VICE News Daily: Nepal Protests Turn Deadly

it’s Wednesday September 2nd and here’s some of the news beyond the headlines police in Nepal shot five people dead on Tuesday ethnic Maday see held demonstrations to protect their rights under the new constitution officers said they opened fire after protesters defied a curfew and attacked a police station there have been dozens of protests by other groups in recent weeks as legislators draft a constitution that would divide Nepal into federal states an electricity shortage is shrinking Zambia’s economy frequent power cuts of four shop owners to spend more money on charcoal for fuel that’s driven up operating costs and for some businesses to shut down Zambia relies heavily on hydropower for its electrical supply but a severe drought has reduced output at the country’s dams children return to class and rebel-controlled areas of the eastern Ukraine on Tuesday students in Donetsk danced and sang songs before walking into school a new ceasefire between Ukrainian government and pro-russian forces has allowed classes to resume local authorities say more than 80 schools have been damaged in the conflict doctors in Boston have discovered how to heal deaf mice researchers successfully re-engineered viruses to repair damaged genes inside the ears but they also had to make sure the mice could actually hear we can play a loud sudden sound and a normal Mouse will jump in response to that a deaf Mouse does not move at all but after our gene therapy treatment the deaf mice began to jump the method could make conventional treatments for deaf humans obsolete check out the Vice News YouTube channel for more original reporting and documentaries from around the world we are from different sectors of society from different age groups from different regions and we all want the same thing we want to get rid of this rotten corrupt system they’re stealing all our money and they’re not giving us like the basic rights like electricity water the garbage is on the street we cannot have them run in the country like this

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  1. Anyone else not feel just a tiny bit bad for those lab mice?
    They make them deaf, give them the ability to hear back again, then make really loud noises scaring them half to death before meeting the real thing. Not much of a life really is it…think I'd rather be deaf than have a genetically modified retro virus shoved in my friggin ear anyways!

  2. Heres a list.
    I wish immigrants were shot. Can get those Nepalese policemen.
    Can we cut the power the immigrants boats on the shorelines. so they can't leave
    Open schools for the immigrants, teach them Europe doesn't want them.
    We should put immigrants in labs and do science experiments on them.

  3. An Islamic man found the face of Allah in a tub of margarine.

    His neighbour from Nepal saw it and said "I can't believe it's Buddha

  4. I can't believe you're not reporting on whats happening in guatemala. The president just had his immunity revoked and will face the law over corruption. Never has a sitting president been prosecuted in the history of guatemala.

  5. Nepal has the right idea. When the unwashed peasants step out of line and resort to sedition, you open fire upon them. Start with the leaders and work your way down until they disperse. They should be grateful for such light punishment. In more "unenlightened" times they all would be hunted down and killed or imprisoned.

  6. What ceasefire? Ukraine has massed up heavy weapons along the front and boasts volunteer battalions who openly claim that no ceasefire will be enforced. Learn to report Vice

  7. Its sad what the USA did to Ukraine , but can you shell my school with no one inside like during midnight please. thx.

  8. The Nepalese were only allowed to shoot the rioters after they burned 7 members of the nepalese army alive and murdered a 1 and half year old son of a Nepalese army officer.

    I am Nepali but I have no sympathy for those savages.

  9. There are going to be deaf people who are against the gene therapy because they don't view deafness as a disability to be cured.

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