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that is 4G the mobile network that's used around the world to make calls send messages and surf the web now there are plans for 4G to be replaced by you guessed it 5g a new faster network that has the potential to transform the Internet 5g is a software-defined network it means that while it won't replace cables entirely it could replace the need for them by largely operating on the cloud instead this means it will have a hundred times better capacity than 4G which will dramatically improve internet speeds for example to download a two-hour film on 3G would take about twenty six hours on 4G you'd be waiting six minutes and on 5g you'll be ready to watch your film in just over three and a half seconds but it's not just internet capacity that will be upgraded response times will also be much faster the 4G network responds to our commands in just under 50 milliseconds with 5g it will take around one millisecond 400 times faster than a blink of the eye smartphone users will enjoy a more streamlined experience but for a world that is increasingly dependent on the Internet just to function a reduction in time delay is critical self-driving cars for example require a continuous stream of data the quicker that information is delivered to autonomous vehicles the better and safer they can run for many analysts this is just one example of how 5g could become the connective tissue for the Internet of Things an industry that's set to grow threefold by 2025 linking and controlling not just robots but also medical devices industrial equipment and agricultural machinery 5g will also provide a much more personalized web experience using a technique called Network slicing it's a way of creating separate wireless networks on the cloud allowing users to create their own bespoke network for instance an online gamer needs faster response times and greater data capacity than a user that just wants to check their social media being able to personalize the internet will also benefit businesses at big events like Mobile World Congress for example there is a mass influx of people in one particular area using data heavy applications but with 5g organizers could pay for an increased slice of the network boosting its internet capacity and thus improving its visitors online experience so when can we start using 5g well not yet and according to some analysts not until 2025 G was created years ago and has been talked up ever since yet it's estimated that even by 2025 the network will still lag behind both 4G and 3G in terms of global mobile connections its mainstream existence faces multiple hurdles the most significant of these of course is cost according to some experts 5g could cause network operators to tear up their current business models for it to make business sense in the UK for example 3G and 4G networks were relatively cheap to set up because they were able to roll out on existing frequencies on the country's radio spectrum for 5g to work properly however it needs a frequency with much bigger bandwidth which would require brand new infrastructure some analysts believe that the extensive building and running costs will force operators to share the use and management of the mobile network this has been less of an obstacle for countries like China who are taking a more coherent approach the government operators and companies such as Huawei and ZTE are about to launch big 5g trials that will put them at the forefront of equipment production for the new technology that may be at the expense of the West where there is concern regarding Asia's 5g Progress a leaked memo from the National Security Council to the White House called for a nationalized 5g network to keep the u.s. ahead of their global competitors White House officials dismissed the idea but some experts predict that by 2025 nearly half of all mobile connections in the US will be 5g a greater percentage than any other country or region it's still likely however that much of the West will have a more gradual approach to 5g driven by competition but with a patchy style of development for example AT&T pledged to start rolling out 5g later this year but in just a handful of cities for key industrial zones however it's predicted that technology will be adopted quickly well for many in rural areas 5g may be a long way off but when 5g does establish itself and fulfill its supposed potential it could even change how we get the internet at home and at work with the wireless network replacing the current system of phone lines and cables it may not happen overnight but 5g is coming hi guys thank you for watching if you don't see more of our tech videos then check out these otherwise comment below the video for any future explainers you'd like us to meet and remember don't forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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  1. I think we’re to overly dependent on the internet unfortunately may have a lot of benefits but also has its downsides

  2. 5G: I should not be in the USA, Canada, oh, annd Australia.
    CA, AU: Why?
    5G: Because I am made in China, and Trump "love" China, so I am being in trouble.
    US: You know my meaning, right?
    CA, AU: got it.
    CA & AU take 5G away.
    China: CHEAP GOOD SAFE 5G SALE, 50% off.
    Trump: That's so wired, must have backdoor!
    other: Why?
    Trump: Because I did before!
    tech guy: Huawei have no any backdoor.
    GOT IT.😭

  3. The diffence is that 5G is so that the govement can have more accurate information from you. Faster an more accurately

  4. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are in an epic, years-long fight over space travel. Here's a timetable of the extremely rich people's most remarkable fights.

  5. Nothing mentioned about the dangers? We ought to be very VERY worried about what this is going to do to us and to our children.

  6. 5G should not be a wireless network
    It should only be provided through LAN cables… Otherwise it would destroy the whole world through its Radiations.

  7. Connective tissue LOL. TWATS. destroy your tissue. Enjoy your cancer whilst watching your so called fast download. Pfffft. 4g is overkill. Literally.

  8. Even this idiot sheep doesn’t know what it is lmao it’s not only faster internet he should talk about all the health risks but there are so many idiots

  9. I don’t get why people are so stupid smh if you want this then you don’t know what it is and if you know what it is and you want it then you’re a selfish prick 5g was used as a weapon now because they tell us we’re going to get faster internet we want it immediately it just hurts to see so many people that have no idea what’s really going on in the world.

  10. 5G is microwave radiation that in laboratory tests showed to be harmful to plants and all other living beings. This will slowly kill all live on the planet. inform yourself. Over 180 scientists are waring of unforseeable consequences. I knew that is humanity is stupid, and you will know how stupid it can it can get.

  11. 5G means PRIVACY DANGER! Worse than Google, Worse than Facebook, 5G was designed so Government has access to everything you do online. And not only your Government, foreign Governments have access. CHINA is the worst offender using 5G to manipulate the behavior of its citizens!

  12. If 4G was cheaper to set up then why tf are they charging sky high money for it and raising the prices all the time?

  13. We are gonna cook ourselves with this technology . Yes this is a form of pollution. These waves will be connected to our earbuds, headphones, etc. yes it will speed up global warming.

  14. Wow a seventh of the world is starving lets make sure we can download world of Warcraft in 24 seconds instead of 9 minutes.

  15. At some point we need higher speed than 4G. Those who say otherwise just want to hold humanity back from progressing. One way or another this is gonna be implemented. There many humans who just want to move forward in terms of technology. If ur afraid of 5G then go live with the cows outside the city in a farm or up the mountain somewhere in isolation.

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