WATCH | House Judiciary Committee debates Trump impeachment articles (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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  1. Both Republicans and Democrats are corrupt…to keep the People of the United States fighting amongst ourselves…We the People need to get money out of politics…if we hate each other…they can focus on making sure the top 1% of the population gets richer

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  2. Pres. Trump did not abuse his power in asking Pres. Zelensky to help POTUS investigate corruption here and in Ukraine under the Treaty Agreement, signed by former Pres. Bill Clinton, between the two countries to cooperate in investigating crimes (which includes corruption) committed in the US or in Ukraine. POTUS is the Top Enforcer of our laws in this country. As such, he can order the investigation of any crime committed or possibly committed especially by powerful people in this country. When a reported $40 billion in aid to Ukraine could not be totally accounted for and when the EU has been hesitant to prop up their financial aid to Ukraine, it was prudent for Pres. Trump to have thought very carefully and required that the newly elected government in Ukraine was properly vetted in terms of their firm commitment on implementing transparency in government, and investigating and rooting out corruption which they ran on during the election. Any delay in releasing the $400 million of taxpayers’ money in military and other aid to Ukraine, until this vetting procedure was completed, was just warranted and justified. Remember, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The abuse of power that I can see here is the Democrats in Congress OVER-REACHING into the functions of the Executive Branch of our government in trying to question every move that Pres. Trump has been making: be it in building a border wall, setting up policies to contain the influx of caravans of illegal immigrants coming in from Central America, banning immigration of Muslims from countries where terrorism is rampant, dealing with foreign leaders like Kim Jong Un, Pres. Erdogan, Pres. Putin, etc. The Democrats, in continuing this political Clown Show, (that was started by shifty Adam Schiff) via the House Judiciary Committee, failed again miserably in gaining the support of the American people in impeaching POTUS.

  3. After reading some of the comments I can't believe America is this to believe some of these Republican talking points and conspiracy theory nonsense.

  4. I will vote for trump and from what i hear from my family they will vote for trump. This is another example of wasted tax money and time.

  5. This is a world joke, these democrats are the laughing stock of the world. I never seen such a circus of idiots, love watching this is so funny!

  6. We as the people should create a new branch called the freedom political party to show both sides that when its all said n done we as the people actually have more of a right than them. Bc if it wasn't for us none this would be possible

  7. New standard practice for impeachment. 1. No bi-partison support 2. Impeach just because you dont agree 3. Take opinions and hearsay as facts 4. Complain about LONG-STANDING executive privilege laws and call it obstruction.

    Republicans should start impeaching the next democratic president in 2024, or whenever that will be, because after all is said and done Trump will be found innocent in the Senate and win in 2020.

  8. Nope I don't see it ,trump should not be president period. We are Americans other countries are laughing at us . What happened to us as people. I wish Jesus just come and takes us all . Too much hate on this planet. Pulchritudinous earth with hateful people living inside of it.

  9. What will be historic is when Barr and Durham get to these slimy cheating A Holes ….. EPIC in fact ! Trump 2020 by a Landslide !

  10. These white old men, the dinosaurs, can barely speak, and all they wanna do is take a nap…..
    This is disgusting.
    We need a new Young blood in the government.

  11. Nazi show trial.
    "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither
    does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of any change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
    – Justice William O. Douglas

  12. He just said all you all have on these hearings is the facts news flash dum dum the facts is all that's needed to proceed.

  13. Nobody: I guess the American constitution contradicts itself since we can’t figure out what the right thing to do is .

  14. D's are WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS!! WTF are they doing w/their time?? They say they can "walk & chew gum @ the same time"…THEN SHOW AMERICA YOU CAN…because…right now…ALL OF YOU are WASTING AMERICAN'S MONEY!! Also, isn't it ironic that SUDDENDLY USMCA is NOW FINALLY PASSED?? Hmmm…WHY NOT MONTHS AGO?? Oh right…that fake impeachment thing…

  15. Nadler you’re a sad little man to get you into the situation that you’re in. History will speak of you as a Little Clown that Nancy blamed half of this false impeachment on notice that she distances her self from the responsibility for it. Schiff on the other hand is doing the most important thing he will every accomplish in his hole career. Crooked lawyers doing evil things for three years and still fail to accomplish anything. Sham shame.

  16. One thing I find kinda funny is that the left has gotten so many investigations into all sorts of people and events tied to trump. But when trump starts his own investigation, he goes to the gulag.
    (btw not conservative, just noticed the irony)

  17. This is when I wish all these people could have read the messages we read on Russia's tactics! Lol (not) it is strange fruit seeing the law abiding GOP twist themselves in a knot to denigrate all the institutions they said they would protect because they protect our democracy and the American people! To throw it all away on a con man! Who doesn't give 2 fycks about any of it. Yet has To pay for and grab pu$$y in order to get a woman. Wow!

  18. President Trump fixed all the screw ups previous administrations gave us over 40 years and here's what we get from democrats since he was elected President.

  19. The politicians in Washington has thrown a 3 year long hissy fit since a gameshow host beat them at their own game. Even the intelligence community and media joined the fight and Trump is still winning😄

  20. Pelosi openly exposed her true intentions, admitting that impeachment has been “going on for 22 months — two and a half years, actually,” she said, according to Breitbart.

  21. What are these whinny reps mad about you already going to aquite your crooked president anyway once it reaches the house of Senate Mich macconnel already said it, how is this a fair trial he already predetermined his faith so no matter how much evidence the Dems lay out it's not going to matter, it's like going in front off a judge for a crime and the judge announces no matter what you will not get convicted, it's all corrupt system

  22. How could anyone want this president to be impeached as much as hes done , It makes it so obvious that their all crooks trying to find anything to get him out because they know that once hes re- elected he will get to the bottom of it. I am just worried about his safety.

  23. I would rewatch this agin but i want to throw up again. The dems are abusing there power. This should never happened like this
    I see alot of dems losing in the next election

  24. I love how everytime they reference the July 25th call they put worlds in his mouth and or put their own context on the call. Just because they put their own definition of the words used in the transcript dont make it facts

  25. Man they are on a limb huh gotta go find something to go with so bad the two thing he came back with two freshly printed and stapled packets compared to the rest of his beat up paperwork

  26. But I gotta give it to Congress to sit there for 12 hrs which I thought it was 15 hrs but it must of been changed but damn my butt would be sore

  27. Hey mycarsel Powell you said 3 things he did wrong yet the impeachment articles are now saying there is 2 abused of power and obstruction of justice which just cus the Democrats clearly think that in their opinions are the facts of which they refer to yet the Republicans are legitimately stating the facts and it is very clear if ur watch this t ok its entirety

  28. It all amounts to one thing.
    Did sitting President Donald Trump breach the US Constitution?
    If yes, he must resign or be removed; if no he must unequivocally prove to the American public that he did no wrong!
    There is no middle ground here, the integrity of the United States of America is at stake as is the US Constitution!

  29. Is this video overlapping cuz I swear Ive heard feathers fly together bs 3 times and then a back to where I haven't heard

  30. Mr.swalwell its protect not pretend our democracy guess ur heart isn't in the words u use cuz if so u would of said it right

  31. The people of America need to remember all these politicians that voted for impeachment, next elections let your votes tell these traitors to the American people what you think of their criminal acts! Imagine, impeaching a president because they say he had the nerve to ask for an investigation into Biden, who actually has a video of himself blackmailing Ukraine officials into dropping an investigation into his son, and not only Biden but a son of Pelosi and other politicians.

  32. This is not a judicial issue. If we take this to court this impeachment will take years. Not to mention is not a judicial matter. It is congressional over site. Johnson is feeding the public false information with blaitent intent.

    The president is 7sing the right wing to cover up his offences to the American Public. It is shocking and sicking to listen by right wing representatives with dirty hands, falsely argue for the president and his circles and right wing elected representitives.

  33. Mr. Collins is either in the president's loop or he is as corrupt as the president. Maybe he is up for reelection and is afraid the president will not support Collin's reelection. Is that how he can sit there arguing false evidence or narratives to cover up for the president's actions and the Right Wing's un- "facts"?

    Mr. Collins charges the left wing as being petulent when he is practicing the same behavior to protect the president from being Impeachment.

  34. The Democrats record of bill sending forward to the Senate. It's the master stratagy ofthe president and his staff to use McConnel as the passed house bills, that McConnel "knows" the president won't sign. So, McConnel is the clog of the bills coming from the House of Representitives. Which includes a majority of the Democratic sponsored bills.
    They are sitting in McConnel's office waiting for action. These Bill's would help people in need, our environment heal, help those who are jobless, the problems at the Southern Border and immagration and on and on.

    Our Dems have worked hard and even attempt to hold the out of control president.

  35. Mr. Jordon, of Ohio you lied right in the American public's face on camera. Your claim, you know, "what the American Public likes about this President". Then you proceeded to list the talking points, the President is using for his Reelection Campaign, as if they are achievements he's already obtained.

    Truth to you, Mr. Jordon, more the 50 percent of the public do not want the president to stay in office.

    We, of the American public, resent your speaking out for us on camera or/in public, claiming to speak for the American Public as a whole.

    Your in an Impeachment, Sir, speak the truth, not your presumptions of what American Constants like or want about this President!

    To other Right Wing Representitives on the Judicial Impeachment Committee, "We The People" don't need more lies, drama, lecturing, wineing, picking out words and minute details in the Impeachment Document, with which to take issue. Talk about wasting time and tax payer money. Save us of your time spending and expensive loud, yelling drama. Your not Perry Mason and this is not a for TV criminal trial, drama.

    To apologise for holding an Impeachment is particularly wrong because it shows how weak we are if our Nation does not hold our President accoutable for his wrongful behavior. Our president's conduct and spoken "vitreal" ( to use a often repeated word on the Right Wing Side)" is shameful and needs we need to hold him accountable. He is not above the law.

  36. in my opinion, The Washington Post does nothing other than belittle President Trump's business acquisitions based off the fact that he's a very successful businessman. the owner of The Washington Post seems to have an issue, which kind of adds to others saying that President Trump is using the presidency to make more money, since he lost out on a bid for a military defense contract. at first,they didn't print that it was a military defense contract. they simply said it was a contract that Bezos lost. think about it… what does a shipping company know about military defense when their main focal point has been trying to launch others into outer space, alongside Elon Musk. at first they said it would simply be zero gravity flights that lasted longer than normal & would go higher than a regular zero gravity flight. at $52M a pop in order to visit the space station, that should raise questions in itself. I just find it kind of odd that someone such as Jeff Bezos would be seeking to obtain any sort of defense contract for anything. 

    regardless of that. it appears to me as if they're giving President Trump an ultimatum; either step down from being President or step down from being CEO of his business(es). what if an argument was made to say if someone owned one business they couldn't own another one or work anywhere else since they already have their own business? wouldn't like that would you? President Trump doesn't wish to disclose his finances & doesn't have to. that's why they want him impeached. they get on the internet so much & manipulate words & numbers that if you were to Google something one day it'd say something else the very next day. so someone has obviously drawn up fake numbers of how his businesses have so called benefited from him being President & think they're going to sucker that man into releasing information that he does not have to. they tapped President Trump's phone calls to other countries & luckily they weren't discussing things that others could say were a risk to national security. I bet you if he weren't President, his alleged joke about the Bidens being looked into would not be blown out of proportion as it's being right now.

  37. bribery means i'll give you this…if you give me that…Really?…that explains a bullies way of thinking…"be my friend or i'll beat you up!"…Really?….to me it is more clearly in the bullies case a fact of extortion…no?

  38. Within a very short time, the left is being severely damaged by everything that is currently happening, from Trump's victory with the USMCA, to the state of the China trade talks now that China is showing signs of buckling, realizing Trump is likely to be reelected, to the polls switching in Trump's favor after the failed Shiff and Nadler hearings coming up with two laughable articles of impeachment, to the devastating IG report exposing the democrats' fraudulent methods with the FISA court which lead to this entire 40 billion tax payer dollar Russia/Ukraine hoax. In all my 45 years, through voting both on the left and right at different stages in life, I have never seen a party sink so low as this democratic party has in the last 3+ years. It's astounding.

  39. All Democrats everywhere should threaten to begin to do exactly as Drumpf and openly invite foreign countries, corporations and people to help them win their elections and to use their positions and power over others to pay for it and/or bribe/extort it from them until American Republicans think it's not acceptable (even for their cult leader), unconstitutional and maybe even treasonous.

  40. Anyways, they wasted a lot of police power on us. Mr. Collins should just marry Jordan and I at First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana. E (P.S. Our daughter, Ilyena is 2 years old, now).

  41. So when the impeachment is voted on, are you tellin me that the Congress is gonna vote when clearly there are more dems sitting there? Am I ignorant to how this works?? Am I missing somethin? I hope i am because this is insane if so.

  42. Each response is deflecting. No one is answering the question, did Trump violate the United States constitution? Yes or No? Yes, there is evidence supporting those allegations.

  43. What a crock, the Democrats have lost their minds (again). This is such a sham and abuse of power by the Democrats, honestly, I will NEVER vote for a Democrat again and can only pray you lose the house to STOP this insane power grab and impose your foolish and dangerous polices on Americans. Your lies will be the end of you.

  44. Impeaching Trump, because he wanted to investigate Joe Biden.

    Um, no. That is called lying. He called for and investigation into a company. And said company Hunter Biden happen to work at. This has nothing to do with Bidens campaign. Unless, you are inserting that Biden would be linked to Hunter, and then you are openly stating that you know something we don’t. This is the can of worms you keep opening, like starting the Russian investigation and showing it was the Dems who sought election interference, and paid for it, a sitting president spied illegally with false evidence on a private citizen. You showed the people that, not Trump. Now you are mad. Calling for obstruction of Congress, again, no, the Executive Branch can tell the Legislative Branch “NO!” And then the 3rd branch of government needs to be imposed to make a ruling. This is why our government is the best. It doesn’t give power to solely one branch of government.

    So at the end, the Dems have show abuse of power, constantly. And people are not dumb. You old folks forget how powerful the internet is now a day. We can see everything, in real time. You can’t hide anymore.

  45. Gohmert , king and Rudy are the ones that push me away from the Republican party. I will not votes in 2020. I'm sick of them. Kick them out the party

  46. Amazing. So, as they preach ethnic equality they scapegoat different minorities overseas for THEIR mistakes. I wish this was uncut. I dont need the "de to the third power" commentary. Hypocrits! Decievers! Traitors!

  47. The hypocrisy is astounding. The Obama administration ACTUALLY sent $350,000 thru the State Dept. In 2011 to a group in Israel to oust Netanyahu from office. Whats pigs these people are!!

  48. I’m saying…playing on words is what this is really all about..we call a working girl a prostitute…the fact is there is no a unman alive that is not a whore for whatever they are willing to accept on a “this for that” basis…call it quid quo it a favour…two wrongs don’t make a right..they just make it status quo…Biden openly admitted his extortion…the USA openly interfering in other sovereign counties in what ever way they want has never been a problem before…the Dems are just upset that someone besides them are running the candy shop…it’s laughable

  49. You cannot believe ANYTHING the Washington Post prints. Proof? Look at their coverage of the black FEDEX driver that murdered the homeless man in Portland, Or Sept 16. It was GREAT, they said, because he was evil……….The HorseShxx Washington Post….

  50. You all know if this was Obama…… All Hypocrites! Remember, This mess is only hurting white folks. Black people has been able to navigate through every single President, good, bad and indifferent. I honestly believe Trump is going to change for the worse and Republicans will regret supporting him.

  51. Is good that Donald trump has impeach from president because he cause a lot of ilegal things and he separated kids immigrants kids from is parents

  52. Demorats: we must impeach President Trump before Christmas!

    President Trump: ok send the impeachment articles to Senate. You have nothing on me!

    Demorats: 🤯 ahhh ohh I mean after Christmas vacation 😳

    President Trump: 😂 that's what I thought 😂

  53. Whenever after watching a video I decided that I have to pass comments I found a line ' the comments are disabled or turned off.' This is unfair & against the policy of 'freedom of expression.' Someone from the west particularly America (the so-called champion of democracy & human rights) must try to address my grievance.
    Tell me WHY comments are disabled or turned off.

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