WATCH: Schiff Interrupts Nunes As He Goes After Leaks, Whistleblower | MSNBC

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  1. Schiff and Vindman stated they do NOT know the identity of the whistleblower, so how did Schiff know he was about to reveal his name? Vindman LEAKED the call to the whistleblower and then LIED under oath. The dems star witness, a leaking liar

  2. Kind of satisfying to watch Nunes's tiny tiny balls get put slowly through the meat grinder.
    He really is a dummy of dummies, only really surpassed by Trump

  3. It is ironic that Rep. Nunes is trying to find out who the whistleblower is when he and along with the rest of the republicans party all know that it is against federal law to reveal the identity of the individual and is was their republican party along with the Democrats that created this whistleblower protection law.

    Again it's another double standards with the Republicans where certain individuals are required to follow the law like the rest of us and certain individuals are above the law like thinking Trump is and some of them.

    It is also ironic that Trump was voted into office with the idea to get rid of corruption and not create more of it. I am also starting to wonder that it is the republican party that could be the true source to a lot of our government corruption that has been plaguing our country for decades.

    If anyone thinks my estimations are wrong please post your comments here because I would love to hear your point of you.

  4. I don’t understand why Devin Nunez got re-elected . He is obviously Trump stool and it is obvious that he is trying to expose the whistleblower identity. Shame on him

  5. Haha! Vindman just revealed he is the one who leaked the phone call to the Brennen mole. Schiff almost crapped his pants! So we now have, Schiff and Vindman who know who the mole is. I can't wait for the Senate hearing! The Dems are toast!

  6. Schiff has certainly earned my respect throughout these past two-plus years. He demonstrates true authority in these hearings, I'm impressed.

  7. Whaaa??? How are going to supeonae the whistleblower, when you don’t know who the whistleblower is? Nuenes, do you even know what you are talking about?

  8. All this BS is to intimidate any future Whistle Blowers …Jesus Christ the right is so cheap and petty ..and for everyone and anyone who say they were the party of "Law and Order" I call BS on that too …They have not been for decades …Not even close the BS they do is beyond the pale it is the constant barrage of propaganda which you people hear not the facts …I just wish more people would have the Common sense to check for themselves and find out the truth.
    The Right has never been the party of Law and Order except when it is convenient or Politically advisable for them.

  9. All these Republikkkan traitors are now part of the cover-up. After Watergate 48 Republikkkans went to prison, I can't wait until all these Republikkkan traitors are locked up.

  10. Obviously all Republicans are dumb. They shouldn't be in the intelligent committee. If they are smart, this impeachment inquiry won't last this long.

  11. If Vindman and Schiff don't know who the whistleblower is, how could Vindman naming who he spoke to be "Outing the whistleblower"? Schiff is lying Vindman isn lying too. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE WHISTLEBLOWER IS. Schiff is lying to Americans, this is a complete farce.

  12. Fake news. CBS and other news stations are dropping the impeachment hearing . All witnesses admitted Trump committed no crime. MSNBC doesn't know when to stop lying to their Veiwers. Ashame. All of these are edited clips to sway their veiwers into thinking the Inquisition not impeachment is how they say it is. It's not people and I didn't even vote for Trump.

  13. The impeachment hearing is collapsing under yet more lies by Schiff.
    The Washington post, one of the top Anti Trump publications gave Schiff four pinnocios, theirvtop rating for lies.
    Another democrat witness refused to answer who he spoke to in the intelligence office on concernvhe would expose the nebulous whistleblower.
    Problem is this witness had declared he never knew the whistleblower.
    He may be charged with perjury given Flynn got 50 years for the very same thing.
    Schiff has been caught lying three times regarding details being discussed.
    How will the media keep spinning this?

  14. I think it would be important for the people of the United States to wait until impeachment hearings and if trial is done before having opinion. Only until this is all over will the United States know the truth. Presidency is bigger then one man. The Constitution is there for the future of America. whether you're a Democrat or Republican. The president of the United States is the most powerful man on the planet. He or she is elected for the People by the people for the future of the United States and the world. This president has done something that has damaged our image as a country. GO HAWKS

  15. Just made up B.S, just like adam schitt did, when he read the "transcript" . So, if the evidence is not there, just , make it all up. This should be the democrats slogan. It has been going on for three years non stop. It is time to drug test our congress members

  16. Does he and the rest of the Republicans realize that by pursuing this strategy of outing the whistleblower and making his/her name public, not only their seats, reputations freedom and legacies are at stake here?!!!! All in the cause for defending the president. If he were family, I would understand, but a complete stranger of whom they fear his words in public media?!!! What a bunch of cowards!!! Sticks and stones… Remember?!!! But I guess they don't care about their dignity nor conscience!!! How sad.

  17. #IMPEACH "its about cleansing the oath of office". #LindseyGraham  Let people clear #trump's perfect phone call. LET THEM TESTIFY

  18. Schiff really knows how to pick witnesses:

  19. Jesus, the comment section in MSNBC is just a bunch of brain dead NPC’s.

    Vindman said, under oath, that he did not know the whistle blower. Therefore… anything that he has to say will not out the whistleblower. Nunez caught Schiff and Vindman in a lie. Either they know the whistleblower, or they refraining from answering legitimate questions and hiding people under the guise of the “whistleblower”.

    Looking for serious responses only, not borderline mentally handicapped people.

  20. The Schiff Show is imploding … why is he doing this? He’s guilty -that’s why….has a proclivity for drugging, raping, killing 10 yr old African American BOYS – not unlike his close friend Buck who did same to black men – he’s SICK – he knows what’s coming – this Schiff Show will end in his demise … may he repent and turn to Christ – I pray for that – regardless, he needs to be kept away from free society/other potential victims.

  21. Nunes must be high or something. Trump has told people not to show up to these proceedings. Some didn't, some did anyway. Now Nunes is asking the Whistle Blower be outed, be subpoenaed, be made to testify. What law surrounding Whistle Blower protection is he misinterpreting? Plead the Fifth? That's out of that Twitter cow's butt.
    You should hear all the BS he spilled before Schiff interrupted him. Good grief!

  22. Whistleblowers should not be known, especially in this case here where we have a crazy party with a crazy base who seems hellbent on ruining this whistleblower's life once they know who he/she is.

  23. Lt Col. Vindman responds to Nunez as though he is talking directly to Putin. He knows that Nunez is a mouthpiece for the Russians.

  24. We want to know the truth about Fartgate. Produce the tapes and transcripts of Swalwell’s toot! What to know what Mathews knew and when did he know it and what Swalwell had for lunch

  25. how does schiff know that the guy vindman spoke to is the whistle blower . Schiff has stated many times in this hearing that he does not know who the whistle blower is and vindman has said under oath that he doesn't know !!!! How is this even possible ? Someone is lying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. This is actually very good for the republicans and patriots. This is exposing the democratic party for what it really is, a marxist, usa hating, cia backed cabal. And it’s happening live right in front of millions of people.

  27. "I reckon if Nunes could have used a rubber hose on Lt. Colonel Vindman, someone's name would surely have surfaced…possibly a public waterboarding of the Decorated Army Officer would have been real revealing…find out if he earned his purple heart! 'Enhanced interrogation' of the witnesses will be a required if Pelosi wants the REAL truth!"

  28. Aren't you people even a little suspicious of "journalists," who are trained to be skeptical of ALL SIDES, are almost 100% anti-Trump, and HAVE BEEN for three years, and 100% PRO-impeachment BEFORE all the facts are in? Why do you blindly accept their bias without question? I thought you folks were so much smarter than the rest of us.

  29. The cow is a moron and made a fools of itself once again. What an oxymoron the cow on the intelligence committee , omg I haven't go pee, I'm laughing so hard.

  30. You guys scare me like these guys (Democrats) are completely lying in your face, they use the media to completely warp your mind from truth, and now you don't even know what truth looks like. Just don't attack my kids just because they actually like America.

  31. That's right Nunes. It's been tabled like Mitch McConnell tables bills on the senate. What goes around, comes around.

  32. Watching Schiff lie and make things up as he goes ….Who or what holds this mental case accountable for his verbal crap ….This historical record will be studied, thank God , showing how powerful and flawed Schiff was…

  33. Why they holding their d**ks trying to get the whistleblower identity so badly for? Ya have a key witness saying Trump is guilty of wrong doing. These Republicans are such stupid , evil beings

  34. "The Whistleblower has the statutory right to anonymity." Um, no he doesn't. There is no provision for anonymity in the Whistleblower Protection Act.

  35. You can see the moment Nunes realized he isn't intelligent enough to frame his questions in a way that will expose the whistleblower… Golden!

  36. Nunes needs to exit to the right ➡️ along with the perv protector jimmy.tinfoil hat wearing treasonous repubturded elephant dungs

  37. How is it this hard to understand? We are PROTECTING the WHISTLEBLOWERS identity! Like stop trying to go against laws set in place to oust them and cause them harm. We have protection laws for a reason.

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