What Countries Are Currently At War? A Complete List

Israel, Palestine, Ukraine and Iraq monopolize
a lot of the headlines these days, but they’re not the only groups at war. So, how many wars
are happening right now? Well, currently – there are 10 active wars and 8 active military conflicts
worldwide. We’re limiting the scope here to wars only.
According to American University Professor Joshua S. Goldstein, wars include any ongoing
violent conflict between two or more parties, in which 1,000 or more people have died within
a year. In Syria, there are numerous groups fighting,
including ISIS, Syrian Rebels, and The Syrian Government. The war started in 2011 as a movement
to oust President Bashar Al-Assad and his Government. It’s currently – by far – the
bloodiest conflict on a day by day basis. According to some reports, Bashar al-Assad
(Bah-sharr el-As-saad) and his Government are committing War Crimes against their own
people. A situation that is probably going to get worse before it gets better. In Afghanistan, the Afghan Government is fighting
the Taliban and has been since the late 90’s, but violence has slowed recently, and international
troops are starting to pull out. If everything goes well, there could be an end in sight
for this conflict. In Pakistan, the Government is fighting with
the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in an autonomous tribal region bordering
Afghanistan. This is where numerous terrorist groups have set up training facilities and
hideouts. The Pakistani Government has had some success, but the operation is far from
over. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there
has been constant conflict since 1998, with everyone from Joseph Kony to the perpetrators
of the genocide in Rwanda involved. The country is in turmoil. And there is no end in sight. South Sudan successfully seceded from Sudan
in 2011. Since then, a civil war has broken out in South Sudan along ethnic lines with
the Dinkas fighting on behalf of the current President, and the Nuers (New-ers) fighting
on behalf of the former Vice President. The area is also experiencing famine, which is
making the entire situation worse. In Libya. The Libyan Government is facing
factional violence stemming from the downfall of longtime dictator Moammar Gaddafi (Gah-daff-fie)
in 2011, and the civil war that followed. They have an interim government in place,
but little can be done to stop the fighting. In Ukraine. The Ukrainian government is currently
fighting Russian-backed separatists for the Eastern part of Ukraine. There are some reports
that Russia is also directly involved in the fighting. The remaining 3 active wars are in Iraq, Israel/Palestine
and Nigeria – and wouldn’t you know, we’ve already done full videos on each of those.
Just click the boxes in front of you to see those episodes, or click on our World At War
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  1. USA hasn't been in war or declared war since ww2… korean, vietnam, afghanistan etc aren't wars… they are extended military engagements
    (by definition)

  2. If 200 kids in a school all hated ONE kid, and all that Kid wanted to be left alone but all 200 of the other kids started a fight with that ONE kid… and that ONE kid won every fight that he had with each of those 200 kids… would you say that the ONE kid is the most war-like kid in school?

  3. You are wrong about Syria..stop spreading fake news ……everyone knows Assad is not responsible and the Syrian people Christians and Muslim's love him…
    Libya was broken by USA by over throwing Gaddafi…..
    Countries economy is broken because of USA

  4. war is cruel… It's dumb to think that peace is a real thing

    No matter how sharp one army's sword is"
    There Is always someone Who will challenge the sword with a stick"
    To gain or to lose … War is war….and it never changes …" (Hizukami 7/17/18)

  5. despite the doom and gloom..this is actually very peaceful in terms of human history, 10 or so wars isn't many conflicts if you look at the rest of human history

  6. instead of pakistan is just helping afghan because terrorist are in afghanistan and pak army fight at the front of border and you better know about afghan afghanistan not supporting pakistan he encourage taliban to go from afghan and kill pakistanis and please dont tell lie because pakistan is peace full country

  7. You missed India which is the worst victim of internal bred terror and the 3rd most terror affected state and guess what? It's not islamic terror!

  8. First of all Ukraine fighting with their own people they are killing their own Ukrainian people, ,And USA is the sponsor

  9. AmeriCunt started the war in Libya after obama and hillary ordered to the attack the country, cuz they wanted to steal that juicy Oil

  10. If you haven’t already viewed the documentary “JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick” by Francis Richard Conolly (located on YouTube released 2014) watch it, all 3.5 hours.

  11. First they showed wrong map of pakistan they made india afghaniatan nieghbours😂 second Pakistan has cleared 90% area and war is over..

  12. Bro how do you forget about Burma where Karen people are literally at war with them since 1940 and still happening till this day the Myanmar is probaly the longest

  13. Quit the bandwagon American is not behind every war mentioned. While some of America's actions are questionable and up for debate, most of those conflicts were either bound to happen, should happen, happened on their own but America helped, or happened completely on there own. Each of these conflicts are very complicated, but it's not right to blame America for everything.

  14. Pakistan is not at war….Pakistan is a peacefull country…
    But if anyone will try to fight…Pakistan is ready to fight back..

  15. So according to your video a war is a fight between 2 parties if the death count is more than 1000 people. And if so you've not included india Pakistan s Kashmir's conflict and India China border crisis both of these conspiracies have more than 50000 death toll and 500000 military surrenders. Please understand the tight periods of india defence soldiers and respond positively by considering it as active military conflict.

  16. All governments and organizations in this planet have innocent blood on ther hands, Yes, anyone who support killings in anyway will be accountable one day.

  17. Still NOT to Mention Somalia , Kashmir and Yemen ! . SO (13) wold wide war conflict, I really hope that one day we all live in peace .

  18. Why not all country declare war on each other to put an end to this Chaos and Havoc others must die so peace will be done all religion must die only one will remain all Country must destroy only one remain all language must destroy only one remain all rulers must die only one remain all beliefs must destroy only one remain in Short War is the only Answer ONE EMPEROR ONE LAND ONE EMPIRE THAT WILL REIGN FOREVER .

  19. why do you guys always show the Indian map, why has eastern kashmir region gone into the chinese .you western world and the world's most biased and corrupt media sources.

  20. Does everyone hate us in the u.s. or just our government? Why r the wars our fault? Fyi. We dont know everything u guys know. We r not told everything so enlighten us instead of hating us.

  21. I’m from America and I can say this already the pope is the reason we are the backing(backing/funding, same same)

  22. why you don't show complete map of pakistan….
    these all wars are only made By U.S
    U.S Is the Top terror Funding Country,
    U.S made conflict any where the U.S Want and later told the world these are the terrorists…

  23. U.S be like: I think you want freedom, here are some guns and cannons! off u go~ Oh and please don't mention us 😉

  24. Tell the truth that all behind thatvis America ..he wants to show his supermecy on that countries..but he couldn't success .keep grow up america,and americans and get out of your hands from other muslims countries

  25. I think most of the wars are being waged by Islamic Muslims, thus accounting for the US involvement in our war against terrorism.

  26. Wars are caused by the worst people and fought by the good people, who become unwitting coadjutors of the aforementioned. When countries want to legally rob a weaker one they simply declare a war OR "intervene" to leave a marionette gov that will be a direct extension of their power and political reach.

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