Watch live: Trump holds coronavirus news conference

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  1. 47:33 Don't ask me anything i know nothing about if you get ebola you die this is just a flu if you get this flu you might die you might not I don't Know we'll find out after you get it

  2. I'm not buying this. The incubation period didn't even come up. If one person has this it could infect a large group. Time will tell.

  3. Trump derangement syndrome is very real. The stupid centrist libs are going to drive the Democratic party into the ground. And he may very well win in 2020.

  4. He ‘s stupid. Not a president needed in crisis situation! If the virus spreading in US it going to be the end. Trump will be seen hiding in his mansion still keep saying “this’s just a flu “. Congrats folks, you’re on your own!!

  5. Perspective, this virus is more infectious than the Flu. The Flu infects over 30,000,000 people in the US per year. The current death rate is 3%.The completed case death rate is 8.43%. If we have the same number of infections as the Flu. That's between 900,000 and 2.5 million deaths. Go ahead, check my math.

  6. When it hits us full blast…then we will see. Lord Jesus protect us!
    Hospitals, work places, schools and clinics should give free masks…a little kit or something! Not all of us can afford to buy these things.

  7. Who's the disrespectful 'journalist' laughing at the guy from India while he's asking a question? No doubt she votes democrat and calls other people a racist on a daily basis.

  8. Touting a record low unemployment number when you don't actually count the millions of men and women of working age who are out of work but don't qualify for benefits is not only short sighted, it's dishonest and despicable.

  9. Why did he keep saying 14 and 15 cases in America? 14 came from Princess Cruise ship..right now there are 60 cases total. And they stated America is ready and prepared for the outbreak “if one” comes yet today the HHS Sectry was asked how many masks we have and if we have enough? They only have 30 Million BUT NEED 300 Million so “NO WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH MASKS” he states

  10. Why is the President watching the stock market every minute of every day, and talking about numbers? The stock market is NOT the economy. Does he not understand that? Why do we keep hearing about record stock market levels but not record homelessness and lack of housing affordability?

  11. That CDC lady looks visibly upset and she is physically concerned and she's not up for the political side of this debate prepare for there is six more plagues to come and when the 8th comes then there will be peace halleluYAH

  12. This is it folks…They are about to purposely infect everybody with this virus then go hide in the underground bunkers and watch population control take effect. Soon comes Martial law and Citywide quarantine checkpoints. Total lockdown. Now you know why the border wall is being built. Go watch the movie Contagion. Its all a part of the elites agenda.

  13. Condolences for the people killed in Milwaukee yet make sure he mentions the Second Amendment. He make sure he gets in all of his Jabs at Nancy Pelosi, what a weak president.

  14. how about this. give the American people free masks, and give them the option to wear or not wear the mask. I'll wear one. I haven't traveled, but I'm gonna go ahead and buy some for me and my family, and I suggest u all do the same. The next few months will tell how "under control" this is.

  15. Every country tries to put on a good face to keep down panic. it's a pandemic, plain and simple. Get prepared. No one knows anything about this virus. Get food, water and meds. It will surely spread.

  16. It's related to the 5G roll out in Wuhan, fall 2019. People don't just "fall over" dead from a virus when they haven't even displayed any "flu like" symptoms.

  17. @CBS – If this is "just like a flu" then why is everyone racing to create a vaccine? There is no vaccine for the flu, is there? There's a flu shot. However, if the flu shot actually worked, like a vaccine, nobody would get the flu who got the shot but we still do. So vaccine or not we're all going to get coronavirus, if this is "just like the flu". Why don't we instead tell people the message we're all probably going to get this virus eventually so let's focus on building up our bodies and immune systems to fight the coronavirus when it hits us?

  18. I clicked,,didn't watch,,,but I will predict this proof by him,,,based on the last 3 yrs,,,,!!!!!
    You are going to witness & hear some of the best 🐎 ss******tt,, u have heard,,,proving one known fact,,, that he does not know much,,,a fact .!!!!!
    You see ,,,,in order to aquire knowledge,, you have to get education,,,so my ???
    To u is simple,,, really ,,,!!! Yyyyyyy,,,!!!!
    😜 Hhhhhhioooo.😆
    😅 Hhhhhaaaaa😝

  19. You just can't take him seriously. We shouldn't feel like this when your people is looking at you for guidance. This is what happens when you lose credibility.

  20. How does everyone not understand that he is just trying to keep everyone calm and not create a panic?? Think about it. What would happen if he is up there telling everyone that 60% of the population won't make it? Read between the lines people. Prepare for yourselves and do what you need to do..

  21. This is more INSPIRING to watch, knowing how Pres. Trump Administration is well prepared in fixing the situation (epidemic), much better than watching the Demo-Socialist-Leftist DEBATE..

  22. Is he really reading that word salad? He needs a speechwriter that is not on meth. Yeah, wave around a piece of paper. That is your plan to curb the virus. As for Pence, neauooo.

  23. Nice to see our President in public, at least they are present. That being said, gonna be tough not to have global concerns on overtime .

  24. He's a smart he reversed a panic and political disadvantage against them. So make sure listen and watch the whole video before sayin anything.

  25. I'll tell you what will be said when this is over; if it is a short-lived outbreak, it will be said, Trump panicked and spent too many resources. But, God forbid, if it hits America as hard as it has Wuhan, then they will say, Trump should have done more. And, yes, the President is very positive; an outbreak is not inevitable. I would hate to hear gloom and doom right now when there are so few cases in America. However, China has been lying all along. It is simple math, if your boss is Apple, you don't call in sick to work unless you're unable to work. We know there is a delay in iPhone production due to this, and pharmaceutical products like amoxicillin.

  26. I support Mr Covid-19 as the next president for unites states replacing this old duck trump لوووووول

  27. "The Controllers" have unleashed a new scare!!!
    This time to THE WORLD!!!!!
    Pretty good guys!!! Pretty good indeed!!!
    (It's all B.S. though.)

  28. Covid19 disproportionately kills older people, usually males.

    Who has mainly male and old supporters? TRUMP!

    Better make some red MAGA face masks ASAP!

  29. At least 60 confirmed cases in the US. Where does Trump get 15 from? 🤔 Even then he starts deducting from 15 until there are almost zero cases 😮🤔 He's got to be the most 'prepared' president in the world 🙄

  30. LOL! Trump is throwing Pence under the Bus called Coronavirus so he can blame him and not take the heat when we have the outbreak all the other countries in the world are beginning to have.

  31. if u cant see he is clearly hiding information you are stupid do more research and learn about the true numbers the truth will come out soon enough

  32. I'm from Venice, Italy. We are completely fine here, life goes on normally. Don't believe everything the media sells you, fear is their cashcow.

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