Weinstein Jury Tells Judge It’s Hung, Judge Says Verdict Must Be Unanimous | Katy Tur | MSNBC

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  1. Must be great to be Caucasian and a criminal during this great American times. MAGA !!! ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘ด๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ฑ๐ŸปFor Caucasians yea๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Where is the justice for all his victims. Just how Banana Republic has this country come to. Right verses wrong is hanging in the balance of our society and very soon we shall see which direction this country will take. Has decency become a thing of the past. Who would have ever thought.

  3. The ex-ACT same way the FIRST Cosby trial went if you all remember. The judge kept sending them back and back and back. It was a mistrial.
    Smh. Here we go again. And this time I do not see them doing a second trial, unlike how they did with Cosby.

  4. Look at the piece of garbage playing the I'm too old and fragile to go to jail – BULLcrap. LOCK him up! LOCK him up! LOCK him up! Another Trump friend going to the can

  5. dude got it completely wrong – logically it must be the other way around. if they are hung on the predatory charge that means that found him innocent on the other counts. ron allen. low iq diversity hire. sad

  6. Harvey had a theme song when he was in full blossom as the scary/ugly TOS (T stands for Tub) mega predator he turned out to be. For the killer opening tune from Harvey "The Musical" go dig up
    "I Got Ya!" by Joe Tex a Top 10 Pop/Soul record circa 1968/69. Does anyone else remember that song?

  7. Elections have consequences and a number of toothless methheads in swing states tilted the vote in favor of Trump. This is the reality. Live with it.

  8. the walker is a pathetic
    prop consistently tattling
    out the parasitic creep
    mating rituals of the
    harvey wall banger
    taking sport in the
    damaging of others
    spirits tainted by the
    loss of self respect
    allowing this lecherous
    leech to slobber near
    slime trail continues
    the poor old frail bad
    actor needs thespian
    lessons along with
    better directing
    for this dirty old
    mutt production
    sinister prostitution
    red light harvey style

  9. So many comments are obviously from shallow fools who only read the headline and didn't listen to the whole video. The jury hung on an extenuating count. It was stated in the video, to even consider such a count, they had to find him guilty on at least one of the main counts. Listen first before you comment.

  10. The Judge did not mandate no partial verdict the reporting was the prosecution refused it – in other words, SABOTAGE, as predicted, like the apparently intentionally "convoluded" charge sheet. Unanimous system is outdated, too easy to corrupt.

  11. One the ugliest men in the world – in so many despicable ways!!!!!!!! He will have such fun in prison receiving attention of a special 'personal' nature that he did not ask for or want.

  12. Trump has put Jared in charge of selling presidential pardons. Weinstein can just send them a check and this whole "unfair" situation can go away.

  13. Harvey Weinstein verdict inches closer: the jury should vote to acquit because all these women have ZERO credibility. They got fame, careers, tons of money and now they are complaining. Any victim should complain within a reasonable time and not decades later .

  14. He's a mate of Trumps so he's probably not to worried about getting convicted because his mate will pardon him . What a joke , he's filthy leech and needs locking up .

  15. He went up those steps just a little too fast. I have a son who is disabled & can't make it up a set of steps & the way that fraud pushes that walker shows me he's using it for sympathy. Disgusting pig.

  16. Looks like the prosecution's evidence was extremely poor and the accusers were strongly contradicted by other witnesses. https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/trump-justice-democracy-dictatorship/

  17. This is ONE guy who was caught doing shady s**t in Hollywood. Now imagine how many have not been caught. Hollywood is a cesspool of garbage, which should be torn to the ground, and rebooted entirely.

  18. seems like the system is rigged for wealthy people to come out of their crimes…go figure..and how pathetic on the walker sham..pffffffffffff

  19. He is not guilty! He is the victim here. Hey after the women got what they wanted from him-fame, $$$$, thatโ€™s what he deserves???
    Only in America right.
    All those women took themselves to him and gave their bodies for him to play with all for fame and fortune. What did they expect?
    I did not hear he pulled anyone by their neck to molest them. They were not underage. They could have said โ€˜noโ€™ and walked away. Thatโ€™s what smart girls and women. Save those tears and stop pretending it was bad. Search your souls for the truth women-that time, what did you really really want from him? And you were willing to do anything, anything, and anything for what you really wanted. Go home, search for greed in your own heart, and think about it. Truth is, if he is deemed guilty, your soul goes with. Because you are guilty inside and you regret what you did but blame him for your relentless desire for fame. Disgusting.

  20. Such a nice quiet HIGH PROFILE TRIAL. Michael Jackson's trial was a circus. Bill Cosby trial was a feminist parade. Ppl were everywhere. But Harvey Weinstein. Oh his trial is so quiet. Not a peep. Not one sign in the air. The agendas and double standards are ASTOUNDING.. No way I'll live in that mirage fake country.

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