Welcome to Rubin Select! What an incredible run we’ve
been since the creation of our own independent production company just two years ago. Before I do anything else, I want to give
a huge thanks to all of you who have supported us from the beginning, as well everyone who
joined along the way. We’ve truly been on this journey together,
and it’s been an incredible adventure. You’ve enabled us to build a show and company
that I couldn’t be prouder of — you’ve helped us build our home studio, purchase
top of the line equipment, hire more great team members, take the show on the road, and
so much more. Thanks to you, we’ve not only survived YouTube
demonetization, but I’ve also been able to say no to joining other networks, or taking
deals that weren’t the right fit. Keeping our independence has allowed us to
have the real conversations that I believe can help heal the divide in this country and
in the world. But these conversations we foster are only
one part of the solution, and now it’s time to kick it up a notch. It’s time to build real community around
the conversations we’re having here on The Rubin Report. After emailing, chatting with, and meeting
so many of you, I’m completely convinced our next steps in this adventure is to build
a home where you can not only listen to us, but where others can listen to you was well. Social media can be great, but it’s really
not the place for honest, thoughtful dialogue. So we’re going to build something on Patreon
that can get you more involved directly with us, as well as each other, all while getting
away from the outrage machine. Think of it as a sane space instead of safe
space. Patreon will be our place to connect with
you, and most importantly, for you to connect with each other. Here, you’ll you be able to share comments,
critiques, and opinions with other people who are just as engaged in these ideas as
you are. We will build an ideologically diverse community
of free thinkers from around the world, all in one place…That’s where Rubin Select
comes in. This will be our home base for all things
Rubin Report, powered by the very people who support the show…you. This is your direct link to me — myself and
my team will be in the comments and conversations, ready to interact with you as you interact
with each other. Plus, if you join, you’ll get some cool
perks such as behind the scenes footage, bonus clips, livestreams, chats, and much more. As we grow, our goal stays the same: having
honest, unfiltered long form discussions with people from every walk of life, some of whom
I agree with and some of whom I disagree with. This thing has gone from a little YouTube
channel to something that is actually moving the dial of the national conversation. As our influence grows, so does our ability
to really affect change, and I want you to be as much part of it as I am. As our community builds, we’ll be able to
expand the team, produce more content, and introduce you to more people and ideas which
will give you the tools fight for what you believe in. Level up in the conversation by joining Rubin
Select now and let’s continue this adventure together.

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  1. Freedom of speech should be at the top of the value hierarchy in our society. Dave, you've been an eloquent advocate of that. The alt right and alt left are often straw-manned by your guests but never steel-manned. It would be intellectually honest to hear their case from themselves, and it would show your commitment to free speech. Could we have a guest like Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer from the alt right? And/or the Antifa Giraffe or someone else from the alt left? Or maybe a non-alt left communist sympathizer like Slavoy Zizeck? Thank you for all you do!

  2. It seems like this will just be someone posting an opinion, and a bunch of other people typing, "I uh-gah-reee with that."

  3. Optics are terrible. Please restructure. Public forum hosted by a company that hasn't cracked down on liberalism multiple times with a private supporter section is a much better model.

  4. starting to sound like a sell out, i guess its inevitable once a fan base becomes large

  5. I'll keep my Paypal donations coming, but after the Lauren Southern incident, I'm done with Patreon forever. I HIGHLY recommend that you own your platform outright, so that you are beholden to no one. This is absolutely critical to keep Silicon Valley from exercising control over you.

  6. I don't like this. Simply put, the only kind of person who supports one on a donation platform is the kind of person who supports them. I am not impressed with this decision and doubt it will achieve anything but to create an echo chamber. Thing is, it's not even wrong for you to give something special to donors. But characterizing it as a place for ideological diversity is just, plain, wrong.

  7. I see the need for new methods of supporting what you do to go along with the new technology we all seem to be using but I have doubts about this method you are introducing here as it excludes those who do not fully support you and what you are doing to the extent that they will give you money. This does seem like a good way to grow partisan echo chambers, but not the way to actually foster meaningful dialogue between opposing sides.
    I have the same critique of what Crowder is doing and what Pangburn did with the Peterson/Harris discussions in Vancouver.
    For example with Peterson and Harris the first two Vancouver videos have just been released but by now no one is paying attention and they lost out on what could have been a ten fold increase in exposure and relevant conversation out in the wild at what was a very opportune time – that has been lost.
    I like what you are doing and I would be sorry to have it lost in an echo chamber. To bring this home including modern technology, I am not going to enter into a philosophical/political discussion where I cannot point the person or specific video and idea that I am talking about or drawing from. This has the effect of leaving what ever you put up behind a paywall out of conversations out in the wild. I have thought the same thing about some of what Sam Harris does with his subscriber only content – I watch or listen to it but I do not talk about it with others.

  8. It’s basically going to be like Defranco Elite is my guess. You can’t really blame Dave for this, YouTube’s monetization is fucked so he’s probably doing this to become more independent of YouTube. I may not support him financially for this endeavor, but more power to him for setting this up and taking control of his own channel.

  9. It sounds like some good ideas are behind this but I think you need to think through some of the details a bit more. Patreon seems like a poor choice for a platform for this. Perhaps you need to consider getting someone on the team who can set up and run an online space for what you want to do.

  10. Patreon is a social networking site? Or does it have features to accommodate such?
    I would think a forum on your site would be much more productive, with a members only area.
    I am not a Patron so I doubt my free speech will be heard in this case.

  11. There is no "healing" the polarization of the cultural/political landscape of western society.

    Anyone raising the prospect of a middle ground, or coexistence, does not understand the roots of the divide.

    Expect things only to escalate further.

  12. I'm not a fan of Dave but even I'm stunned at how bad this idea is. It really does illustrate how Dave has been living in a bubble ever since his show became popular. When he surrounds himself only with people who agree with him and tell him he's great, and dismiss all criticism as 'haters' and 'outrage', it prevents him from rationally thinking out this idea. The backlash was inevitable. People are already talking to each other and building communities, why the fuck would they pay Dave to enter his clubhouse and preach to the already converted? On the plus side, he probably can't sweep a backlash like this under the rug, and let's see if he finally engages with criticism in an honest way.

  13. People calling something as insipid as uploading videos to YouTube as “an adventure” or “a journey” or “an incredible ride” can, quite frankly, go boil their pretentious heads.

  14. I'm not a donor on Patreon, but if I was I would be seriously questioning where my money is going. A new set that barely looks different to the old one, new theme music and logos that didn't even need to be replaced, and now a paywall social network. Did any patron actually WANT any of this?

  15. Love the idea. Don't love the centralized (patreon) weak link. If the conversation topics / area of focus gets tough, you'll be shut down.

  16. rubin is a liar! he said HE created the 'rubin report' channel, but he did not. TYT did!!! and when 'the rubin report' was part of TYT network and dave decided to leave TYT, dave BEGGED cenk to let him keep his shit channel, and cenk let him keep it. proves that cenk is a good man at heart. dave the dolt would be a nothing nobody if it weren't for cenk and TYT and that's the honest truth.

  17. How do you know it'll be a "sane space"? How do you define "sane"? I'll tell you: the only people who cough up the money you charge to join this "community of free thinkers" will be the uberfans who've totally drunk the Rubin kool-aid (radical leftists bad, free speech good) and they'll just sit around backslapping in their own echo chamber while lefties and authoritarians sit in their echo chambers as well. It doesn't matter that the members of your exclusive club are going to be "sane" or "right", they're only going to talk to each other, the ideas won't spread.

  18. So… in order to foster a community and "heal the divide in our country", you want to charge entry to a premium chatroom? So, unlike free public platforms like Twitter where you can engage people who hate your ideas, in Rubin Select you'll only be able to talk to fans of the IDW who largely share core values of free speech and classical liberalism? Sounds like a dumb idea which is inherently flawed on its own terms and a transparent cash grab. Kill this project now, Dave – before word spreads.

  19. A PAID SANE SPACE LMFAOOOO. Even more evidence that Rubin is only interested in money and has no real ideological backbone.

  20. Sorry Dave, I don't think you are driving the "talking train" You might be the caboose with with people like Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan and Steven Crowder supplying all the power.

  21. If you have a pay program you should have it to where people can pay to ask you questions and you answer them on the main channel for everyone to see. Thus encouraging others to ask questions.

  22. Say what you will about Youtube comments, I have had good discussions with people on here. Sorry, but am not looking to dish out money to foster conversation. Also, I think it would be good for creators to stop being so reliant on other platforms. Creating a forum is not difficult.

  23. TL;DR
    Gibs Shekels to hear the same Libertarian/Civic Nationalist talking points I've been saying for years go unopposed even more.

  24. Patreon is garbage, and Dave even had the founder of the company on awhile back and he came off as quite the douche. Patreon is only viable for people who have a large following and those people are willing to pay. Basically, regular Joe's don't make any money on Patreon, and here is some proof of that:


  25. This is not the solution we need Dave. The linked video is super raw thought, but contains a much better solution to the issue of effective dialog and economic incentivization therein. https://youtu.be/2OflmtvCnMo

  26. Cryptoeconimic proovable learning is the answer. Not silly paywalls on Patreon with the same old social media feed paradigms.


  27. Have Mad Max on! Once he is Prime Minister you will not be able to. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/liberals-conservatives-people-s-1.4822178

  28. Dude Dave, you have GOT to get off of Patreon. I like the pay wall idea but you're still at the mercy of someone else (leftist tech). Please consider building your own platform/website because as Lauren and Owen both know, Patreon is NOT forever.

  29. Free world. Free thinker. Free market. He can do that and if someone wats to pay for the new content, better be good. That’s all I wish. Let the market decide.

  30. Man this comment section is a trainwreck. None of yall understand that the point of the paywall is to keep out trolls. And its five bucks. thats not a pay-wall its a pay-speedbump.

  31. It sounds like he wants to make more monry AND he's tired of liberals commenting on his platform so his solution is to make "everyone suffer" by saying "if you liberals want to troll me, you gotta pay for it" but it's literally at the expense of charging money to his fanbase…Rubin if you're tired of interacting with liberals on your platform AND you want more money at the same time then work for fox news

  32. LMAO, these comments are fantastic. Your fans are waking up to your shameless cash grabbing. What you're pitching here is a safe space where you are shielded from criticism because more and more people are waking up to the fact you are a complete fraud that runs from any actual debate.

  33. unless rubin strip butt naked live on camera on that chat room while his fan agree with one another how great right ideas and rubin ass is, im not sure why people need to pay this clown to chat !

  34. How is the dialogue on rubin select going to be more honest or thoughtful than on social media? The only way I think that could be possible is if you censor people your staff deems to be dishonest or not thoughtful which goes against everything you stand for.

  35. If you give me money, I will also let you talk to each other. For an additional fee, I will let you talk you your family members and co-workers.

  36. The proprietor of "The Marketplace Of Ideas" but he won't challenge his guests or bring on anyone that will challenge him. He was oppressed before but now he's the commissioner of the Oppression Olympics. Ladies and gents, David "I got my chickens mailed by incompetent USPS" Rubin.

  37. Why would any of us pay you anything considering you have idiots on there who say the most ignorant things and you challenge them not at all. Rather pay Joe Rogan than you, fucking shill to the cock brothers.

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