Web2go - Best Android App to Listen to News, Sports Articles, Web Pages - Review & Demo

hey android fans this is eric from Hollywood Frodo com with another Android app review today I'm going to be talking to you about the app web to go before I get to that just want to remind you that this review is sponsored by Andy tags com anti tags is the best website on the Internet to get really cool NFC tags and NFC keychains all with cool android theme logos for use with your android phone so head over to Andy tanks comm after the review you can check out all the cool stuff they have over there and also get some great information on NFC and how to put it to use so web to go very simply reads websites to you more specifically website news articles there's just a multitude of list of websites that you can have read to you so it's perfect for people who drive a lot and maybe you're not into talk radio or you don't like this in your music you would like to have a web pages news articles read to you and any any category you can think of entertainment sports domestic news international news lots of different websites to choose from so it's great for that so let's talk on my phone i'm going to show you a exactly how it works and why i think it's probably the best app to do what it does okay so you can see right here we have the app web to go i'm going to open it up I only have the free version here so you'll see the free version and the paid version you can have unlimited sites that in the free version you get two sites and basically this app does it reads things to you let's go ahead and click I've chosen yahoo sports and Reuters so if I were to click Yahoo Sports and start the reading so it doesn't it does it all for you cook you're driving and you click that that's I gonna do and it'll load up the first article of lefty accused of foreign substance discover when he beat the street Louis Cardinals in game one of the world series as you can see it just begins reading the article and it will read the entire web page article to you when it's done or when you're the Cardinals my prior to that the screen shown toys mesh detective defendant admitted shooting in FL player a man on trial in the slang and as you see it or just go to the next article so if you're someone that's a really big news junkie and you like to you rather listen to news articles when you're driving then listen to talk radio or music then perfect for that can go to Reuters you'll see how it works on a different website does take a minute to load initially once it loads you're good to go White House press is so need to delay new Iran sanctions the White House will press for another delay on the sanctions bill that had been expected to come to a vote in the Senate you're tired of a certain article you don't hear about it beats profit from common shares job the world's largest software company is the latest tech firm twosome can always pause and start back when you're done you press the back button if you wanted to change one of these you long press on it and you'll see all the different categories they have featured news United States domestic news business sports tech and science travel medical entertainment style living religion Canada uses asia europe music alia blogs so lots of different things and when you click any one of these like if you click entertainment you've got all these different entertainment news sites that you can read from so there's a whole lot on there and that's why they have so many of these blocks but again you have to subscribe to the premium in order to unlock more than two let's take a look at the settings real quick so you can see the various settings that they have inside of the app and of course at the top is to upgrade to premium a lot of the settings you can only mess with if you are on the premium do have bluetooth settings but you need again you have to have your premium subscriber to actually change those settings enable music unloading in between articles so you can take that out if that music that was playing is you heard annoys you select your favorite voice again you can't select your voice on the basic you just get the one boys but you can select different voices if you have premium and then you can select the speed at which the voice reads as well as the pitch you can also enable subtitles you can have a screen saver mode so that it will lessen or play even when the screen is off or if you're working with other application so if you're driving you don't necessarily need to see the article obviously you just want it right to you you could have it so that would read even when the screen is turned off you could enable javascript so you get more of the actual website versus it loads faster without it to me I don't know how you would need that obviously this is about listening if you wanted to read a website and you can just go read it you wouldn't need this you can enable gestures so you can swept swept you can swipe left and right to browse between articles if you want you can also enable notifications if you want to be notified about new articles and that's about it so very simple but in terms of reading websites to you and again I think this is really mainly useful for people who like to listen to articles while they're driving or riding your bike something like that this is probably the best at out there for that it does a really really really good job as you can see and something you're really going to use then it's worth it probably to upgrade to the premium version so that you can unlock all the buttons and set up all your favorite news sites as well as have the option to use those additional settings and features that go with it but I'm its web to go good quality a way to have web pages especially news information read to you that was web to go as you can see does a great job of just reading websites I haven't found another app that does that as well as this app does it so if it's something that you're into something that you would find useful that definitely pick up the free version and try it out and you'll probably want to go ahead and up the ante and get the premium version so you can have all the features anyway that's it click the like button if you liked this review you can share it with anyone you know who might it from the special if you know people who do travel a lot or commute have long commutes and would like to listen to to web pages and articles read to them you can do that on Facebook right at Google+ Twitter all those ways are down there just click the right button and subscribe to my channel check out my other playlist got lots of Android app reviews also Tasker tutorials NFC tutorials things like that so you can check all those out and that's about it until next time this is eric reminding you that your android phone is only going to be as good as you make it you

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  1. I hear ya, but I never state prices because prices can and do change whereas people may still be watching this review a year from now then get upset because the stated price is different…

  2. It would have been nice if you had stated the price of the premium version. It's a bit similar to SoundGecko, which you can add many more web pages to in the free version. Just mentioning another alternative:)

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