Voter: If Joe Biden Promised Wall St Fat Cats Their Lifestyle Won't Change--Neither Will the Poor's

so was this your first was this your first time listening device President Biden in person yes okay and what do you think of his speech um I think his speech was very moving I believe his speech to be talking about the right issues really want to hear a little bit more substantially about what these policies are and for me I really want him to do a better job at linking kind of like our domestic policies how they impact foreign policies for example what that looks like is around drug policy right we have drug policies in this country that also fuel with the drug policies look like around the world nose drug policies are very hostile and also even violent for drug users and he also crafted some are really tough on crime bills so like we I want to hear him connect more to connect more to like how our domestic policies inform our foreign policies and he was a major architect of some some really serious domestic policies that really kill the war drug policies that he has never even acknowledged did that just in 2016 he said no I don't have any regrets over the crime bill so it's kind of a tough to think he would do something strong on criminal justice when this was his bill totally and then it puts us thinking sort of like what does your foreign policies look like that if you want to put something on and we know that folks are victims we know that this drug this war on drugs is really about drug abusers and that William laughter folks are actually selling drugs right so I think like we really want to hear what those policies are that he will focus on domestically that actually will on this foreign policy outlook and I'm not really convinced or even home I'm not really confident in that yeah and let me ask you because the corporate media doesn't really talk about this but he's talking about you know we have to close the income gap we have to you know the middle class middle class but they're having more fundraisers with Wall Street than anyone else yeah he has one tonight and he has basically told Wall Street nothing's good he said your standard of living won't change you know Wall Street that's the economy crash because of Wall Street they don't want Medicare for all because they're invested in pharmaceutical companies they don't want free education because they're invested so how could you be for lack of better word kissing the behinds of Wall Street yeah yet you keep talking about the middle class yeah and I think like there's a really good point especially in vitam believes that that the one who's they don't like the were the after laws aren't gonna like class structure lifestyle will not change that will be equally true for low-income folks right so like if he has idea that he it's a protecting their lifestyle that means he's going to also secure the lifestyles of some of our most low-income vulnerable communities so that's really concerning that is actually promising that because for them to access that much now people have to experience some extreme poverty and oppression so that's really concerning so I think like people talk about like protecting the middle class when we actually need some oh I didn't know middle class and then also talking about how we can help elevate low income folks to protect them from the horns of poverty let me ask you because the media also paints him is the most delectable but in the states that Trump won you know in the middle of the country Wisconsin Pennsylvania Michigan Ohio Hillary Clinton's policies were exactly in line with his I don't know if you're familiar but he voted for NAFTA which really hurt the Midwest he voted for a lot of these trade deals had that same kind of wall street saying that so it's like how is he more electable than let's say Bernie Sanders when he's proposing the same things Hillary Clinton once yeah and I think that those are really great points honestly I don't I don't know if he's but I do know and I always believe that like really have to wherever and truly about progressive values and really pushing a country where we are as United States and we need that not just by borders right but also by like the people then we have to talk to folks who make us uncomfortable we have to go there and say like hey these progressive policies the values actually are for you as well and I I really urge candidates to actually start you doing and last question obviously we spoke about the crime bill but he also basically was working with segregationist segregationist senators on anti busing not to mention my name you're talking the bankruptcy bill I don't know if you familiar with that but he pushed the bankruptcy bill which heard a lot of low-income minority people I don't really know what he's proposing economically poor black and brown people he's talking a lot about you know reviving Obamacare and things like that have you heard anything about what he's gonna do tonight not necessarily not necessarily I do think that it is dividing some person that we have to like keep a high and and especially people in my community we really have to keep our eye on it if he's elected as president because his track record doesn't show that he actually gives it so we have to really do a lot of we have to we have to have ability have commedia over sorry tell like ensure that the people that he nominates into like you know I think yeah so I think like it's it's not that comforting his track record isn't that comforting like hey are you actually going to be a champion but some of them was brought about by the already and what do you what about other candidates Bernie Warren who interests you I would say Warren right now more indefinitely interesting being bummed right now anybody I mean I'm interested actually looking at people booed it's a racial justice platform the heart of this very company I'm interested in looking at that but definitely Warren is that is the candidate day what about Warren I feel like that Warren is is um I'm between the Bernie and morons right so I I believe that Warren is someone who I feel like burning has lost a lot of sleep in the past four years really yeah most of these policies that all the other candidates are talking about is because he's been pushing them for the last four years that is true I would I would say that like for me like looking at the past presidential debates Bernie is still the same Bernie in 2008 all right he the same person they're the same time like talking points in the same messaging well I feel like Warren is much more comprehensive it has a much more bright in portfolio around like hey what does she put our progressive values and I and when I hear Bernie I still hear that same handed down out of love with the back in 2012 but I need to hear more yeah I agree in a disagree because Bernie actually has done more as a senator than Warren has Warren hasn't gotten much axel she she was she was the one who created the consumer financial Bureau which was great better than that Bernie actually recently got the War Powers Act executed I'm beyond yeah modest opinion I'm uninspired by Brandon by everyone but I miss bright about this whole Democratic like process of like if I yeah but you got 57 an inspiring you know like my my ability to be engaged with most amazing how do I get candidates to talk about my issues on the national stage so talking to folks about HIV policy and develop policies you've been my number which is like I need folks to install you should actually check out cuz um Bernie Sanders was one of the first mayor's in American history to do a LGBT March during the height of the HIV crime panic so I mean you vote for whoever you want I'm just letting it out what's your name but Newsies a walk okay so Margaret thanks man cool I'll send this to you yeah thanks thank you

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  1. Why the hell are people running away from Bernie to so many "none" options like Biden and Buttigeig?
    It's infuriating to watch and hear people talk about candidates like a popularity contest!
    Do your homework, Bernie is #1 everyone else after Tulsi are far behind and some are downright horrible!
    Candidates who are willing to lie to get elected are not people who you should ever consider! They belong to the trash can!

  2. Notice how the dude couldn’t give any clear reasons why he’s supporting Warren but states how Bernie’s “losing steam”…when in fact, Warren is running off of Bernie’s platform…go figure..

  3. This guys tries to sound more intelligent than he actually is. He contradicts himself more times than I can count.

  4. You should have asked him.. If Bernie is consistent and you don't like that you don't want to get married or you won't stay faithful to your girlfriend because that's being consistent… He made zero sense…

  5. My guy has been listening to MSM too much. Bernie is the same? How have the issues changed? Why should you change for the sake of changing? Jeezuz why is that even a talking point.

  6. So Bernie is consistent and has stood steadfast but you need more? Ok more in what? The other candidates have flip flop more then fish in water wdf area you saying?

  7. That’s just it. They could easily pay more and keep their standard of living. It’s the poor who can’t do that. We’ve got socialism for the rich, since Reagan in 1980! Nothing else since then. Ppl just love getting trickled down on, what else? I don’t get it.

  8. When Biden said “ your quality of life will not change” I think he was talking to both the 1% and those struggling to get by.

  9. I don't know what was for American people promises or lie for 50 years of Sleepy or Creepy Joe ?Creepy Joe with Hussein send taxpayers money to muslim countrys and sale uranium to enemy ,who want to listen him more ?I believe Creepy Joe with Hussein ,Mueller,Comey,Hillary …….must be arrested and investigate

  10. Biden, Warren, BootyButt come on bro really? And no Bernie hasn't been talking about the same thing since 2012 its been since the 1970's

  11. Low-information voter thinks that Bernie Sanders was a presidential candidate in 2012. He was not. The corporate oligarchy thrives on low-information voters voting for their pre-selected candidates. Prior to any POLITICAL revolution, there MUST be a INFORMATION revolution, which means a revolution of the mind so that people understand that most politicians are systemically corrupt servants to their wealthy donors and to the corporate establishment. Finally, Elizabeth Warren is running for president in 2020 to defeat Bernie Sanders just like she was a shill to the corporate establishment in 2016 with her endorsement of Hillary Clinton to lose to Donald Trump. Warren is a Mass. liberal who has no populist appeal in the Midwest and the South despite the claims of MSDNC. She will lose just like Michael Dukakis in 1988.

  12. This handsome young man is actually taking Joe Biden and his pathological lies seriously. Biden is putting on a show just like Hillary. Biden has one face for voters and another one for Wall Street, Corporations and the Military Industrial Complex just like Obama and Hillary Clinton. Biden trashed Blacks worse than Hillary and her Super Predator comment that threw Blacks beneath the bus. That, there should be enough for any Black person to see right through that fraud. I will chalk up what appears to be naivety to his youth and lack of life experience. Keep living…. you will detect a con artist from a mile away.

  13. Bernie Sanders was the first mayor in The United States to support a gay pride parade in Burlington, VT. He has consistently been on the right side of history. Him and Tulsi need to be in high positions of power in this country. Integrity matters. Also, make sure you make your donation to the Mike Gravel campaign this week. It isn't so much about winning as it is exposing millions of people to the truth. ✌️ Keep fighting!

  14. I think you guys are jumping the gun on this guy. He's not going to be able to bring himself to vote for Biden. He knows too much.

  15. Jesus Christ Jordan, where do you keep finding these blind centrist black voters? This is silly. Bernie is the ONLY candidate who has a strong agenda for black people. Everyone else is promising half-measures or faking to the left. If you don't know that by now, it's just sad.

  16. That mainstream media indoctrination man. "Bernie's policies are the same from 2012 he hasn't evolved in 2019" That's literally the talking point from MSNBC generated to smear Bernie.

    People say they don't trust politicians because they change and flip flop when they get into office. But now there is a candidate that has the most consistent message and plans not since 2012, since like the 80's!

    Now because it's Bernie and he challenges power, they wanna smear him as "Oh he has the same old message from 2012, don't vote for him he is boring and old" Bitch, what do you think this is sports? Fuck outta here with that bullshit.

    Because of his amazing consistency for these issues you know when Bernie gets into office where he has real power to do real change he is going to fucking do it and not flip flop and cave to the big corporations who run this country right now.

    These uninformed democratic voters are even more insufferable than the uninformed Trump voters. Stop voting against your own interests! For fucks sake man.

  17. Just think, if you’re against Bernie then you’re against you’re own best interests. Bernie or bust!

  18. Jason Walker – here is some info from the Sanders campaign website – I feel you may find this interesting:
    "Since 1972, Bernie has been an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ community. When Bernie first ran for office in Vermont in 1972, a plank of his platform proposed abolishing all discriminatory laws pertaining to sexuality. In 1983, after he was elected to be mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Bernie backed the city’s first-ever pride march. In the 1980s, as mayor of Burlington, Bernie created a Trans Mecca in Burlington." 

    "Bernie voted against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act. The Human Rights Campaign consistently gives him a 100% rating. LGBTQ Values Are Family Values: Bernie supported gay marriage long before it was politically expedient to do so, and also supports gay adoption. Addressing Discrimination: Bernie has long cosponsored and voted for legislation that supports the LGBTQ community’s equal rights in schools, the workplace, and the military."

  19. Jason Walker – I hope you check out this video post by Sanders regarding his history on LGBTQ and the fight against HIV. It shows receipts.

  20. Here is your politically inept voter people. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling for the future doesn't it?

  21. i like this guy. he's somewhat informed despite obviously falling for legacy media's bullshit. he should look up bernie's anti-endorsements, and especially how some of them line up behind warren. and then he should ask himself why.

  22. HEY dumb dumb Biden wrote the crime bill that turned the United States into the biggest penal colony in the world. Why any POC would be interested in any of the status quo candidates is beyond me.

  23. I read that 41 % of voters in South Carolina of black ppl support Biden, 15 % support Bernie. What is wrong with ppl?

  24. It makes me so sad how stupid people are. Warren is a fake progressive that people dumb people can't see through.

  25. He tries to sound intelligent but is dumb as fuck. OH YEAH, he doesn't represent all blacks just like Trump doesn't represent all whites.

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