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  1. For me being a huge Trump fan years ago and could not see enough of him on the news. I have to say with what all wrong illegal stuff he has done and made America the worst ever. I now cant wait to see him impeached. It will be a good day when they take him out of office and more so if and when they charge him with other criminal things like tax ivation etc. He is the worst President of all time for USA. The biggest liar, Currupted to do anything he wants to legal of not. And has dragged others with him. Insulted women and other foreign officials. And the Reps dont see any of this. Reps are blinded to trumps crooked ways and they think they can get away with all this? Im so glad Nancy Pelosi is headind up this impeachment. It will be a good day for America when trump is history. Past and no more presidental winning.

  2. Devin Nunes there's NO hope for you! I can't believe you are still there after that stunt you pulled running out to do that press conference. You have NO CREDIBILITY.🤨

  3. Why isn't MULVANEY & BOLTON testifying? Crickets…EXACTLY! …because you already know they will spill all the beans!!!

  4. Us average Americans Tax Payers are the ones who should decide as to impeachment or not. Me I'm for President Trump. Wonder how much money from wherever these democrat politicians, plus talking heads on the major networks are being payed to destroy our country?

  5. Do these people know they're supposed to be representing the best interest of the United States? It sure sounds like they're advocates for the Ukraine. Instead of working on behalf of U.S. agenda, they're criticizing it and working on behalf of Ukrainian Government and their best interest. Crazy mixed up priorities! Somebody please call them out on this! Who are you working for?😳

  6. VOTE BLUE AMERICA, REMOVE THE IMPOSTER! ~ (lookup the definition for IMPOSTER, it defines Donald Trump perfectly, his actions, behavior and all that he is.)

    I'm so tired of the Republicans insulting our intelligence and playing stupid and gas lighting undisputed evidence. Even after all of this they persist with the stupidity and arrogance. The Republicans are complicit and do not deserve reelection, in fact they deserve to be investigated. When we attempt to hold Donald Trump accountable, the Republican party calls that a coup. When we report on the truth, they say fake news, when Donald Trump is caught red handed no doubt about it, the Republicans say, "So What!", he can do whatever he wants. If Donald Trump kills someone on 5th Avenue, the Republicans will blame the media for driving him crazy, Donald Trump is never responsible for what he says, does and is. ~ That's called a cult of personality and a dictatorship, not a President that serves the constitution. His always Trumpers, always lie for him, they bought into the Trump brand, not the American Constitution that our forefathers honored, and the America they built, fought for and died for. Donald Trump serves greed and power, he answers to RUSSIAN Oligarch money AND Valdmir Putin's marching orders. ~ AMERICA HAS BEEN INFILTRATED AND OUR DEMOCRACY IS UNDER ATTACK ~ LET'S TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY ~ VOTE BLUE, PROTEST OUTSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE – NO MORE BS!

  7. Trump is so worthless. He should have never been president, he cheated his way into the whitehouse and thought just because he had money nothing was going to be done. The American people want you out, you have done nothing but further dig this country in a hole. You deserve to impeached and imprisoned..

  8. We noticed the transgender Hill take up all the time for the Republicans asking her questions, with its long speeches that didn't answer the question. Typical POS Brit Leftist Globalist pig. Recall it and ask it about the Steel Dossier it said it saw and read.

  9. We listened carefully to the testimony yesterday, and remain particularly interested in the relationship to Volcker Alliance (American Society for Public Administration, Paul Light direct member, Alliance at awards) and the European Union leadership as Gordon Sondland. In part due to the nation state currencies "which are fine to dump" was in to me!

    This party serves on the International Chapter of ASPA "which has held no meetings on the European Union", but has met as ASPA's International Assembly annually, and specifically in 2018 on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. New members stated they publish "unrelated to the Association" on international public administration.

    Julie Ann Racino, ASPA International, 2019

  10. You’re all religious fanatics, entirely unaware that you’re not contributing or even interested in finding truth or dealing in reality. It’s just school yard insults about people you don’t like, because you were told not to like. You’re as responsible as everyone else for dividing the country.

  11. I love the way Nunes uses his first chance at questioning to merely spit out a bunch of names, then inject "the Steele Dossier" into the record apropos of nothing. He couldn't just come right out and say, "Well, I have nothing," could he?

  12. Watched the whole episode of the impeachment hearing. I was really sorry to see the Republican members behaving the way we see in the Parliaments under dictatorships. Very disappointing for lots of people who look to your country as an example of democracy. The Republican members of the House weren’t concerned about the issue but behaving the way their dictator expects of them! Very sad and disappointing for all who followed this impeachment hearing to see Nunes and Jo Jordan repeat themselves like parrots on the same subject again and again.

  13. So, here is THE question: If Trump and others are not guilty of anything, why do they refuse to appear to defend themselves? Truth tellers do not hide from the light.

  14. Fox is defending these men’s apparent crimes And I can’t talk about this to almost half my friends because they don’t know any of the facts. And many of them are repeating the fox and trump propaganda that said “don’t watch because it’s too boring”. The impeachment coverage needs to include real time coverage of fox propaganda and Real time rebuttals and myth busting. Just facts, no smug attitudes and no gloating please. None of us need that. Use likeable and charming speakers. Also stop with republican vs democrat coverage. You are making it worse. Cover senators individually, the good ones asking good questions and the bad ones spreading Russian propaganda and myths. Give republican senators props when they ask good questions and democratic ones a hard time when they are weak in questioning. Try to speak to trump supporters, and not to your own bubble in the mirror.

  15. Keep in mind that no one you are looking at objects in any way to us drone striking 30 plus farmers in Afghanistan or aiding the bombing of 50 plus kids in a school bus in Yemen

  16. @5:21:50: I love that her lawyer stepped in to turn that into the joke it was. Mike Turner, clearly just looking for airtime.

  17. Republicans have allowed Trump to make a mockery out of our system of government. And the Supreme Court remains impotent to do anything about it.

  18. Do you think he knows when he is lying? can he tell he's a fool? Is it possible for him to see himself as he is rather than his fantasy?


  20. I have to say this – the reason to make impeachment is to make people tired of dems conflict with Trump. Trump has to be bery serious all the time in this way, so viewer lost his sense of humor. I
    would suggest Trump to be more relaxed and full of humor, as it was before – during the former election campaign. People love you, President Trump, please make some jokes, and keep smiling!

  21. Do the Republicans realize that this impeachment is about President Trump's intent and actions regarding official White House acts in exchange for "personal favors" ie investigations into political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter…?? It is not about Obama – what he did or did not do while president, it is not about 2016… What needs to be determined is exactly what Trump was asking and why, & what he was holding back and why…?

  22. They should All stop behaving like children and realize the importance of this. It effects more than just President Trump or Republicans – it effects the American people & the rest of the Western world!!

  23. How is it that Mr Jordon can make claimed about how the Whistle-blower feels and who they have worked with when he doesn't even know their identity??

  24. What I want to know is why there is no mention (little at time of event also) about the 3 Russian Embassies and all there were ousted immediately escorted out of the United States In July 2016.

  25. All the Democrats do is figure ways to run out the clock without actually doing any work – they did this bogus hearing for a few weeks, now they go back on vacation and when they come back they will play with even more useless hearings – they have it all figured out how NOT to actually work for the rest of the year and beyond. And this is Exactly why you do not want a bunch of Liberal Democrats running the country – they are a bunch of lazy, useless losers who simply do not want to do any real work.

  26. Nunes linked to Lev Parnas.. well that's a shocker 😆

  27. Donald and Republican Senators betray their oath of office, their constituent and American in general by supporting, corrupt Administration. History will have the record for Donald and Republican Senators, It is OK to Extortion, Bribery, Lying, Threatening and Intimidate witness. From this we all can conclude that Republican Senators are corrupt to the core, they have no moral, no ethics and Republican senators are Russian asset.

  28. A lot of this Republican crap is what we get when people are allowed to spew lies and information without being stopped, or without being challenged.

    When someone tells a lie. They need to be stopped.
    When someone says something you strongly disagree with, you have a right to challenge them.

    Otherwise, people will say one lie, or one misstatement, or one complete fabrication, one after another, after another, after another, after another, and some people will believe them.

  29. We, in Ukraine, stopped calling our country in line with the kremlin's narrative "the Ukraine" since gaining independence, Ms. Sewell. It's "Ukraine" with its capital city Kyiv, not Kiev.

  30. Shooting in Ukraine, dear Americans, is the smallest evil of what putin has been doing all over the world, including Europe and the U.S. And there is no stopping him in sight. Think hard.

  31. Mr. Holms, zelenski is NOT considered being a "Ukrainian patriot" and less so with every passing day. We are actually on the brink of social upheaval because of zelenski's toading to volodia putin.

  32. A TRUE ’trojan horse' in EU right now is Putin's own trojan horses better know as putin's friends inside the EU nations government people like like Milos Zeman, Viktor Orbán and La Pen in France and other useful dimwits like Pablo Iglesias Turrión from Spain's Podemos political party and Matteo Renzi Prime Minister of Italy and others in high offices in all EU nations PUTIN HAS HIS TROJAN HORSES and they and their families get well taken care of by Kremlin contacts and network insiders and business connections..

    All of them and their political party are receiving indirectly and directly financial and funding from the kremlin and have close business deals with Russian state companies… and they are all well known to bang the kremlin drums in the EU JUST LIKE Pro-Kremlin Czech president Milos Zeman..

    And the twisted thing about all of this is that when Putin is promoting himself as a supporter of the fare right Putin is using the Syrian refugees as an hybrid war tool to bring down Europe (not the EU ) but European society and La Pen and other are being used as useful idiots in this geopolitical chess game run by the Kremlin's FSB on the orders of KGB Putin

    I AM NOT SAYING THAT what they are saying about immigration is not correct as IT IS !! and i support their policies regarding immigration and refugees we must close down Europe for immigration and refugees influx also we must deport any illegal refugee asap .. What i am saying is that they are being used by Putin as useful idiots in the Kremlins propaganda war for Russia own political agenda… If anyone thinks that Putin and the Kremlin is a friend of the west then they really need their head tested !!!

    Also there is evidence that Putin's FSB is involved with Russian gangsters in the massive smuggling of refugees into the EU and into Norway to make it Europe unstable.. (when we say Europe it is NOT the EU Putin is really attacking but the European society the west at large to make it unstable and weaken it )

    While Russia did not start the refugee crisis they may have found a way to exploit it to further their hybrid war against Europe. While the direct benefits of intervention in Syria are valuable to the anti-West coalition that Russia is forming, the far greater benefit could be a devastating flank attack on European unity.

    Organized by the FSB Putin is dumping Muslim ''refugees'' on Norway as Norway is a Schengen and NATO country Only 35 have come to Finland, even though Finland has a much longer border with Russia than Norway. But Finland is not a NATO country Norway is NATO and Schengen..

    The practical arrangements of the refugee traffic to the Russian-Norwegian border is by the FSB in Murmansk, in partnership with organized criminal groups, the website /www. aldrimer. no/ writes and citing Norwegian intelligence sources who say that it is well known that the FSB, which is also responsible for Russian espionage against Norway, has close ties to the Russian mafia and other criminal groups.

    In Russia, a very organized transport and support operation is established. In addition to human smuggling, there is also a very professional and extensive sale of bicycles to "refugees", given that it is not allowed to walk across the border. Norwegian or Russian citizens who drive refugees across the border could be punished.

    The route to the Norwegian-Russian border is also being actively promoted on social media, writes the outlet.

    And while Russian border guards require a Schengen visa to be let into Russia, there is no such requirement at the border to Norway – to seek asylum.

    More supporting facts see under

    1. Exposing Terrorism: The Russian-Islamic Terror Connection (2009)

    2. Putin admits that Russia’s goal in Syria is to support Assad and not to bomb ISIS.

    3. Why Are Russian Engineers Working at an Islamic State-Controlled Gas Plant in Syria?
    Moscow says it's at war with the jihadist group — but both sides aren't opposed to cutting economic deals amid the bloodshed.

    4. Russia has killed more civilians in Syria than Islamic State, according to a monitoring group Syrian Network for Human Rights.

    5. Former KGB Officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky Said Russia has been using and funding Islamic Terrorism
    to attack the west for years How the Russian KGB run Islamic Terrorism

    6. Ex-Russian FSB spy exposes Kremlin's operation of terror, help to Islamic State
    Revelations by a former Russian agent, implicating the Kremlin's involvement in terrorist activities in Europe and the Middle East. The account about to be heard bears the hallmarks of a real spy scandal – undercover operations, fake documents and financial donations.

    The ex-spy codenamed Yevgeniy specialized in terrorist organizations and counter-terrorism activities. The man firstly claimed that radical Islamist groups are staffed with Russian agents – and that Moscow has a real impact on their activity. This is what he told journalist Andriy Tsaplienko

    7. Defector: Putin's KGB trained top al-Qaeda terrorists

    8 WikiLeaks Evidence: Russia Sponsoring Islamic Terror

    9 . Russian and their crimes Putin bombing children's schools to create refugees sub.. in English

    10 Anton Shekhovtsov: Russia and the Western Far Right,,

    The lecture discusses relations between various Russian actors (activists, politicians, organizations, media, officials, etc.) and the Western far right. It provides a historical perspective, discussing the pro-Soviet or pro-Russian views of particular Western far-right activists, but its major focus is contemporary Russia. As Moscow has become more anti-Western, contacts with the Western far right have become more intense and have operated at a high level. The lecture shows that the Russian establishment was first interested in using the Western far right to legitimize Moscow’s politics and actions both domestically and internationally, but more recently Moscow has begun to support particular far-right political forces to gain leverage on European politics and undermine the liberal-democratic consensus in the West.

    Anton Shekhovtsov is a Fellow at the Legatum Institute in London. Currently, he is a Visiting Fellow of the program Ukraine in European Dialogue at the IWM.


    Ep. 1117 Liberals are Trying to Scare You Away From
    Mentioning Him. The Dan Bongino Show 11/21/2019.

    When it comes to Fiona Hill’s desire to compel people to not
    look too hard at what George Sorros is up to in Ukraine, we find that this avenue
    turns out to be one of those avenues we should be looking at with incredible
    critical interest. Well, here is a video that does precisely that, and the
    evidence points right to where the problem is, because when you follow the
    money it is far easier to figure out what the source of the scandle truly is
    and how it is actually being carried out within Ukraine and funded by Sorros.
    Plus, we get to see more precisely why it is that George Sorros is tied
    directly to the Steel Dossier nonsense.

  34. Your very very very wrong miss hill real Americans were born here !!!! And they should hold positions in government not someone that just got off a boat !!! That does not make any sense whatsoever !!! Can I go to Russia and become Secretary of defense ??? And should I be allowed to ???

  35. Why is this Raja Krishnamoorthi laughing and smiling and agreeing with Fiona Hill.
    Aren't these people conducting these hearings supposed to be non-biased and non-partisan?
    How can bias be allowed, I don't get it. I live in Europe so I'm not very knowledgeable about this.

  36. Why is Nunes allowed to project his corruption and guilt, flat out lie, and falsely accuse the Democrats of what they Republicans are guilty of?
    What’s happening to America? It is now completely russianized! I see no light at the end of this dark tunnel. You guys are so doomed!

  37. Are they ever going to release any evidence and I mean technical evidence of this supposed hack? They have released absolutely nothing but hearsay and conjecture. They never got the server and Julian Assange never gave anything to them.

  38. How is it that the witnesses are highly educated, highly qualified, have several degrees, and vast experience to qualify for their positions, but there are no qualifying credentials or standards for president of the United States, or apparently for Ambassador to the EU? That needs to change. Even classroom teachers undergo background checks, have degrees in their subject areas, and have to pass exams to obtain a teaching license. Our system needs restructuring.

  39. Notice how Holmes spoke to Sonland in Sonland's childish, gangsta jargon 52:20: I noted, there was "big stuff" going on in Ukraine, like a war with Russia. Of course, Sonland completely ignored Holmes, like the true Narc he is playing at being an ambassador.

  40. I am a victim of gang stalking, harassment and violence .. i believe because of my right wing views.. Police and FBI protects them and i was sent to a Psych ward for 72 hours for calling the cops on them.. Nothing is done about it.. i had to leave San Diego because of it and my vacation was ruined.. Even though i have hard evidence with pictures of them and their cars the police did absolutely nothing.. not once did they investigate my claims of being stalked and harassed.. I was just a visitor and it was the worst vacation i have ever experienced..


  42. Fiona Hill is an Obama and NAZI George Sorehead Soros plant, along with the sissy Vindeman Brothers(CIA). Hill was hired years ago and paid big money by Sorehead Soros to work for his company, and has ties to his radical government Socialshit overthrow of the U.S. foreign policy. Sorehead has done this in several countries whith his Nazi billions. Look it up, Fiona Hill worked for George Sorehead. Hill is a seditious traitor along with "Call Me Lt. Col." Vindeman

  43. Jewish deep state/ Jewish slush fund. If you’re not in doing everything they want with their Satanic rituals then you are out!!! Do your research people check out all the Jewish people on the rabbis that are saying this the polls are wrong you be surprised how many GOOD Jewish people are actually on President Trump side. However the deep state Jews in all the evil you better watch out. They will get ya!!!!

  44. A Dilettante Presumptuous Theorem:

    Wake up America. If an investigation into Joe Biden and his son would help Trump in the 2020 election that means Joe and his son are guilty because that’s the only way Trump would win the next election. It’s all propaganda anyway.

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