What Happened To Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles?

but house you see around you are all solar houses I don’t know if you know that did you notice yeah so then why would you buy anything else Elon Musk unveiled prototypes of Tesla’s solar roof tiles in October 2016 they came in four styles that looked just like normal roofing material but were essentially miniaturized versions of traditional solar panels the roof tiled reveal helped Tesla justify a 2.6 billion dollar acquisition of solar city and represented Musk’s vision for where the businesses could do together it’s been almost two years since then so where are the tiles we now have several hundred homes with solar roof on them that’s going well it takes a while to just confirm that Solar is gonna last for thirty years and all the details work out as it may this year reuters reported that they’re actually only 12 tiled roofs connected to the grid all in Northern California Tesla declined to give an updated figure but later clarified that hundreds of homes refers to roofs that are scheduled for install or are only partially installed Tesla has been accepting thousand-dollar deposits for the roof tiles since May 2017 but at that point the company wasn’t even close to mass producing them it established a factory in Buffalo New York to make the tiles but it’s not running at full capacity yet and in the company’s most recent annual shareholder meeting must blamed ongoing delays on a need for more testing there’s only so much accelerated life testing that you do on a roof so before we can deploy it to a large number of houses we need to make sure that it’s at all elements of the roof are going to last for at least three decades ideally sort of half a century or more Solar tiles like large solar panels use silicon solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity but it turns out this tech is difficult to shrink and to manufacture it’s a little bit like saying the early iPhone screens which were real breakthroughs were just smaller versions of your flat screen on your wall making things small actually changes a lot of the way the technology will work and that’s been a big challenge I think for Tesla but certainly for the whole industry overall to try and miniaturize it in a way that keeps it cost-effective and also gives it the very very reliable performance that Solar is known for one of the customers with the tiles already installed is San Jose resident and Tesla Model 3 owner tree Wynne he pre-ordered as soon as possible and the roof is installed earlier this year I was actually stream surprised I got the call just because you never know with this stuff right I thought there’d be extreme delays I just didn’t while traditional solar panels can be installed in a day it took a team of 10 to 15 workers two weeks to install this roof when asked them why his home was chosen they said it was kind of proximity to their headquarters so that they could do quick troubleshooting I think the simplicity of the house helps you can see my head my house that’s a very simple roof layouts on it like complicated roof so I think that goes into account as well Tesla’s customers are paying a premium for the tile suite look winds roof cost him about $100,000 though he didn’t need to replace his roof anyway I don’t think it’s whatever paper itself honestly for people that don’t need a new roof but want to install solar traditional panels are definitely cheaper people have often said to me do we need to find some great new technology to finally make solar work and I think the answer is no that the solar industry has one in America we have made solar cost effective in most of the country but when is excited to be an early adopter and see his energy bill decrease traditionally in the summer my power bill is around $400 $450 in the summer my last bill was only $40.00 ultimately Tesla’s goal is to make the tiles a cost-effective option partly by ensuring they’re more durable than other rooftops Tesla’s promising 30 years of solar power generation I would expect these solar roofing tiles in just a few years to be quite reasonably priced if they can get the market interest that they’re hoping for experts anticipate a wave of new solar installations within the next three to five years not just for homes for businesses for new mini malls for all kinds of built infrastructure where we can make solar the go-to product it’s not just a roofing shingle anymore it’s a power plant on your roof Tesla says solar roof installations will scale up later this year and into 2019 it’s highly likely that great engineers and incredible technologists and a lot of those people might be at Tesla are going to be able to take this very difficult challenge and engineer the heck out of it and get us to that cost parity we’re not there yet

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  1. Aren't Tesla and NVIDIA pretty close? Oh Nvidia employee (Dir. Of Business Development) got a Tesla roof… i i i'm surprised.

  2. A hundred grand? I mean its a great idea if you're that rich and have the ability to throw around $100k on a roof. But for the average person even if the solar roof cost 10% of that for that guys house in California, it'd still take the better part of 30 years to pay for itself since he still has a hydro bill of $40/mo.

  3. If you can get me this for 25k, then this will be everywhere, even in northern states. Problem is nothing Tesla has is yet viable economically. They have to figure that out as Wall Street is starting to get cranky on this

  4. Why did elon not try to invent a flexible base for solar so it could be made into sheets/Rols and have a harder cover to go on top of it?

  5. I feel sorry for all the birds and squirrels that will die electrocuted in the future, rip poor souls

  6. CNBC has it out for Tesla stock. Always with the bad propaganda. Is CNBC in it with these greedy short sellers? So many Americans are invested in this clean company only the oil men would want to crush this and they sure are trying. Greedy and disgusting 😠😡👿

  7. I bought my traditional panel solar system kit online during a black friday sale in 2013 for $5200 complete with wire, rails, mounts, panels, inverters, and hardware. I installed it myself. 12 250 watt panels, 12 enphase inverters. My electric bill in my 3500sf home is ~$20 most of the year, a little more in Dec and Jan (maybe $60). Electric is even cheep near me at only $.16kwh. I estimated 8 year to break even. So i have a little ways to go. Since i purchased my system, panels even got a little cheaper. And more wattage. I suspect in 5 years, 500watt panels will be available for what i paid for the 250 watt panels. At that time, it will be feasible to install in lower electric rate areas where after installation, etc. it will still be about an 8 year break even point. Installation, and maintenance plans are expensive, and make solar prohibitive for most.

  8. No air flow. Heat affects efficiency. Hips, valleys, dormers, etc. make installation difficult. Stick with what works.

  9. Liberals. Saving the world with $100,000 roofs and $100,000 cars while they destroy every single job we have and leave us homeless, void of purpose, and drive us to suicide.

  10. Hey folks! It maybe unaffordable right now but the world needs this technology IT IS CLEAN ENERGY. Cars were not affordable to the masses when they were first invented, but you can rest assured that solar energy will have to be the future if we want a clean planet to live on in the future.

  11. So Elon, is your house roof covered with these magic tiles yet? We are supposed to ante up a big deposit and wait for years while you come up with tiles that last 50 years? Yes, master. I believe anything you say. Meanwhile, as I'm waiting for my magic tiles to arrive at Home Depot, I am anxious to give you my deopsit so that I can fly on your magic rocket for my holiday at the Muskland Resort on Mars.

  12. They're not all black or blue that makes em tiles and solar panels with a low heat absorbtion. Regular modules are produced in the wrong color.

  13. this was a really good video on informing people about what is going in the world. thank you for the video. it was a great informative video and i enjoyed it.

  14. Well I like it. But the cost is ugh… The market is there but! It is not cost effective. So it will be just a luxury.

  15. Want it cheap and fast?. You design, get china to built and sell… That's your one million dollar answer.

  16. why tf would you pay 400 for your monthly bill?? my grandpa has 2 100% solar house and he pays less than $10 a month for his electricity bill

  17. Another issue with solar tiles and solar panels alike that EVERYONE (including the media) overlooks is that in the event of a fire, firemen will refuse to vent your roof because of the electrical hazzard involved with chopping holes in it with an axe. That means if the fire cannot be contained in the room it started in, you're looking at a guaranteed total loss of the entire house … and that in turn could possibly affect whether or not your homeowners insurance will pay in the event of such a loss (i'm not sure of the legalities on that though).

  18. I loved your video. Solar Solutions Today (www.solarsolutionstoday.com) provides free online quotes for all our customers in Southern California.

  19. Today, Elon said the roofs need to be durable enough to last 30 years.

    In Oklahoma, the roof needs major repair every few years regardless.

    Guess why.

  20. That is a very good idea , problem with tesla is they are not good at mass manufacturing , they should partner with companies who have experience in mass production

  21. Musk is a marketing genius more than a revolutionary inventor. Everything he's doing already has patents or has been thought of decades ago. He tries to make it happen when others have given up due to practical constraints.

  22. See Solar roof or solar Panel on home as sander will be so good and on shops the big ones to cut the coal (or oil) we use to power the plants but until the cost come down or the government hAve help to buy or some like that i am affected the cost will be to high for a lot of us

  23. The reason why the solar panels are expensive is that the technology that makes it hard to break and when it comes to mass production they gonna consider how they can recycle them back.

  24. I signed up for the Tesla tile roof and at the time I was told it would be comparable to a regular roof on my house as regards the cost.
    I had a cost estimate to replace the asphalt shingle roof on my house for about $35,000 and when I made the deposit for the Tesla tile roof sales associate said it should be around the same price for the Tesla tile roof. The Tesla technician came out, spent four hours measuring every inch of the house. And then I got the quote and the shock, the price $150 5K!!!!!
    Needless to say I ask for a refund of my thousand dollar deposit.
    I hope that they can get the price to be comparable to a regular roof and I will again sign up.

  25. $100,000 to purchase. $400 monthly reduction half of the year. The roof pays for itself in 40 years. Good thing it will last for 30. Another stupid "green" idea. Calculate the energy required to produce one of those gigantic windmills and you discover it has to run at full capacity 24/7 for about 10 years to replace the energy required to build the thing. It requires 3 gallons of diesel fuel to produce 1 gallon of ethanol when you add in the energy required to till the soil, harvest, produce the fertilizers, transport the materials, etc. required to grow corn.

  26. Tesla fangays will defend any crap that comes out of elon's mouth, he promises everything and delivers nothing lol


  28. Guy said he thought he'd never make the money back but later admitted to saving about 5k every year. If it does have a 30 year time span then that's a plus 50% return on investment as they said it cost about 100k

    Not sure why he said that, perhaps he doubts the 30 year lifespan estimate.

  29. What a con man. Develop the tech first, then start considering mass production.

    Instead he makes a costly product and scams dumb people into buying into it.

  30. I had this idea 15 years ago, my idea was that every houses roof in Australia would be a solar panel and that the whole grid would be connected , the theory being that the suns always shinnying somewhere in Australia.

  31. He better hurry!! The earth only has 12 more years!! Just put the product out without testing it, that’s what a good company does, so we all can complain with the product fails.

  32. I saw one interview with a guy who did a solar roof, it cost him like $120k for a small single family house.

  33. Kind of pointless. I mean, yeah you can fit a lot of sq footage of solar that way but a metal roof and some regular panels are a lot cheaper and will guarantee last longer.

  34. Why do they have to be so small? Why does it have to mimic traditional shingles at all? Why not make the whole roof glass or the panels much larger to avoid miniaturization costs?

  35. Solar Panels can also be installed as Canopy Style Ground Mounted. Have a Look at an installation video here: https://youtu.be/jZu8gRmPeQ0

  36. This product will revolutionize the energy industry and be huge for family household costs and the environment, BUT they have got to get the price down to at least 1/3 of that. I think it will happen but it may take another decade or more.
    One day however, it will be the sleeper asset to TSLA that nobody thinks about when they refer to that "car company."

  37. majority of americans are still addicted to large muscle engines, fossil fuel, burning coal to generate electricity, owning large pick-ups and SUVs with family of 1 and extremely uninformed and uneducated in regards to renewable clean energy.

  38. I've been so excited ever since I saw that presentation. I'm building a home in the next year or so and I'm planning everything and I want this roof but for 100K? Goodness! That's not the price he mentioned. I hope they can get that price down. $450 monthly light bill down to $45 is super but like he said, it'll never pay for itself.

  39. What do you do when no sun? Solar at home sounds good, until you realize that it only works with massive subsidies-that is, people who buy electricity from fossil fuels have to pay more to subsidize people with solar.These roof systems are worthless without the subsidy-and taxing others to pay them is bad economics.

  40. Would it be better to do like a metal building type sheet then shingle look. Installation would be easier, manufacturing would be too.

  41. Just wonder whether those tiles are recyclable. One of the cons of solar panels is its toxicity, they’re hard to recycle.

  42. Just wonder whether those tiles are recyclable. One of the cons of solar panels is its toxicity, they’re hard to recycle.

  43. Just wonder whether those tiles are recyclable. One of the cons of solar panels is its toxicity, they’re hard to recycle.

  44. Just wonder whether those tiles are recyclable. One of the cons of solar panels is its toxicity, they’re hard to recycle.

  45. MMMmmm…Boy, Elon Musk sure has me creatively thinking. Can we update/replace/modify our existing Home Windows to be Solar Power Capable? I believe we can figure that Solar Tech out in less than 4 Years (but the following sudden Legal Legislation required will be problematic and possibly become a political magnet for older energy providers) with a window design. Today, we can see a full color light reflective poster on a Metro Bus while still maintaining complete see-thru visibility while sitting inside that bus. We can currently convert a sheet of glass (or a type of acrylic/plastic) into a beautiful Wall/Door Mirror by spraying it with a aerosol can of Mirror Reflective Spray from our Local Hardware Store. Imagine treating just the top third of all our Windows, at Home, that mainly follow the Sun's Path. Next, combine these Top Window Converted Solar Panels with no-hydrogen-leak Batteries and a decent sized DC/AC Converter. I'm not saying or hoping this Home Solar Window method will power your whole house yet, but if you can get your Solar Setup to run your TV, xBox/Playstation, and Phone Charger (where Millennials now use their Cell Phones the way we used our Laptops & Legacy Desktop Computers), one can stay productive and remain informed from World New Tonight. "Hi Elon! Yes, I'm available for work inside your Creative Think Tank Department. Would Luv to attend your next Power Lunch in Australia!"

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