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  1. Is black lives matter matter? We have matter, black matter, anti-matter, and now black lives matter. science is sure confusing.

  2. This lady has not opened her eyes to the lies Politicians and Democrats have done to America!!! Sanders is a Communist and Warren is a multi liar!! I say move to Russia, Venezuela or China. See how that works out for you!!!

  3. Progressive agenda is the devils agenda all lives matter god bless America and real Alfa men like ower great president Trump

  4. Black lives matter is a hate group! this doesn’t surprise me since hate groups stick together! Democrat Cult is a demonic hypocritical bunch of Anti- Americans who support a fake Indian and a bonafide socialist! Pure hate and intolerance is what defines the demontards today…..JFK would not even recognize his party and would be very disappointed in the direction its moving too.

  5. Lol dual endorse. That’s literally the problem with Democrats. Cannot rally. Trump is the most beatable president ever to run for re-election. Y’all should just really think about your choices and make them together.

  6. Black lives matter… But no black nominations so ill endorse 2 white people..
    Lol that's right know who your god is!
    Now sit down.

  7. BLM is a hate group that has murdered over 18 police officers nationwide, getting their endorsement worse than getting an endorsement from ANTFIA, Nation of Islam or the Westboro Baptist Church.

  8. Trump 2020 for freedom, individual rights, best economy in American History and best unemployment for blacks and Hispanics In American history! You want big govt, murdering of innocent babies and socialism vote democrat!

  9. Miss P. C.'s views are so skewed that her endorsement should hold no weight whatsoever. I wonder if she is touched by schizophrenia as well..

  10. Doesn't supporters of Sanders know or realize that in order to implement some of what he is proposing free health care, free college education etc. our taxes will be raised by 60 precent? The middle class in America is doomed enough. We don't need a president like Sanders that will seal it's demise.

  11. All lives matter. If a white person got on the news doing exactly what she does, the commentators would be trying to tear that person apart. According to Lexington Law, a third of black children live below the poverty line. We have been giving away food and housing and education and health care for decades, and that is not working. And what does every person that wants to help minorities do? They want to stand in front of everybody and ask for more stuff. They demand more stuff. They say they deserve more stuff. That is not working.

  12. A vote for anyone but Mike Bloomberg is a vote for Trump and that will be tough. Just being real and if you believe otherwise you don’t have the ability to look at the political landscape honestly and objectively. Bernie will be a disaster for the down ticket and party has a whole. There’s a reason why virtually all Democratic leaders and the DNC are hoping for anyone but Bernie. Vegas is not into losing $ and putting big odds on Trump if Bernie wins the Democratic candidacy.

  13. Lmao. Trump has done more for blacks in 3.5 yrs than Warren and the communist have done in 30 yrs!!! As indicated by 30% black support in multiple polls. Up from 9% on election day. Facts matter more than your feelings!

  14. Wtf is black lives matter?. These so called leaders are never around when black people are killed, and or killing each other.

  15. Ms. Cullors could not be more correct is stating our need to rally behind our values and throw Comrade Bonespurs and the Goons of Putin (GOP) on the trash heap of history 11/3/2020 Goons of Putin got to go!

  16. Yes I want big government to tell me what to do when to do it how much money I’m allowed to make I need them in my life I can’t make these decisions all by myself! We need Bernie!

  17. MSNBC has demonstrated their open & absolute contempt for the American middle class & poor with their constant sniping at Bernie Sanders. We know every talking head is an elite millionaire & they want to step all over the people who pay all the taxes & work 2-3 jobs just to live. Bernie Sanders is the honest answer & we know it, we will come out in the largest numbers to defeat the criminals taking the dirty money.

  18. we need to get a list of donors for each candidate that takes money – we need to know if we are voting for ATT and banks – or pharma and oil – whatever it is

  19. 2:40 Lie Crime Bill votes: Biden bragged how harsh he was, about his new nick name (Mr. Death or the Grim Reaper, he wanted the death sentence for MORE crimes. he was clearly signalling to the Republicans. – Sanders voted grudgingly for it because of the Violence against Women Act. Which was packed into the bill to make the more liberal members of Congress fall in line. But Sanders ALSO gave a passionate speech on the floor that it should be revised (and his objections were correct).


  21. Bernie Sanders was arrested during the 70's civil rights movements and has been consistent for 40 years on civil rights. Bernie should be a clear choice to minorities, there should be no question who would actually fight for them.

  22. Of course black lives matters is supporting Bernie and Elizabeth nobody wants more free stuff then liberal black people that was obvious no work all play! Conservative African Americans see the value of hard work liberals are lazy!

  23. It's really too bad that so many Bernie supporters feel as if they have to attack and slander others like Warren instead of putting their arguments forward in favor of their candidate. You really put off potential supporters and misrepresent the stated views of your candidate..

  24. Whether Trump uses Chinese or Russian spies, the HIJACKING of our votes is going to happen the same way — through our cell phones and the voting machines at the polling place. LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONES AT HOME WHEN YOU GO TO VOTE IN THE OFF POSITION>  EVERYONE KNOWS the Chinese and the Russians are MASTERS at writing code and hacking. The IOWA CAUCUS was a test run and it worked out great for the GOP. VOTE BLUE 2020

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  25. So lovely to see a cogent and strategically astute view being articulated about Bernie and Warren being on the same ticket and that the political future depends on making choices around a set of values dedicated to the service of the people as a whole. These two candidates are far more credible on this basis and have demonstrated their 'street cred'

  26. What's ironic, these people think they are going to have free college and insurance….your not. She says VP Biden is old guard…Sanders is OLDER….Warren is 70. This is a huge mistake…..

  27. Yes, I have to agree. Endorse both Bernie and Elizabeth. I believe they can both bring the USA back to being better than what it is now. BERNIE for President, Elizabeth for VP. BOOM

  28. IF THIS ELECTION PROCESS WAS CONSTITUTIONAL I would have the same choices but because they are not I don't vote.

    Anyway, my understanding is this election will not come to fruitation, Trump is to be terminated by God and the Messiah is to replace him. According to Daniel 4:1-33s tree (the USA) and Nebuchadnezzar (Trump) with Revelation 13:1-10 having (vs. 2s) the Lion's mouthed, leopard's body and bear's feet (the USA) Beast whose 43rd month (president Trump) being Nebuchadnezzar the Messiah replaces, I will await the Messiah's arrival.

  29. Endorsing two candidates is the best way to make sure neither wins. It is much better to endorse one candidate and allow that one candidate to get roughly twice as many delegates as he/she will get when you endorse both of them.

  30. Warren doesnt spend anything on wardrobe
    Has anyone seen her out of the black jumpsuit or 8 solid colored grandma sweaters?

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