Volbeat – Die To Live (Official Video) ft. Neil Fallon

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  1. Miss the old Volbeat in the early years and trying to get into the new sounds but having a hard time but this one is alright, kinda drunk on vodka running around fun.

  2. Ok I’m probably showing my age to an embarrassing degree, but when I hear this song it kinda reminds me of The Streets of Fire Soundtrack. It s a great song!

  3. Volbeat just has that positive energy I haven’t heard since the Presidents of the United States of America. Even better with Fallons powerful voice. Good stuff!

  4. This song is on FIRE!!! Lit af 😀 Love it!!! Volbeat is a band that can put a smile on my face even in the worst day… just listen, or look ( 2:07), and you know what i'm sayin 😀

  5. Fun sound, fun rebellious rock & roll attitude, over-the-top fun
    The line deriding Christianity seems a little predictable, because why not Buddhism, Islam, Hindu, or any other Law/Rules-based worldview…
    But awesome a bunch of aging rockers doing what they love

  6. Was listening to the local rock radio station here. Usually it sucks and plays the same songs over and over, but this song came on and I was going, hey what song was that it sounds awesome! Great song and video from these guys.

  7. The one guy looks like Johnny Depp in his current, paleface look. With the penciled in mustache and the hat. The bass player.


  9. Jerry Lee Lewis piano in a metal song. The combination I never knew I needed, but now i can't get enough of.

    Kudos Volbeat!

  10. One of the only recent/modern song to come out on main stream radio that I dont immediately hate, and that's saying a lot

  11. Dude…mind=blown. The ensemble alone, with a mix of grass roots rock, metal, and alternative undertones???! Service with a smile. Been following their kind for a long while. Even the Dutch can teach us a thing or two. [Hats off]

  12. This may be the most perfect rock song ever. I dare say all rock since Little Richard has been building to this song. This is not A snap judgement and I do not take the Architect of Rock and Roll either.

  13. This is officially my new favorite band!!! And song! Just discovered today!!!! Now I'm listening to everything. And you're coming to my hometown in April!!!! I'll be there…Nashville!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

  14. I heard this on the local rock station and nearly shit myself when the piano and sax came in. Finally a band that knows rock n roll!

  15. Personal energy, real instruments , fun rockers from Denmark…not digitally programmed stuff. Why haven't I heard of these guys until now? Forgive me Lola…

  16. Is your life a game?
    think about it….

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  17. This song reminds me a lot of Jerry Lee Louis, definitely has that “Whole lot of shakin goin on” vibe that the 50s was so well known during it’s time. Goes to show the timelessness of that era of music.

  18. Not a huge fan of either Clutch or Volbeat. These guys get it though! I’ve seen Clutch live twice btw. Fallon’s energy is just stupid! That band brings it live! I’d hate to be the band that has to follow them! I’ll be checking Volbeat out next time they are close as well. Just seem to have good energy and have fun

  19. Any rock band that somehow is able to play the piano and saxophone with it sounding stupendously miraculous is fucking alright in my book!!!

  20. Thank you Volbeat for not selling out like other rock bands have. You've kept it real the whole way. Been a fan since 2005 🤘

  21. Just heard this for the first time today. Totally blew my mind. This song is totally amped from beginning to end. Couldn't believe that there's an actual saxophone being played. Didn't think anyone played them anymore. Haven't heard a sax in a song since the eighties.

  22. I admit. I am not a fan of the music, yet I give a thumbs up for any group that assembles a congregation & before you internet n00bs tune in to judge, discard the ceremony. The Mifsifts and Rockabilly dislike.

  23. I was playing borderlands 2's final boss and this song came up on my radio and it fits so well with borderlands and the vibes and emotion matches with the game. I love it and it's now my favorite song so far in 2020. ✨💖✨

  24. Over one thousand people who put thumbs down..please listen to the singer And Neil Fallon sing again and also put this song on loud then re-vote. Thanks lol 😁

  25. I like how everyone hears the piano and is like “oh wow it reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis” Get outta here with that shit haha. Lots of other people played piano on rock songs. Also, he married his underage cousin and child fuckers aren’t cool.

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