What I learned from my first Relationship…

This is a story about my first ever relationship It’s a story about consents and valuing how you truly feel Whilst it only lasted three months and you’ll find out why it abruptly ended I’m hoping this will serve as a message to anybody else that may be testing the water with being in a first relationship Or any kind of relationship and to know that if you are ever uncomfortable You can and should be vocal about it Always honor how you’re truly feeling I won’t be going into too much details. So if you came here looking for a juicy intimate and passionate story You’re in the wrong place, bud But I will say that while my BA first in animation doesn’t qualify me to be giving advice in any way This is purely a reflection as a 26 year old Looking at how I saw the world as a 13 to 14 year old so, you know Discretion is advised as well as common sense Anyway on with the tale So I changed in appearance quite drastically from 12 to 14 years old and not necessarily in a good way I decided to do a little experiment to see what it would take to become a popular girl I ended up dying my hair bleach blonde, I plucked my brows I mean, can you believe that thick brows were generally considered uncool back in 2007? I guess you could say they were Frowned upon I started wearing makeup and.. Began to diet which eventually spiraled into a long-term eating disorder that controlled most of my everyday life until I was 22 Do not recommend this Most unfortunate of all this behavior was reinforced by the fact that I did, in fact start drawing attention Other kids started noticing me boys took an interest in me So I guess my little sick science project proved successful to the dismay of humanity as a whole. Let’s all facepalm together now In my first comprehensive or high school, we had mandatory after-school clubs on Wednesday Yeah, that’s right. You were forced to attend to be frank I found it loathesome if I had actual friends to laugh and joke with it might have been a different story But as you can imagine sports clubs aren’t so appealing when you’re consistently the last one to be picked Not because I was bad at sport. Though in my third year (year nine for the Brits)
Where you at fam? They introduced a new woodworking club.
Now this.. This was my jam or.. this was my sap
Should I say? More prominently this would be where I met technically my first boyfriend, my first ever romantic experience Which in a few months, I’d learn a lasting life lesson from Cody was tall, slim, was subtly nerdy but also exceeded an air of confidence More than anything he had cute hair I was always a sucker for interesting hairstyles Despite him being in my year I’d never actually really seen him before This wasn’t entirely uncommon with the way our year groups were splits But as we started talking we immediately hit it off Our task at the woodworking Club was to build birdhouses for the school grounds And of course me being me went above and beyond in creating some elaborate Blueprints for this bird mansion essentially. Cody liked my idea so he was working with me. Inevitably we were forced to water down our original design But we laughed and joked every step of the way
and I forgot all of my worries in the world I felt like I had a real friend I wanted to be around him more. I couldn’t wait to see him.
We started organizing to hang out during our lunch breaks We were texting more and more. I started getting butterflies in my stomach whenever we were together Or whenever I got a message from him, I felt like “Oh, gosh, is this what it is to like-like somebody?
Is this what flirting is?” One day out of the blue one of Cody’s buddies approached me “Cody wants to see her he’s waiting for you downstairs.” I’m trying to do an internal screaming noise. How do you do an internal screaming when its internal? No So I March over to the dimly lit entranceway between the south side of the school and the the back outdoor area Where he was waiting for me This all seems so dark and romantic at the time and my heart was honestly beating out of my chest “Amy I’ve always loved you”
No, no no, no, no enough of that. That’s not how it went It’s not like the movies real life is really messy.
Don’t expect that I mean, it seems so dramatic at the time, but it was more along the lines of “So… Do you want to like, go out?” “Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” “Uh… Yeah?” “Yeah, okay” Teens, we’re all inherently awkward I mean I was generally a shy teen but I must have got swept up in the moment Or maybe I was just thinking of the stuff that happens in the movies because I rushed forward and kissed him I vividly remember saying
“Huh. You taste like cookies” Then going ABSOLUTELY bright red,
realizing that I’d , uh.. Unintentionally said that out loud Thank the Stars the Bell immediately rang allowing me to just dart off and hide my beet colored cheeks He smiled and called after me.
“I’ll text you later” “You taste like cookies.”
Oh, why did I say that out loud? For the first few weeks of our “Relationship” I was still writing the high of this uncharted territory excited Every time I saw him on my lunch breaks, we would talk and joke around and had the occasional kiss I was more than content with this. I thought we were best friends, but he had feelings for me, too Everything that young teen me wanted
Everything that young teen me was comfortable with But that didn’t last long
Because that around a month in things started to change and.. I wasn’t so cool with it He started becoming more pushy and being more outwardly affectionate Wanting to make out more in public and I was uncomfortable with this But at the same time I just brushed it off as me being a shy young person He cared about me, right?
He wouldn’t do anything to intentionally make me uncomfortable and Yes, I should have voiced my concerns then. He started becoming more Handsy First subtly and secretly but then it became more obvious And I remember thinking at this point high on adrenaline. “I don’t I don’t think I’m okay with this But is this normal is this what people do when they date at my age? I’m am I being am I the one that’s being unreasonable here because he’s paying attention to me So shouldn’t I like this. Is there something wrong with me?” Yes, I absolutely should have mentioned that it made me uncomfortable at this point But 13-year old me had no idea what was considered normal and trust me. I was thinking about burning it up with him Stay with me folks Worst of all, I felt like I had no one to talk to
The one girl that I did kind of consider my Friend, she got jealous that I had a boyfriend and dumped me to go and hang out with some other Girls that were also making fun of me so I had no chance of talking to her I was afraid to bring it up with my mum in case she would belittle me somehow and I was too awkward to bring it Up with my dad because he’s my dad Our school didn’t have any Real counseling system in place and judging by how they treated my issues around being bullied in the past Which was essentially shake hands and be friends now get out of my office So I cautiously continued Meanwhile Contemplating what I should do if he ended up trying to persuade me into anything. I really didn’t want to do if I push him away now. He might leave me forever Yeah hormones can do wacky things to you.
Try not to let it get the better of your common sense I know from that age
I didn’t really understand what was going on But as it turns out Cody’s family were pretty wealthy Because for my birthday and for Christmas He bought me a white gold necklace and bangle I remember feeling so guilty that I couldn’t afford such fancy presents to reciprocate these gifts seemed Very grown-up. I mean the main thing I was looking forward to at Christmas was Pokemon diamond, you know I was a 13 year old kid For holiday treat his parents took us to a cinema that was out of town. They left us and they pick us up again Later, I can’t remember what film we saw I just remember him wanting to make out throughout the entire thing Pulling me closer and even though we sat in the back I felt kind of embarrassed that like anybody would have seen believe it or not I actually wanted to watch the film rather than stare into his tonsils in the car ride home. It was completely dark outside Sitting in the back of his parent’s 4×4 sharing earbuds from his ipod nano With coats over us like a blanket you probably think this sounds cute and it probably looked cute from an outside perspective, too But what you wouldn’t see from the outside was his increasingly wandering hands beneath the coats I was frozen his parents were in the front seats I felt like I couldn’t make a fuss because they’d notice I thought maybe The tension and the fixated gaze outside on the passing streetlights would speak louder than words to him Rigid in shock, but no Even then I should have been vocal in my little teen brain. I thought somehow I’d be blamed for this For making this son look bad I was scared to do anything or call him out and say “Please stop” I’d only just turned 14 and I wasn’t ready for this kind of behavior. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car.
I said quick thanks to his parents and ran to my door This was not something I wanted and that’s when I finally realized this isn’t right I don’t care what other people think they should be doing at my age But this is not what I want this wave of strength hit me And I knew I had to talk to him about this and I had to say something When I next saw him, he’d come to visit me at my parents house I thought at least I was an earshot of my mum in case there were any Serious problems I had told him I wanted to talk about something important But he just kind of brushed it off and we played some video games and then put a film on in my room Alone Kissing turned into More than kissing and again, I wasn’t comfortable with this So I finally said it I said no and I asked him to stop He asked if instead I’d be okay with being more adventurous with him to try new things That I didn’t need to be nervous and police say no Amy, you know, you don’t want this maybe one day but not now You’re not into this Listen to yourself, please and I did
I was scared to have to push him away But I told him that I really wasn’t ready for this and if we could go back to just taking it slow So we finished watching the film and he went home Over the remaining days of the holiday his text became more infrequent and distant after that night. I was worried about him I thought maybe I’d hurt his feelings or his pride I cared a lot about him But I knew in my heart and gut that it wasn’t right for me to do something that made me uncomfortable I didn’t see him again until we’d started back in school after the new year and he wasn’t answering my messages On my way to the canteen suddenly there. He is walking towards me with his friends I guess he knew he couldn’t avoid this forever pretty sure I was shaking but I stopped him and asked what was going on He thought I would have taken the hint.
He wasn’t talking to me. So I should have assumed that he had broken up with me “Well.. At least we could still be friends?” “Sure” The next day I saw him with another girl.
She was sitting on his lap and they were all over each other making out hard He wouldn’t tell me why he broke up with me, but it didn’t take a genius to guess I missed having him around to talk to But honestly, I was kind of relieved that I’d avoided being pressured into something. I really didn’t want to do Unfortunately My one again quotation marks friend that I had was still completely against me So I had nothing left I’d always hated this schoo,l the Welsh nationalist attitude, the kids, the lack of support I told my dad that I wanted to move schools and within the next two weeks, I left that place behind Just because I moved schools willingly doesn’t make it any less terrifying for a young teen to this day I am so gosh damn proud of myself A concoction of being insecure and the rampant peer pressure and the lack of support Was a recipe for disaster when being pressured into something that you weren’t ready for or even that you don’t want And yet I stood up for myself I listened to how I felt I said no and as a result I have no horrible regrets about it different people want different things out of relationship at different ages For some it’s a lot younger Others a lot older Some aren’t even fussed on it at all Always be respectful and honor how you’re feeling And this applies outside of a romantic setting Toxic friends trying to convince you to do something. You don’t want to? “Nope!” Family putting pressure on you to have kids when you know, you don’t want any? “No, Thank you!” your loved ones like raisins, but you know for a fact that they’re demon spawn? “Um… BYE!” Okay, maybe not that last one I’m sure you can think of more than a few instances where you gave in to peer pressure or did something against your true feelings Or morals, you will make these mistakes It’s part of growing up but know that you can and should stand up for yourself Educate yourself so that you’re more prepared for when it does happen.
Talk to your parents or those close to you It’s honestly not as embarrassing as you might think I may have fallen victim to a lot of other issues in my teens But being vocal about how I was feeling in that situation whilst I was still insecure of myself Standing up myself is a shining diamond of good Amongst my history of youthful decision making and I’m honestly so proud

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  1. Pin update no. 1

    I wanted to say, it wasn't necessarily wrong for 'Cody' to want to be more forward than me. Different people mature at different ages, but was absolutely not ok with it.
    The importance of this video lies in the fact that I plucked up the courage to actually tell him how I felt, rather than being afraid of being a bad girlfriend, or falling victim to peer pressure… and letting it spiral out of control… Because that could have happened.

    It was obviously pretty low that he ghosted me instead of actually telling me he'd broken up with me, and it was awful to see all over another girl immediately after this. This was the d-bag move.
    I never said he was abusive, he stopped when I finally said stop and told him that I was uncomfortable. But he obviously wanted a relationship to be fulfilling for him in a certain way that I knew I was waaaayyyyy too young for. The point is that I did make that call, and I'm so proud of 14 year old me for being brave enough to say no.

    But if I hadn't piped up, I probably would have ended up doing something I'd likely have deeply regretted. THIS IS MY POINT. If you're in a relationship, or think you may in future, know how imperative it is to have communication between you. Be a team, make sure you're both comfortable. Be vocal when you aren't.

    When I was 13/14 the internet was far inferior to how it is today, otherwise I might have had an easier way to reach out to other teens and get support… or learn from other's experiences.
    This is why I made this video.
    It's what I would have needed to hear at that age. It's a letter to myself. You should never feel pressured by a partner. Talk to them. Communication is so important.

    (Also, I feel ridiculous writing this, but some commenters have forced my hand… NO this absolutely not an attack on guys in general. Obviously this could happen in any relationship, coming from both guys and girls.)

  2. I guess hugging was something I was always peer pressured into. Or guilted into mostly because I wouldn't see the person for a while.

    But I was averse to it because I had extremely repressed trans shit on my egg self. Now that I am working on trying to tell my brain to say I'm the other gender of the gender I thought I was at birth is difficult but it makes me happier and I generally am the one seeking hugs now. (Even if the touch starve issue makes me extremely flustered and I can't do it for long or I'll hiss like a lizard)

  3. my school got mad at me for self harming because I was constantly being bullied and abused at home. I didn't harm myself on the school property a kid ripped my hoodie sleeve and you could see the cuts the school called me a disgrace for wasting my life

  4. The message in the beginning is really good. If you are trying relationships, do what you are comfortable with! I was in a relationship I didn't want to be in. I broke up with him and yes, he was sad, but I was feeling much better and he was ok. Do what you want-you are an opinion in the relationship!

  5. Dude I like that when I broke up with my girlfriend I get this as a recommendation. Tbh if you get into a relationship for the first time if it doesn’t work out you’re gonna learn alot from it…

  6. Is it just me or is it kinda annoying that “popular” kids are displayed as

    Who wear makeup

    Popular kids don’t exist, most of kids you think are popular are just extroverts

  7. Honestly I had a boyfriend
    I didn't love him, I just really wanted to be him.
    I.e. my first boyfriend taught me i was trans

  8. As a man, I can say that there are plenty of guys that are like this. All they want in a good relationship is to be pleasured. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that this is commonplace throughout society. Yeah, a lot if not most of us are basically horndogs, but there are still guys who will treat their lady right. It seems that sex has almost become a requirement in relationships, but to all of you who were hurt by another person like this, just know that there are SOME guys who will put your feelings first instead of pleasure.

  9. I know it sounds really bad for me to say this, but if you’re a guy who thought this video was an attack on you, you might just be guilty of the crime depicted.

  10. I always hate hearing about how people are pressured into doing things they don’t want to do, sexually or romantically, for obvious moral reasons but also… I’m RIGHT HERE, IF YOU WANT SOMEONE SO DESPERATE THEY’LL DO ANYTHING, I’M YOUR GUY

  11. HA……..my 14 year old self wanted to make out and do things…………buh…I regret and learned my lesson when one of my friends told me….I figured it out when we broke up…..heh. now I'm 15……chilling, hanging out with friends, talking more and laughing. I would not tell other boys to not do what I just did. Because I want us boys to experience and learn. On relationships. Good….good. later

  12. Oofies I'm 13 and I have a boyfriend but he's pretty polite and nice to me

    I was born in 2006 btw ;_; but no one cares

  13. I feel you my dude, I wish that relationship would have worked out for you, but that guy had to be a creep. Sorry for that

  14. This is why I really wish we had more military boarding schools. It means that people have to care about their work and achievements, and not care about being popular or trendy. (I’m referring to the popular kids, of course.)

  15. Oddly enough, these kinds of trendy and popular kids existed more in primary school than high school. In high school, everyone was always too busy focusing on assignments and other schoolwork to even care about their own friends, especially when we got to Year 9. In Australia, primary school is ages 5-12, (years Prep-6) and high school is Years 7-12 (ages 12-18.)

  16. You at 13: Learnt a lesson from a relationship

  17. I kinda can relate to you, im 15 and i have a lot of insecurities and theres a lot of of stuff i keep to myself about my problems, i have never had a relationship or…. a first kiss and that overwhelms me and i feel kinda left out, maybe its me.

  18. I know you posted this months ago, but I had a similar story when I was about 14, except my relationship lasted a little over two years. It was very toxic and terrifying, and looking back I wish I would have left sooner. Thankfully one of my best friends really showed me that the way he was treating me and acting was terrible. I am so so sorry for you (Amy) and anyone else that has had to deal with this. Stay strong <3

  19. I have beeing really go and polite to girls in my whole life my gf or just a strange but all I got is a break up

  20. How tf did you guys be teenagers back then if your parents were protecting you from the world god damnm bro is anyone else out here wondering why they're childhood was so fucked up? Like I knew how to beat my dick what sex was and the limitations to relationships at 11. I started finding out at 9. whattheactualfuck

  21. You at 13/14: gets a boyfriend and have a life lesson out of it
    Me at 13/14: gets ran over by a bike and blames myself

  22. I had a similar experience but it ended all too soon because of uncertainty and, taking it slowly. Sometimes its just not meant to be!

  23. …… gotta be honest, not bringing this up with your SO was the root cause of all of it. I know personally i'm super sexual and physical … and then being told all along that my SO wasn't into it would literally crack the foundations of the relationship. Is unfortunate he ghosted you after but… ye know. 13 – 14 year old kids aren't really good at being people quite yet.

  24. WOW!!! You are such an amazingly talented young woman! You are so in tune w your divine feminine power and an excellent example for young and not so young people everywhere!

  25. I learned to be patient. He was far more experienced with me, i had never even kissed. He had done it all. For this reason i felt like i HAD to do certain things like cuddle or kiss or be affectionate in public. He was immensely patient and always listened when i tried to explain that i wasn’t ready for certain things. My guilt made me rush into things and he let me do so because he didn’t realize i was forcing my own self out of my comfort zone. i cut things off with him because i decided i was too insecure (and still am lol) for a relationship and it was unfair to him. we still talk to this day, he’s happy with his girlfriend who i have met and she is a very lovely girl. i don’t regret what happened and i’m glad we’re all friends now.

  26. When I was a freshman in high school (14-15) I had my first “real” relationship, and did some making out with my gf, and I never got “handsy.” Unfortunately said relationship ended in about 4 months, however I did start dating said girl again my junior year and she was the one who first brought up “getting handsy” to me, and I was so surprised I thought she was joking. I was perfectly fine leaving it how it had been but I was very happy to “advance the game” at her request (though my game was not good at first and I cringe to this day). I’m still dating the same girl after 4 years sooooo it basically means since she’s the only person I’ve had a relationship with, if she were to leave me I’d be stranded and be completely incompetent at finding a new girl because I’ve forgotten how to flirt or even start a relationship…

  27. I met my current (and only) boyfriend I was just turned 18. He is a year and a half younger than me, and we met online and after we started talking he wanted to move our chatting from the app we met on to kik. He wanted to do an erotic rp with me. (Later I would find out that he would rp with almost everyone he met but I was bored visiting my grandparents. And yes I know it was "sexting a minor" since I was 18 and technically an adult but he initiated it and I had proof of that.) And so i went along with it. But i was asexual. It made me feel a little weird and I told him I was uncomfortable and ace and he instantly offered to stop. I lied and said I was fine because I didnt want to lose my new friend. We continued to chat and get to know each other more and more and within a week I told him I had fallen hard for him, and he had fallen for me. And we became official. We friended on facebook and video chatted (also to make sure he wasnt a 50 year old ax murderer)

    Every once in a while he'd want to do erotic rps with me but I told him I was uncomfortable and he would stop, but ask again later. Eventuallyuhe said we could do clean rps and we pretty much told stories to each other and I actually loved it. But then he wanted pictures.

    He would try to convince me to send him pictures and I kept telling him no, and he kept asking. He would keep trying to make deals and trying to tell me "its ok it's normal it's what long distance partners do" and I kept saying no. And I didnt like how it was making me feel. One day, around christmas time, I was lying on my mom's floor because she didnt have a bed for me and i started crying because as much as i loved him, but I didnt feel like I was never going to make him happy since I wouldn't give in and I cried myself to sleep. The next morning I sent him a long text telling him that I'm sorry, but if this is what he wanted out of a girlfriend I wasnt going to provide it, and as happy as he made me, I loved him too much to keep him in a relationship that he felt unfulfilled in. That if he couldn't accept my that I wasnt going to do what he claimed he needed that he should break up with me and find a girl or boy friend that could give him what he wanted out of a relationship. I sent it and waited for him to wake up.

    When he did he read it and instantly apologized. He said that he didnt fall for me for my body and that he loved me for my mind and he was so sorry for pushing my boundaries. He was willing to change and willing to respect me and my rules.

    He never asked me for a picture again. He has never touched me in a way I didnt want. He has matured and grown into an amazing man who will love me no matter what and respects me completely. I've changed too and we've both grown together.

    Please, always be vocal when you are in a uncomfortable situation in any relationship. Everyone wants diffrent things from a relationship and if these people really want to be in a relationship with you, then they will find a way to make it work. If they dont then you shouldn't be with them. He is the sweetest man I've ever known and I love him to bits. He was willing to change for me when I was honest with him and he didnt expect me to change for him. He saw what he needed to change and changed it. He stopped demanding I change for him, but I let my self change and now we are more supportive than ever. I cant wait to marry him when he graduated from college.

  28. What I learned from my first relationship:

    Never date the smartest Asian in your school cause they’ll never be able to go on dates and they’ll belittle your achievements cause they’re “better than you”

  29. Hey Amy. Congrats on such a strong decision at the age of 14. I didn't think like that for most of the time at that age. Thankfully i still learned that lesson later. Thank you for sharing, because i believe this is an incredibly valuable lesson. I learned it at the age of about 30 and i'm very happy i did. Still it's not always easy to put yout thaughts into words. However it always feels better, because you matter. Like you commented yourself: they way other people are is the way they want to be. Even if you're the only one who thinks the way you do, you got to stick with what makes YOU feel comfortable. That's what it means to be authentic and in result: content with yourself. No matter what you think how cool someone or something is: The right people to keep in your life are the ones that stay, because you are yourself. Anyone included. Never sell yourself under price, everyone. There IS always someone who actually will be worth your time.

  30. I'm a bit of a pseudo-Cody. Two years ago when I had just turned 15, I started dating this girl who was about 6 months younger than me, and in a grade bellow me. She was my first real relationship. I mean, I had a "girlfriend" before that during a month in the summer, but we didn't see each other at all during our relationship. We did however, share nudes which was her idea. I was kind of into it because, well, RaGiNg HoRmOnEs!! It still felt weird though. I broke up with her at the end of July because I knew I wasn't ready for a relationship, and I also knew we probably wouldn't see each other again because I was moving cities. The girl I mentioned before, I met at my new school. She was really cool and had a total Ramona Flowers vibe. Before we dated I was acting as her fake boyfriend to protect her from the creeps because I'm a huge rugby-player type guy and nobody fucks with me. (Kind of ironic that I was a creep too in the end.)
    I ended up asking her out and it was going pretty well. We texted everyday and held hands and stuff, which I didn't really know how to do, but I was into it. Then one day, she kissed me. It was my first kiss and all I could think of at the time was, "boy, that was good. I want more." We attempted to make out and I was horrible at it, so she sent me a couple videos on how to improve. (She'd been in multiple relationships before me, so she had some experience.) We practiced quite regularly with the kissing, until one day it turned into something more. She would send me pictures of her thighs and stuff, and I would send pictures after I came out of the shower, shirtless. That's when I made my first mistake, because I sent her a picture of my penis. I didn't ask her if she wanted it, but I sent it anyways. I mean, that's how it was in my summer fling, so I thought it would be fine. She seemed to like it in a "wow, this is knew for me" kind of way, just like how I was when I first got a nude photo.
    I can't remember exactly how it was initiated or who started it, but that doesn't matter—We were now doing more handsy stuff and more regularly, but her face always looked a little… Sour I guess. But I always, ALWAYS made sure to ask her if she was comfortable with what we were doing, and she would always say yes. (We were both at the age of consent.) We didn't have any sex or anything that would get her pregnant, but there were some sexual things we did like oral type stuff. She seemed a little uncomfortable, but again, I always asked.
    She broke up with me a couple days before Valentine's day. Apparently she'd planned on doing it on Valentine's day, but I noticed that she kept avoiding me and so I asked her over text, ~"What's going on? Is there a reason you're avoiding me?" And then in a semi-joking manner I asked, ~"Are you planning on breaking up with me or something, what's going on?" She broke up with me right there, over text. She said it was because she's into girls, but I know it's because she just felt uncomfortable. I was an immature little prick, so I put "Blue hair is dumb" as my Instagram bio, and that only caused more drama. (She has blue hair.) Her friend's started harassing me online and they asked, "Is your bio directed at [her name]?" So I said, "No it's an inside joke," because I'm a dumb-ass. I still feel horrible about that whole relationship to this day. I just, wish I'd known how she felt, and I guess I kind of did, but I just wanted her to say it. I really wasn't ready for a relationship after all.

  31. My 2nd serious relationship my freshman/sophomore year of HS. He was 18. He was extremely abusive. He was so nice the first 5 months, convincing me to drop my friends in a subliminal way. Convincing me I only needed him. Then, he started insulting me for not texting/calling enough. It all went downhill from there.

    At around 7 months, he was trying to have sex and I insisted that I didn’t want to. He insulted me, told me I’d be completely alone, that he’d leak nude photos of me, and that he’d find someone else instead. After 3 times of this, when I refused, he’d hit me.

    I should’ve noticed the warning signs of him forcibly grabbing me. Threatening Suicide. Threatening me and my family. But I was afraid and lonely

  32. The moral of the story is that you should invest time and effort in making friends first. That way when you need to face difficult situation you're not completely alone. Avoid being dependant of a single person.

  33. Honestly if I kissed a girl and she told me I taste like cookies, I'd ABSOLUTELY adore it! That's the best cutest thing to say!

  34. I wish my first kiss wasn’t in second grade and I wish I didn’t have a relationship then I feel like a —— and I really shouldn’t feel like that for my age!

  35. One thing I can appreciate about this video is she never painted Cody as a bad guy and even in the end explained that different people want different things out of a relationship. It's more about speaking up if you aren't comfortable with anything the other person is doing.

  36. Well..
    This is actually weird. I have no support or not even close friends
    I dont really like talking much because i always end the conversation awkwardly(everybody experiences this) i cant even keep a conversation going. As you can see my conversational skills are pretty bad.. well atleast i have a few friends but rarely talk and hangout. I never felt special..
    Have you always start the conversation but no one will start a conversation with you? Thats also why i dont feel special (its not the only reason. There are alot of reasons why i don't feel special)

  37. Omg……your do brave! I kinda had the same experience and still am! You've given me the confidence to tell him to Stop! Thank u! <3 ~ Basic Biothch

  38. I should have done what you did with my ex. Instead, she ruined sexuality for me with my false "consent"
    I wish I could go back on my steps.

  39. As much as I don't like talking about it I felt a compelling feeling to share my story. I was friends with a guy for six whole years by the time I developed a crush on him. One time I accidentally let it slip I liked him. And a few months later of awkward conversation we started dating. At first it was normal, safe, and all around nice. I was in love (as cliche as it sounds I actuality was). However, four months in he got really hands. I would try to pull away and say no, but he always kept going. I constantly battled with myself on what to do. Yeah I was uncomfortable and starting to not even feel safe, but I loved him and I didn't want to hurt him. As time went on he began to get more aggressive and tried to do worse things. I said no and would push him away. He still went in for it anyway and I froze. I couldn't move. I just layed their frozen unable to do anything. I retracted into a shell at that point a few weeks later he breaks up with me and I find out he was cheating on me. He had done it twice throughout our relationship. Now he's going through girl after girl. He tried it with so many girls like me, but now he's finally found someine that's into everything he's into.
    So seeing this animation sparked a lot of memories and I just wanted to get this off my chest.

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