than another unintended consequence for these incredibly boneheaded Military debacles while the livelyhoods of our Veterans and Military Personnel hang in the balance. What does One expect from a Commander-In-Chief who got 5 deferments for "Bone Spurs"?! This is the same Person who said and I quote, 'My Personal Vietnam was not contracting a Social Disease'. I'm happy to have had a conscience and that's the very reason I'm happy to have never gone along with these disastrous strategic bunglings of Wars for Oil, Wars of Aggression, Wars of Attrition in the Middle East and now Africa and beyond. The American Government decided to fight these tactical blunders for Oil in the Middle East, to force so -called American Democracy, and control Natural Resources on these Sovereign Countries and Nations. What in God's name did the American Taxpayers and our Veterans get in return for all of this unnecessary, unconscionable, Illegal, Immoral, Criminal, Unconstitutional Madness and Mayhem?! Nothing more than incredible blowback, dangerous unintended consequences, and Economic Collapse. The Facts speak for themselves…

  3. trump and Putin's master plan is working flawlessly. Soon everybody will be gone and trump will be the only one left. Except he'll have to answer to Putin, but he has no problem with that. He does know who the boss is. Meanwhile, who would have thought we would need armed guards protecting members of the administration in the halls of government? It's something out of a banana republic, or worse.

  4. As a service-connected disabled veteran I can state with great certainty that the VHA (VA) is not a medical care provider, rather it is a malevolent dispenser of both medical and human rights ABUSES … aka a criminal racket of self-serving flunkies

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