Watch LIVE Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump from US Senate: day three

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  1. 70% of the American People want a fair trial with Documentary evidence, and witnesses, but this trial was rigged from the very beginning for a quick acquittal. You can comply with your constituents at the Senate, or you can see us at the 2020 Polls when we vote Trump and the 22 Republican Senators out of office.

  2. How is Adam Schiff still allowed to talk about this case? It has been proven that he lied through his teeth on several occasions.

  3. Watching a Charlie Chaplin movie is way much better than watching the Democrat impeachment managers.. No talk but with substance.. the other, has all talk but no substance.. huhummmm

    It is a big eye opener that these managers do not know what impeachable offenses are that they have to get the OPINIONS of so-called "law experts" to lecture them…

  4. There has never been a better time to have 'Renounced Christ' to have betrayed and Sold Christ, to have accepted 666 and behold as The "Goat Lord' and all of his goat followers, face the cruxifixion and then the scourge …. As the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones, the Knights of the Templar receive and worship their Goat Lord and the Eternity they all face…..

    Which is an endless cycle of death and rebirth, in the name of their Goat Lord….

    I'll see you all in Karnataka…. Banglore. Perhaps, Bangladesh, Dhaka….

    Behold, Christ their King and watch, as they all lie and deceive and pervert Justice, to Worship their Goat Savior………. Baphomet, Lord of the Goats!


  6. democrats angry with trump but look at hat they are doing they allowed with laws to have man be with man how wicked

  7. Mr. President live in your nice White House. You still can sleep when you soldiers died on faraway deserts while you really have not the right to be there.
    You still think you are a God give to your American people. As a so called Christian you do not no the 10 commandment. You have no respect to woman in the world.
    And you have not a problem with sleeping ? While woman and children are dying on the hands of Isis bastards ? Wel sleep well mr.President.

  8. Dear mr. President,you probably have a nice day while your soldiers are dying ,and for what??? For your "smarts" ? You most be gidding. You made with your man like Rudy the rat a hell for the American people. Sad very sad. Well I hope mr.president you can sleep .Goodnight.

  9. “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants .”
    Thomas Sowell has suggested a military coup.

  10. 🔴 Since Schiff created a Fake transcript of Mr. Trump’s call, and then read it to congress aloud as Fact, during a world wide, syndicated broadcast, how is it that a now proven congenital liar willing to present Fake documents as Fact, now oversees the impeachment hearings for the democratic party? Explain that one🤔

    How is that even remotely possible!?!

    For in any other court of the land, Schiff would no longer be seen as a trust worthy person to present credible Facts.

    Rather Schiff is now seen as somebody who will lie, twist, spin, cheat, or distort the truth and go so far as to create Fake documents.

    So how is it that that this proven congenital liar Schiff continues to oversee these impeachment proceedings?

    Who is to say that Schiff will not introduce Fake documents as fact yet again during the impeachment hearings?

    Since all of the Democrats now know that Schiff presented Fake documents to Congress, and the democrats continue to be a party to this congenial liar knowingly, makes all of the Democrat guilty of the crime by association just like in a bank robbery, even though you never actually Held a gun to anyone. The Democrats are using this platform to steal votes.

    More so, why isn’t Schiff in prison for lying to both Congress as well as the FBI for creating Fake documents that completely misrepresented the narrative between two world leaders during their call to each other?

  11. 🚨 The Democrats continue to present opinions as fact. It is up to the trial to determine which are fact versus which are opinion.

  12. It's all political to cover for the corrupt democrats ….Biden , Pelosi, Kerry all had family involved in the Ukraine

  13. Traitors

    What more should we expect from a Gov that allowed 9/11.

    Like or not ,
    I9/11 is still unsolved .
    The traitors are still in Washington and some of them are telling you that Trump needs to go.

    Wake up


    They’re lying to us all .

  14. if the dems hoax is true..then wow every case the DOJ handled must be thrown out.. fact is SEPT 25 2019 the DOJ investigated this which is their job and found nothing wrong.. on the Ground of Impeachment.. End of story everything else is a waste of your Tax dollars.. Sadly you idiots are blind to the truth..

    The Justice Department’s Criminal Division has already investigated President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president about Joseph R. Biden and concluded Mr. Trump did not violate campaign finance laws, officials announced Wednesday.

    And a separate division of the department has also ruled that the administration did not break the law by failing to quickly share a whistleblower’s complaint with Congress, saying the matter didn’t meet the definition of “urgent” that would trigger the law.

    The department also released the transcript of Mr. Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, showing the American leader did talk about Mr. Biden, the former vice president and current Democratic presidential front-runner, and his son, Hunter Biden. But Mr. Trump did not threaten to withhold military aid as some have alleged.


  16. This is a very low quality show . It is not circus. Circus is entertaining, circus involves art. Here, we simply see an insult to our intelligence, well representing the dismal and constantly deteriorating state of the modern American elite.

  17. The (R) Senators that I’ve seen in the interviews, act like they are apart of the Presidents defense team. Has the U.S Senate been corrupted America?

  18. If you think of America as a powerful entity among other nations then this trial can only be described as talking to yourself. This is a conversation we are having amongst ourselves what is of greater value to us – a strong powerful leader that can negotiate deals by himself for us, because we trust him to be like us; Or a strong powerful democracy where noone is above the law, and even president can be under investigation, and should have accountability. What example do we want to set for our children, this is the conversation we are having.

  19. We gave the Ukraine our word. What good is the United States word now. The President has sent the message to other countries that our word should not be trusted.

  20. WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THE MIDDLE CLASS OR THE POOR SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP OR ANY REPUBLICAN——under donald trump and the republicans,30,000 people die every year, because they cant afford health care premiums and deductibles and donald trump and the republicans would like to triple the deaths by getting rid of obamacare and under donald trump and the republicans 500,000 people file bankrupt because they get cancer and donald trump and the republicans are cutting medicaid and snap,then next for donald trump and the republicans is they want to cut social security,medicare and ssdi.donald trump and the republicans dont care if we the middle class and poor live or die.donald trump and the republicans only care about the donor money they get from the billionaires who also dont give a dam if the middle class or poor live or die. the billionaires have destroyed america ,they have spent billions on the republicans and the media to keep the middle class and the poor from getting medicare for all and making sure are safety nets are cut like social security,medicare,medicaid,snap and ssdi.when are we going to stop supporting donald trump and the republicans,who want us continue to die and fall further into poverty.there are still a lot of upper middle class who support donald trump and the republicans taking away are safety nets ,because I guessed they we blessed better than most and are like donald trump and the republicans who dont care how many middle class live or die.the middle class and the poor must decide if they are ok with being screwed over and over again by the billionaires who rather increase their wealth over human life and the republicans and the media who also would like to increase their wealth over human life,when are we going to say 30,000 deaths and 500,000 people filing bankrupt because of cancer is enough and its time to stop the billionaires,the republicans and the media helping the top 1% from paying federal taxes at the expense of human life.we must stop them and the way to do that is elect bernie sanders for president and vote against all republicans and the most crooked democrats nancy pelosi and joe manchin in 2020

  21. The Ukraine aid was flowing in reverse into the Biden family bank accounts.the China 1.5 billion investment into Kerry and Biden families was a treasonist bribe.

  22. Joe Biden admitted he bribed Ukraine to stop investigation Burismo and his son so of course the Dems blame Trump.

  23. I have been watching it all on youtube feeds, 3 of them, mostly Fox. The total average views watching the live feed are about 15,000. I suspect most people only read or watch the short carefully selected segments which create a bias report to an audience drawn in by trust and entertainment and the ones not watching the real time feed miss all the important details that show the hidden corruption. Who is at fault? the 360 million US citizens not paying attention to how the government officials communicate in real time, you must watch if for 9 hours without the opinions from news stars.

  24. Caligula Trump and Claudius Pence, both must go and the turtle faced hypocrite from Kentucky as well….Corrupt openly and blatantly said he was going to work 'with' the Whitehouse…. He admitted his bias and should have recused himself….

  25. Everyone needs to go out and vote. Reregister to make sure your vote is counted.
    You're all so special, yes you are and you all better pull together to recognize what going on here. What's going on in America is all a smoke screen to cover up what's really going on people. The geoengineered clouds (look it up on YouTube) they are saying they know how to control the weather. Does it look like they are controlling the weather? There's more catastrophic calamity since they started this mess and everyone's got there heads in the clouds on the toxic chemicals they use to make these fake clouds. Do you know what is used to make these clouds? Aluminum alone messes with our memories, gives us Alzheimer's and a high white blood count which intern doctors are telling people they have Leukemia as they did me. They said I couldn't beat cancer on my own and here I am. I was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2005. I did super green powders from Walmart. Added mushroom capsules even though the super greens has some already (the more, the better) I took liquid concenTrace trace minerals and amino acid (made sure I didn't take too much because the super green already has vitamins. I took (Pau d Arco) pau d Arco is taken different for each person due to weight and how bad the cancer is. I took it for 7 and up to 10 days, 2 pills in the am and 2 pills in the pm. You can take it 3 times a day. It just depends on the person (but you must stop for 5 to 7 days then repeat it until the cancer goes bye bye. I also took CBD oil (look up Phenix tears) & the one minute cure)
    I hear the apricot seeds for cancer also is good that you have to be careful because it's very potent and beings that someone needs to take a lot of stuff to get rid of cancer the person has to be careful not to hurt the kidneys. It's better by far than doing chemotherapy.
    I must say by laws. None of the above is FDA approved and it is not attended to cure anyone from anything. You must check with your doctor before taking anyone product. I'm not a doctor but it worked for me and 4 other's.
    I mention all the above because it's unprecedented with all the Cancers and illnesses the young people are getting today. I believe it's with what they are putting in these geoengineered clouds and our food. Carrageenan, xanthan gum, Xylitol and all the metals and junk that's not supposed to be put in our food. trisodium phosphate is what they use to put in paint thinner and they're using it to put in our food like cereal. There are a lot of countries that have forbidden our food products to enter in to their country due to the fact that they know it's a bunch of JUNK.
    PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP. The news is not reporting REAL NEWS. Are freedom of information act has been trampled on. Look up on YouTube the Georgia Guidestones. These heads of the world have the audacity to write their plans of wickedness on stones abd noone is saying anythng.
    Why do you thing our rents/mortgages are so high, it's a form of control. It's how the government keeps the people under control because they can't protest about anyting, otherwise they'll be homeless also.
    The homeless population is another form of control. If someone is dumb enough to take any of these opiates / painkillers is a monkey's uncle.
    They are giving this to babies a year as young as a year and a half which is Ludacris. Why a parent would allow this is unbenounced to me. Again, Americans need to wake up! Know that we are not being told facts but if people would just stop being entertained by fake news Media and shows on TV, people are hooked with a puppet Master TV is another for of addiction. I personally won't purposely watch too much of it because I know these idiots are sick but thank God there is a God (our creator) man did not make himself and if there IS a hell I hope they will be right in the middle of it with everlasting fire.
    Watch the movie (all the money in the world) that's is the mentality of the folks that run the world. They think they are taking their money with THEM. They are sick brutal humans. They are sick with their MONEY and the love for it.
    Wake up America, our houses are burning and we are in them and we aren't doing nothing about it. Fight and learn to write petitions on don't sign the ones that are at the grocery stores, those are funded by the weather. They initially start stating what we want to hear but end up being things that only benefit the wealthy. The verbiage on there is so confusing and legal jargon that the average person does not understand. Learn to write your own and promote on social media and change laws back to what the Constitution was. It was structured to protect us all. Get your heads out of the sand.

  26. In light of the case presented by the House Managers, it should be clear it is not whether [his] proven actions "ris[es] to a level of impeachment" but whether Trump will be able to negate the already established facts, i.e., he actively influenced foreign powers for his personal and political gain without consulting with and gaining Congress's consent first. In other words, it must be proven 1) he did not call upon any foreign assistance in his personal endeavors, in this case, Ukraine, 2) and he did not have the intent to influence such aid.

  27. TRUMP 2020..DO NOTHING LIBERAL TRAITORS….You don’t understand it’s not Trump we support…its AMERICA…you will never stop us…Get on the TRUMP TRAIN 🚂 or get run over.

  28. TRUMP 2020..DO NOTHING LIBERAL TRAITORS….You don’t understand it’s not Trump we support…its AMERICA…you will never stop us…Get on the TRUMP TRAIN 🚂 or get run over.

  29. TRUMP 2020..DO NOTHING LIBERAL TRAITORS….You don’t understand it’s not Trump we support…its AMERICA…you will never stop us…Get on the TRUMP TRAIN 🚂 or get run over.

  30. TRUMP 2020..DO NOTHING LIBERAL TRAITORS….You don’t understand it’s not Trump we support…its AMERICA…you will never stop us…Get on the TRUMP TRAIN 🚂 or get run over.

  31. TRUMP 2020..DO NOTHING LIBERAL TRAITORS….You don’t understand it’s not Trump we support…its AMERICA…you will never stop us…Get on the TRUMP TRAIN 🚂 or get run over.

  32. TRUMP 2020..DO NOTHING LIBERAL TRAITORS….You don’t understand it’s not Trump we support…its AMERICA…you will never stop us…Get on the TRUMP TRAIN 🚂 or get run over.

  33. So much for Ellen abused by her stepfather while just watching I was abused by my bio & my kid was abused too! And Ellen just keep cyberstalking. Like it's a funny Iranian show on Netflix.. Let alone SO many others from Hollywood! Justin,Reeves, DiCaprio, Depp, Oprah, etc… So many we don't know! Trashed our lives in Iran..Since 4 yrs, 24/7 .. No privacy ANYWHERE! At least have the bravery to fix the damage! But NO.. They like Trump, Obama,get away.. Like babies without diapers.. Mess everything

  34. Trudeau harassed us on utube like rest of world leaders.. Putin's friends were threatening us, 3 yrs still going on.. Trump& Obama a lot.. But Trudeau sent a post with a pic of him & his wife laughing , written "we don't want you to come to Canada! " Yeah because u prefer Iranian high ranks outcasts, criminals, rpsts, etc.. Poor Canadians.. He put their lives in danger.. For Putin's power.. Like the airplane crash

  35. Save your countries from drug addiction.. It destroyed Iran.. So many offcls, people willing to trade country family for dose of.. Like my own people, family,relatives,etc betraying, hurting us to get dose of.. Even have a competition of who hurts us better & more! Violated by Iranians & out.. Like Pahlavi is a human rights activist? They why did he cyberstalk & watch abuse as well?! Cheap people..lots of Iranians think cheating, lying, betraying, tricking,etc is smart & being good is bad & lame..

  36. Our prison is Tehran,elahieh dashti st, sepid b-A .. Near the Russian embassy garden! What a coincidence!

  37. LMAO ABC NEWS disabled chat what a freaking FAKE NEWS NETWORK guess the TRUTH would completely destroy their LIES that's why they will be looking for jobs soon , TURN OFF YOUR CABLE 6 dingleberries own everything you see, hear or read. 7.3 million subs BULLSHIT a youtube dump site for all real subs trying to sub to the TRUTH SICK! Didn't listen to any of this demonrats SCHITT!

  38. Adam shiv or whatever his name is needs to shut up he doesnt speak for everyone in his stupid views. Hillery got away with what happen in Bengozie and now they want to say Trump is corrupt what ever. It seems that the Demoncrats think thery're the only ones above the law and are the only ones allowed to do as thou wilt i think they ALL HAVE TO GO!!! They're All Cheaters LIERS they do not Give a Rats Ass about Any of US
    Oh my gosh so thesr Damned Demoncrats are accusing Trump of the very thing they do All the time how is it that is cause for his impeachment. Then they all must go because they are all GUILTY of the same. Abuse of their offices. They're also trying to drive this ellection to benifit themselves because they all know if they cant get Trump out then they have a chance to get another Demon in Office

  39. If you want to finish this trial quickly just bring trump to testify and he will bring himself down .the minute he opens his mouth.
    That's why the republicans don't want trump testifying.

  40. Notice Georgie Stephanopoulos cut off statements by defense attorney. What's the matter Georgie, did the Clintons call you again? You are a joke!

  41. The Democrat are wasting our tax $$$. I am a democrat and I am ashamed to call myself democrat. I will now vote for trump. His is an innocent man and the cross built to hang him by the demos will be the cross to hang all of these demos going against him and falsely accusing him of things that hes never done. At least the evidences from the democrat does NOT prove anything. Hearsay doesn't mean anything to the court of law. I am voting to re-elect President trump. his works so far speaks louder than anything the democrat are trying to do.

  42. Dems holler "Steele Dossier"…Reps yell "Obama foreign involvement"; Reps shout "Biden"…Dems scream "Quid Pro Quo" – The underlying message from both sides is that ALL US politics is now corrupt so… "get over it".

  43. Ted Cruz …had you thought that maybe they did their homework and believe that by bringing Biden up means it will make Republicans want to bring the Bidens as witnesses so they can ask for the ones they want… maybe they know already that the Bedens don't have anything to hide???

  44. Some GOP Senators didn't stay in the room. Don't forget they're on our dime. It's clear the GOP Senators are un-American and cowards. Not to mention lazy.

    If any Russian funds to the NRA went to the GOP Senators? If the NRA made a donation to the right-winger, it would seem so.

  45. It was real dumb of the dems to make up the story about Biden being a political rival and the president only was interested in a biden investigation because biden was winning according to polls. The clip of biden bragging about his shake down of the ukraine president, and implicating obama, then laughing surfaced in late January or early Feb of 2019. Rudy went to ukraine to investigate it in early March. The news of the biden son's involvement came out in March. Biden THEN joked about running for president, after saying many times he was not interested and obama saying old men should not even run. Lo and behold Biden announces he's running in the first week in April. The dems time line is a lie. The president's contention that it is about corruption has the proof. Also, lying that the bidens story is a conspiracy theory that has been debunked is a lie. It has not even been investigated, so it cannot be debunked and it doesn't get debunked because joe biden says so.

  46. So another coffee brewing.Pres. Putin do not buy this its all made up.this boils in retaining your incumbent or elect another thats it.if you 2 intend to do war do it in your own..

  47. Testimony the Dems gave was long and dragged out and didn't make sense, and a lot of criticism, but the president's team was non stressful, they magnified the facts, it made you feel good, good really good, there's hope for our country.

  48. Guiliani also proposed to republican senators to start selling American liquified gas to you guessed it Ukraine. This was years ago. Burisma is what. You guessed it again a Ukrainian gas company. If people connect everything from years ago. They would see it’s Guiliani. I just hope Trump is oblivious and not in on it with him.

  49. There is no evidence against the Biden’s other than Putin saying it’s Ukraine and the company Biden works for. That’s there evidence against the Biden’s. Putin’s Guiliani telling the president its Ukraine and the Biden’s. Sorry but I don’t believe a word of it.

  50. I’m a democrat and this is wrong. I’ll be glad when this impeachment trial is over and President Trump is re-elected to prove it. I’m so embarrassed by what the democrats in Congress and their media cohorts are pulling on all Americans today. The democrats proved to me that they don’t really believe in the rule of law when they obstruct border security while encouraging illegal immigration

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