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Here is ‘Unfinished Books that I’m
Currently Reading’ ‘My Unfinished Currently Reading Books’ I don’t know the
title of this video yet. This video is an idea I’ve had for a long time because I
have a lot of books that I’m currently reading, that I haven’t finished.
And this isn’t books I’ve given up on. These are books that I do intend to
finish reading at some point. Lots of them I’ve started before the beginning
of this year maybe even a whole nother year before. Hopefully these books will
appear in a reading wrap up video in the future, but since I really don’t know
when that’s going to be and I have been itching to talk about them. We’re going
to just go in order of physical size, so we’ll start with the tiniest one. Though
it’s not actually like the shortest one, but it’s like physically the most little. The
Children of Húrin by J.R.R Tolkien edited by Christopher Tolkien.
This is a prequel thing, and it is very wordy. Uh and I do enjoy very flowery
explanations and long winded descriptions. I mean obviously I love J.R.R.
Tolkien, so that’s kind of his style. But this, this really takes it to another
level. It is just so confusing at first and I’ve made it to page…what have I
made it too? I’ve made it to page 50, to the beginning of the second chapter. I
took this book with me on my recent trip to Sweden and it was my train book. I
always liked having a book for the trains when I go anywhere in Europe.
Honestly, I did more writing than reading during my Sweden trip. But I do enjoy
Tolkien. I just don’t know when I’m going to be
in the right focus-y headspace thing. I’m currently writing a post-apocalyptic
story, not a fantasy story, so I’ll dive into this if I switch up what novel I’m
working on writing, because this definitely puts me in that hyper fantasy
mood. That leads me to the second book I’m going to be talking about, The Stand
by Stephen King. It’s actually the first Stephen King book I’ve ever started
reading. I bought this very recently because I am writing, like I said a
post-apocalyptic novel, and every time I google post-apocalyptic fiction this is
on all the lists. So I don’t know, it’s very dark and my story’s not going to be
as dark. It’s probably going to be YA so I don’t know how dark I can go. But
I’m only on page 26 and I just started it and I do not think this is going to
be something I can read in the next year. It’s going to be my ‘when I need
inspiration and don’t feel like watching another episode Jericho’ feeling. Next is
Goddess of Yesterday, a tale of Troy by Caroline B. Cooney. This is a book I
picked up at a book festival, book festival thing, a few years ago. I made a
video about it. This was like a dollar. It’s interesting so far. I don’t know, the
bookmark fell out of it, so I don’t know what chapter I’m on. I feel like I’m a
few chapters in, maybe less than halfway through it. I don’t know why I stopped
reading it, I think there was just other more exciting things to read. But this
wasn’t bad so I should try getting into it again after this month, after Camp
NaNoWriMo. Um this might be a quick read because it is it looks like either YA or
middle-grade type type reading. I don’t know, I like to cover. About Musicals, Teach
Yourself. There’s no author on this, oh Susan Sutherland. This reads like a text
book, like a like a theater history textbook. Obviously it was purchased
because Cats is featured on the cover. I haven’t gotten to the chapter about Cats.
I don’t think there’s a whole chapter about that, there’s like a section probably.
But I’m guessing they picked it for the cover because it’s a very beautiful photo. The
costuming and the makeup of Cats is just stunning and wonderful and I don’t know.
I just wanted to own it at the time. I don’t remember when I got this, I have a
lot of random Cats related books lying around. Okay, uh uh Ron Chernow wrote this
biography on Alexander Hamilton. It was the inspiration for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s
musical, Hamilton and yeah. I mean, every fan probably has this or has read this.
And I where’s my bookmark, okay I am on page 70. It’s um, it’s it’s nonfiction and
I normally don’t read nonfiction very often, but it is very interesting. I just
I can’t speed through nonfiction. This is surprising, The Fate of the
Tearling by Erika Johansen. I should have finished this by now. I should have tore
through it. I expected to, I really love love love the first two books in the
series. I have a whole video where I talk about both of those books so you can see
just how much I absolutely am in love with this series. I don’t know if it’s
because I’ve been reading them as they’ve been released and because of
that I tend to forget all the characters names and who they are. And I mean, this
is one reason why I don’t read Game of Thrones, it’s just, there’s so many people
to keep track of that are active characters and it’s just, I get lost. I
feel like I really should have read the first two again and then went straight
to this. But I also want to read new things all the time. But
I do have them still so I’m not sure if I’ll do that before going back into this
or I’ll get some kind of spark notes or you know, watch my video about it. But see, it’s more like the characters that I don’t remember…certain characters that become point of view type characters in this book that I just I need…I need some
fan art. I need some fan art, if there’s fan art for this let me know! That will
help me to visualize it all and get, and get back into it. Yeah, I don’t know. I
don’t know. I’m on page 152 so we’ll see. Next is Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a
Disney Classic bbyut Jason Sorrell. And this book is so magical. I bought it at
Disneyland when I was there for VidCon very very recently. It is full of
beautiful photographs and art and it’s just taking you through the history and
then like literally every scene of the ride and the differences between
Disneyland and Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disney and also the Tokyo Disney
Disneyland Haunted Mansion Holiday with Nightmare Before Christmas characters.
Just everything is in here and it’s just so wonderful and it’s just amazing
history and art Imagineering and it’s beautiful. And I heard there’s a fiction
story about characters, not Haunted Mansion like not the actual, not the
movie with Eddie Murphy, but like, like more of the of the Gracies…and I don’t
know is it good. I think I might see if my library has it because I’m curious
about it. But I knew that this needed to belong to me completely. And I’m only
reading it at night, and I’ve been reading it like every single night for
the past week till I fall asleep. And last but not least are these three books.
And the reason I haven’t finished these… I started them a while ago, like a year
ago probably, is because I’m taking a break.
They’re basically a workbook, well let’s see. This one is the workbook, so like it has
writing in it but I’m also putting my own information in. This one, I don’t know
if this really counts as something I’m reading, it has prompts but a lot of its
just like notebook style for writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness
every morning. And then this is the actual book, book with chapters and you
know, tasks and things. The Artists Way, a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by
Julia Cameron. This book always appears on lists of ‘amazing books you need to read’
kind of things that are out there on the internet that I’ve read. I was so curious
because it’s a course, a course in discovering and recovering your creative
self, and I’m very skeptical when it comes to this kind of thing, you know?
‘Find your inner creativity and unleash your powers within yourself’
like self-help books. I just I don’t, I don’t like them. They’re just so corny.
But but this one, this was pretty good. Because it actually has prompts of
things to do and to write about and it kind of takes you out of your comfort
zone. I think that’s why I took a break from it. It was, it was demanding a lot of me and
at the time I couldn’t commit to it fully and I didn’t want to commit to it
only partially. That’s ten books that I have started and put down. And since then
I’ve read or audiobook listened…oh no! There’s one more, I’m actually listening
to the audiobook of Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning. 11! Please let me know
in the comments if you have read any of those books or if you have any questions
or if you have a bunch of currently reading books that you just don’t know
when you’re going to finish but don’t want to give up on. If you want to
make a video like this I would love to watch it, please let me know if you do.
Thanks for watching. Meow!

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