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  1. Im just gonna say if you have to use your keys like that move neighbourhood like jesus christ

  2. If it was such an epidemic then where were the masses of women coming forward? You would think if 1/4 women are raped or sexualy assaulted then there would have been more stories then we could count. But now a year later and I can count them with just two hands.

  3. My friend was approached by a weird man when she was walking home from school and he asked when school ended and she told him. Then he kept on talking to her and saying how pretty she was and ask her for a ride home. She said no and got mad. Then walked to the curb and turned then ran away. She didn’t have her keys that day and scared he was following her and went to her godmothers house and then told the police. She’s 12.

  4. When I was a teenager I was in this really bad part of town waiting for my mom, my bug bro was in the car (I'm claustrophobic so I got out) but the ramp was open (he had duchenne Muscular dystrophy (RIP Ryan)) this guy maybe I 0 years old starts whistling and I ignore it, then he starts coming up to me. He says somet hi ing about my lips (idk exactly anymore, but it was definitely perverted and unerving.). I think he thought I was alone. Then all the sudden my bro drives down the car's ramp saying if the guy takes one step closer to me he would run him over and break his legs.
    After that if my bro was with me anywhere or my friends he watched us like a hawk
    No matter where we were we felt safe. Yes he was disabled, but he was scary smart, had a 300 pound electric wheel chair and was willing to fuck someone up to protect those he cared about.
    I never felt safer than with my bro (he died June 2019, complications of Muscular dystrophy. Again RIP big bro)
    Point is: when he was young he sadly learned about bullying first hand, and me and him remained close. Girls tended to understand him better and he listened.
    More than anything he hated how women were often treated, and he was willing to do anything just to make us feel safe.

  5. well…. the Kevin Spacey thing didn't happen to a woman…. This isn't really a point that I'm making, but I just feel like you should've used a Winestein reference, would've made more sense.

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  11. Can't forget about that, "you're Asian, aren't you? i love Asian girls, they're so EXOTIC!"

    It's not a compliment, please stop.

  12. Y'all might think this sketch is a joke but I learned to use my keys as knives as a fricking 10 year, and my friends and I really do travel in packs for safety.

    I used to walk to the library after school in 8th grade (literally 13 fucking years old) and the general consensus was walk with someone you know, or don't go. I walked back alone once, and my friends legit didnt let me leave until I proved I had some means of defense.

    This song is upbeat, sure, but the real world is not and gods, its twisted.

  13. The ‘not all men’ trope is getting old and tired now… sure, ‘not all men’ might have harassed a woman but I guarantee all women have experienced harassment to some degree.

  14. When i was 14 i was obese so i worked hard to lose weight and dolled up. However i was slut shamed by my relatives and got targeted for catcalling, harassment, and was considered an easy woman.
    So now i stopped being presentable cause it got very stressful to deal with everyday the struggles that i went through.

  15. To everyone who believes this shit fucking sucks as a woman I don’t see myself as a victim like these women and everyone who agrees with them

  16. someone has tried to fucking grab me . I’ve been spat on and had my drink thrown in my face by grown men. Talk to any woman she’s had at least 1 sexual assault experience

  17. I ward off men by walking around yelling random phrases at the top of my lungs while stomping to show dominance. It dose not hurt that am also 6’1”.


  18. "Not all men….Well men face abuse and harassment ToOoOo"

    The thing is, this isn't about men! I know that men go through the same sh*t. I know that women do terrible things too and don't get the same criminal sentence if they are even reported or treated like male criminals. But this isn't about that. It's about women and how they feel unsafe and how no one in power or with power is taking them seriously or cares enough to actually get sh*t done! When someone brings this up to you don't say this type of sh*t because you are doing the same thing everybody else is doing and ignoring the problem. Stop deflecting. This isn't a sword fight.

    We f*cking get it.

    You're f*king not.

  19. Being fluid, whenever I am a woman, people always hit on me more or try to manipulate me. When i am a woman i have to say no more often when i am any other gender

  20. Love the song but there are 2 women in there that this does not apply to. Trust me. I talked with ALL the other guys and they said they would definitely leave them alone.

  21. Tbh I’ve seen millions of white girls go through this but never ever have I seen a black girl go through this. Probably because it rarely happened to women of color. Why? Because men are afraid of women of color. Because they’re stronger than white woman both physically and mentally. They tend to be smarter than white women. And because they’re braver than white women. Also black women (under 30) are some of the meanest people on the planet. 90% of them are homophobic, super religious and have terrible attitudes because they think they have the right to be treated better than everyone else. For something their grandparents went through and they never experienced.
    I know it happens to all women but it definitely is not 100x more likely to happen to black women.
    As a trans-white woman we the Transfemale community especially the white ones, have it way worse than any other women.
    You can think I’m racist, even though I’m not. But you can think I am all you want to.
    This is just my opinion. I have tons of black friends and half of my family is black. So if I were racist I wouldn’t be alive right now lmao. My family would’ve killed me. We hate Trump and we hate racism and homophobia.
    I’m just saying that white girls are an easier target than women of color.

  22. Checking the back of a car, being aware of walking down streets at night, and holding a key as a weapon are hardly woman-specific things. My brother and I both do those things. My brother is 27 and has been harassed by women loads of times. It's often older women 50/60+ who make comments, give him lengthy hugs, or feel up his arms. Harassment is not specific to women and being careful of our surroundings is not specific to women.

  23. the men who are complaining that this is fake need to shut up and listen. this is real. this is happening. this is now.

  24. I have a pink mace on my key ring that my moms friend gave us lol I get attacked every time I go to the gas station or grocery store and I have to walk with it in spray ready position all the time xD

  25. After reading the comments of victims and the replies of men that don't believe all of this, I think i'll cross dress the next time i get out alone from now on.

  26. You know that you are responsible for your safety and that men know its bad too rape but there are good men and again you are responsible for your own safety

  27. Hilarious thing about todays outspoken feminism is how it turned so many "men" into whiny bitches who cry about the good ol times all day even tho we are still miles away from equality not only on paper, but also in practice. Quiet the irony and I wonder how these bitches with penis would react if society ever turned 180 and gave men real, practical disadvantages women had/have to deal with. Like getting payed less, being banned form lots of professions or having no right to vote. I doubt they would handle it as graciously and peaceful as women did for so long … damn idiots just dont realize how good they have it still and that it would be smarter to just shut the fuck up, instead of antagonizing women more with stupid comments.

  28. This is so cool… But every single time I watch it, I get tears in my eyes at the end. Because although it's a "comedy bit" it hits so hard.

  29. Illegal to carry Mace in Australia, that sucks. But pure alcohol like for first aid, bleach, and ammonia are at the supermarket. You carry a perfume spray full of that, and ditch it after. Be strong be safe.

  30. Oh… This reminded me about what happened a while ago in South Africa (I used to live there I moved) a little girl was with her family, I can't remember if it was a birthday or they were just going out as a family, they were at a restaurant and the little girl went to the bathroom in the supervised play area. An older man followed her in their locked the door and sexually assaulted her. The parents eventually realised she was gone for too long and went looking for her. The cops were called when they bust down the door to the horrifying sight. The man was arrested but that sweet little girl is now scarred for the rest of her life. It's so sad, but that can happen to anyone of any gender and any age it's scary to think there are real messed up people in the world.

  31. I haven't watched SNL for a while because I don't watch TV, really. At least now I know I'm not missing anything. What is this…? The show is supposed to be funny. I get the social commentary but it's not the right place if they are gonna make it lame like this.

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