Vets Affairs Public Offical Gets Back The Attitude His Gives Me In Ridgecrest-1st Amendment Audit

all right squishy camera boy so outside the City Hall and the Recreation Department in rich crest they had this mobile home kind of for the better and so my asking what services are they offering to veterans they're already in need of assistance because I know there are a lot of better answer there and they live here encourage Chris that would like to know the assistance that they will receive I just met one and he seems in distress he seems like he needs assistance so I'm hoping they were able to help him so I'm a-gettin asking again this will be for the veteran actually is the US Department of Veteran Affairs their hair post-op on the outside it's like a parking lot here at the parking lot for the City Hall so what's up man all right good we be willing to give it some info for veterans Olivia rich press and they already need of assistance because I know I just met one and he needed assistance so I'm pretty sure he came here earlier so can give me like a background what you doing here yeah yeah so we provide readjustment counseling for a better to serve in a hostel okay obviously with what's taking place now we're kind of like a hub of information so we're providing been that counseling dough dinner for anyone that needs it okay are also referring folks at the kerr-mcgee Center where they have a collaboration of other providers to do stuff for anybody and trying to get everyone squared away yes with the resources obviously the Red Cross is doing a great job and we're our services we've been out to trona yeah boats bad days yeah we're trying to get make contact with those folks up there too so there's stuff in the works to help hitting everyone I shade that guy what's worth throwing them told me that yeah so unless you're getting assistance so like that kind of assistant are you guys given food shelter money what is it just where al-saleem you the council just a housing we refer them to any partners okay we're gonna have like those populist awakens kahneman em on my page that way I deal with bills see em so you can have our wire there so a lot of these resources are and beggars who know we're actually out I'm actually from Baker show as well yeah so is it the one in Golden State exact oh yeah I know some people over there so yeah but we're a lot of these folks are opening up their services off and we're all in current county okay okay perfect yeah perfect yeah thank you so much job well yeah it's Khanum and I put them that way they can go and get the sisters they need me cup I know hit it hit bad here yeah yeah it was bad here so yeah like salmon putting one and then yesterday I teach with a the morning for I think they have one to hit about 3.8 so that's okay that's already kind of strong cos and what's a 4.1 so it's not much difference I just go by Casey okay Casey yeah like Eric County but just as my youtube channel my case it starts with Casey so yeah that's what I'm gonna post it but I'm not trying to be rude you know I'm not giving money but this that way you have a background where you can go and see your your goals because I get you so I'm hoping better is from here seeing and they come and ask for help because probably some are shy or yeah you know saying we have like pride maybe they didn't want to come but they have to know that they have rights to get help I mean they can get help so it's just for them they have to come and look for it yeah alright thank you so much what was your name if you may give it been thank you so much sir I appreciate your help so yeah stay tuned I'll be posting this video today or tomorrow cuz I actually want people to see it right away cuz if this has to be right away it doesn't have to be for five days yeah yeah thank you sir all right let me do the clothes on I'll talk to you all right so yeah that's pretty much what it is good I'm hoping people from here seats and get some help please come if you're better and please come and ask for help don't be shy don't be embarrassed to ask for help you have rights you deserve the help for serving this country all right this was Casey Cameron boy pizza as KCK my boys out here city of El Segundo with Tulare County cop watch San Joaquin Valley there's no California and Nate skates 182 we are here trying to see what's up here you know where hey open up where's the entrance at there is no entrance at here didn't have an entrance here wet it looks close I'll be honest with the Biba in its clothes but this is a classroom all right Casey camera boy they open up that thing you see that what time is it today's date today is the second almost for 3:45 p.m. Tuesday at 3:45 I'm hoping dinner ship me now this is their blind spot they can shoot at me Shayne we're at the UCLA health training center home olaf's Angeles yes cut this off real quick and then bring it back up something happens you know cars kc camera boy we heard these calm padres tree that's it are you serious weird a mess what we do you sure all right what's up man I'm Katie man I've record cops I'll make sure didn't violate your rights you know I'm gonna get you in cameras anywhere yeah what's up everything straight what happened to the dog everything good yeah yeah cuz I heard some call and I thought they were messing with you all right man that's good then I'm glad you guys are safe what I mean would this whole da we record them yeah we'll make sure they don't come and beat you yeah all right man right later first KCK my boy here at the no prob brown crap man Drummond actually doing it personally there are some securities there it looks like a quarter check going or something a year about to present waters that's all I know maybe I don't know I think it is a universal this is where we are bill okay he's happy by he said that's it camera boy he's up yeah another highlight universe here what'd be nice yeah yeah it's a he's helped people

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  1. Good point about them not getting help because of a pride thing. I have a buddy of mine who did 3 tours overseas he's never been the same since. He is getting better though.

  2. One question I'd like to ask, are shareholders in the company also told this is private property should they choose to pay a visit? If I am a part owner as a shareholder is how can I be denied access?

  3. Here is a better more helpful idea, make the government that sent these veterans into combat situations take care of those who served by providing whatever the vet is in need of! More than 90% of those combat situations were done for corporate interests in order for them to profit from those resources and yet those same corporations don't even pay a tax rate the same as a working stiff who produce their product or service!

  4. Bro let the guy talk. You asked him a question and you then began to interrupt him by saying β€œokay” lots of times. Remember your interviewing him and we want to hear his answers.

  5. One thing to remember is these "security guards" are just like TSA agents, a few weeks ago they were saying would you like fries with that….

  6. KCT as a disabled vet I really appreciate what you just did. Many of my brother and sisters are struggling and need help. God bless them and you.

  7. Papa Joey here man, thanks for helping our veterans,and I love the way you conduct yourself keep up the up good work !!

  8. Our vets get very little help from our tax money. Most of the money goes into the pockets of the people that run these organizations. Many of our vets are on long waiting lists for any sort of assistance for any reason. By the time they get the help they need they are beyond help. Corruption begins at the top. It all started when our men and women came back from the Vietnam Nam war.

  9. Love your videos and your information, they're awesome, keep up the good work, I tell my friend and co-workers about your channel..somehow i end up talking about all of you guys at work..

  10. Before I watch this, the VA staff treat's vet's like shit so they do not want to return, so as not to bother them. It works. They get paid the same.

  11. That symbol on his shirt is actually a phoenix bird made to look like an eagle. The three stars are interesting as well.

  12. Glad you're safe from the earthquakes there and making sure to inform the public of the help they can get.

  13. The give "counseling" because talk is cheap. As to any "services" that involve money, you'll be dead and buried before they implement their "service."

  14. Thank you for showing services available for veterans. Some are embarrassed/shy to ask for help but want to try to break that stigma. It’s ok to ask for help.

    As an Iraq war veteran I want to remind people that it’s not our choice where we go to war. That’s the politicians that get voted into office by the people. The people need to make better choices when casting their vote.

    Keep it up KCπŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  15. Good job KC! this is good that your doing this for them, be a good idea to do more videos on veteran services because that pride thing is true they don't wanna feel embarrassed going somewhere to ask for help and not be sure of what to expect from the places. Cmon 10k!!! MB by noon =)

  16. He stated the Red Cross do great work …
    All these government controlled institutions take hundreds of millions of TAX Dollars every year but the VETS don't get the Service's they are in great need of .Shameful absolutely shameful.
    KC , great job on shinning the light on these corrupt government institutions.
    Next we'll ATTACK IRAN.
    Quick FACT : Iran has not ATTACKED any country in over 200 YEARS.
    200 YEARS PEOPLE..Check it out for yourself . I$rael needs the Middle East to be bombed back to the stone age , and we are murdering the vast majority of innocent people to achieve a foreign countries goal , as it makes it easier for them to Conquer and control that nation. Our Brave Proud Troops are coming home so broken & badly disabled , mentally & physically , then they must struggle to get the HELP they deserve . It's absolutely shocking .I hope people see the corruption on every level of our government..
    Thank you all auditors for fighting the corruption on the street level..πŸ™πŸ“·πŸ™

  17. If America wasn't so keen on going to WAR with every one, there would be no need for counceling for damaged Vets. Besides which, it is probable that most of the returning Vets require more practical help, like housing, food, clothing, and the offer of suitable employment. I recently went to Physiotherapy to seek treatment for Osteoarthritis of the spine, which is causing me great pain and lack of mobility, and after two visits at which the only treatment I got was Bla, Bla, Bla and a handfull of leaflets, I told them that if I needed a leaflet distributor then I could enlist the help of any one of the dozens who regularly shove their leaflets through my letterbox. I said that I was of the opinion that I needed hands on Physiotherapy to free my joints, not a lecture, to which the young Physiotherapist replied, "We don't do that here". Now, if they "Don't do that here", what the fuck do they do. There was a large notice outside of the room, painted large, with the words "TREATMENT ROOM". I told them they were wasting both my time and their's….And going back to the Vets Affairs affair, there are far too many government quangos leeching away public money and giving little more than earache in return. Instead of providing fancy waggons, and glib advisors, spend the tax money on practical help for the Vets, and stop going to war and creating even more Vets and bereaved families.

  18. LOL clippity clop, clippity-clippity-clop. Sounds like a bunch of excited ponies dancing around with you at the Allied Universal audit. LOL

  19. We grew up pretty poor in the country but we didn't let weeds and shit pile up. Must be a mental illness.

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