What Is Fascism?

the word fascism has been bandied around a lot recently and it’s not really surprising given that far-right movements are literally on the march across Europe, and America has just elected a demagogue known for calling for deportations at his mass rallies. For anyone with half an eye on history, that’s pretty alarming. But nonetheless, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding what exactly we mean by the term. In 2016, fascism was the most looked up word in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, and a lot of people with a lot of PHDs spend their lives battling it out over this question. So we’re not going to settle it here, but it is worth delving into the terms of the debate to try and clear a little ground to figure out what fascism is what it looks like and what it does. There are a couple of ways of approaching this. On one hand there’s a simple answer, the fascists are the one’s wearing the swastikas, attacking mosques, killing MPs and, in many ways there’s a lot of strength to that argument because these guys are dangerous and if people are telling you they’re Nazis, its probably in your best interest to believe them. But this over simplified analysis obscures the fact that in reality there are as many fascists with nice suits as there are fascists with shaven heads and moreover, it doesn’t give us an insight into what fascism does at a macro-political level and that’s the question I really want to tackle here. Let’s take a look at this tweet from back in November just after the election of Trump. “The racist, fascist extreme-right is represented footsteps from the oval office.” Now that wasn’t some pinko lefty that was John Weaver who is a top political consultant for the GOP Republican Party. So clearly, even for a top dog of a political party crammed with racists and xenophobes and bigots of every stripe, the election of Trump marks some kind of break from business as usual now whilst he’s wrong to distance himself entirely, the Republican Party has a lot of responsibility to bear when it comes to fostering the kind of bigotry that fueled the Trump campaign. He is not wrong to mark some kind of rupture, because fascism isn’t just the extreme end of a simple left-right political spectrum, it has particular characteristics that mark it out as something distinct. Whilst the term fascism is now pretty toxified and rightly so, the term was invented and popularized by people who would proudly call themselves fascists. The idea comes from political movements that sprung up in early to mid-twentieth century Europe. We’re talking Italy under Mussolini, Germany under Hitler and Spain under Franco. You also probably need to throw in the Vichy government of France the Occupied government of Norway during the war, and let’s not forget Britain’s own Oswald Mosley who was determined to bring Mussolini’s methods to UK soil These political settlements were of course very different spanning different time periods, different countries different cultures, but there are some striking continuities, some striking points of similarity that it’s definitely worth paying attention to. The first of these similarities is of course authoritarianism, by that i mean harsh state control of the lives of citizens. This usually involves heavy policing, harsh penalties for crimes, surveillance, censorship. Its also packaged along with crackdowns on institutions that could provide a counterweight to state power such as independent media, trade unions international organisations, civic institutions, that kind of thing. The second of these features is the idea of a fall from grace. Fascism is underpinned by the mythology of a golden past from which we’ve now fallen into political, social and moral decline. The need to write these wrongs provides a key justification for authoritarian policies. Where conservatives promise stability, fascists promise to totally overhaul a failing system. According to this mythology its not just the state that week and failing and in need of change, its also the people who are weak and failing and in need of change. This gives the green light to policies that clamp down on frilly emasculating affectations like LGBTQ rights or women’s liberation. It gives the green light to policies intended to reforge a strong pure people, this can range from anything to control of school textbooks to a creepy focus on the fertility of white women, to mass deportations, to actual ethnic cleansing. So who’s responsible for this fall? Well that’s where the third similarity comes in to play. It’s no secret that fascism fuels and is fueled by hatred for a racialized other scapegoated for all of society’s problems. That’s the invading force of the foreigner, the immigrant, the Muslim, the Jew. This invading external other faces horrendous levels of discrimination and violence under fascism, but in addition to this external other there’s also someone else to blame. A kind of internal other. This is a corrupt decadent alliance of liberals or socialists who collude with the invading force of the external other in the downfall of society. Think “political correctness gone mad”. While the external racialized other tends to have it far worse, it’s important to remember that fascism poses itself as fighting a war on two fronts, both against the invaders and against the cultural marxists who let them wreak havoc. The fourth aspect is that fascism constructs itself paradoxically both as populist and as elitist. It appeals to the flight of an honest hard done by white working-class man, and indeed some people believe that fascism is the condition endemic to the working classes but in reality the fascist governments we’ve been talking about where all administered by and for the upper classes. To paraphrase the writer Berlet, elements of ostensible support for the working and agrarian classes, were belied by a forging of an alliance between elite sectors of society. A last point of similarity I want to raise here is the fact that fascist ideas reliably gain traction in moments of economic crisis, depression and rising inequality. When people get more desperate, fascist ideas tend to look more attractive. Stop me if any of this sound familiar. When it comes to these economic crises, fascists in the past have propounded a wide variety of solutions. The National Socialists in Germany and some modern Scandinavian fascists push for large subsidies of industry, national ownership of infrastructure, that kind of thing. Franco and arguably UKIP, want to liberate industrial capitalism from the yoke of regulation and paying their workers a decent wage. Le Pen and Trump on the other hand vary wildly between some kind of protectionism and support of the free market. But this raises an interesting question right? Economics is inseparable from politics, and so if these movements, if these government’s propose quite different economic policies then how can we really call them the same thing, how can we really consider them as different manifestations of the same political project? Some people say you can’t, some people say that the word fascism draws a false allegiance between very different forms of right-wing thinking. I would disagree, i think there’s a connection between these things that goes beyond these guys wearing the same uniforms and reading the same books. And to see this connection its worth asking ourselves why these features keep cropping up again and again in the same kind of configuration. There’s no necessary connection between them they don’t always go together and you can see this by the fact that different governments that we wouldn’t necessarily want to call fascists have one or two or even three of these features. There are authoritarian governments all over the world, and for the left wing populist parties cropping up all over Europe, they do seem to appeal to some kind of fall from grace. Wherein that golden era was the welfare settlement of the fifties sixties and seventies, and of course racial scapegoating is nothing new. So clearly these different aspect can be separated, and yet they seem to go so nicely hand-in-hand. Put together they do an especially good job of one thing, and that’s managing the capitalist crises that gave rise to them. They’re perfectly equipped to try and placate the sense of disaffection whilst protecting profit margins and pretty much ensuring that the economy rolls on as usual. Remember that in times of economic crisis such as the one we’re seeing, with falling productivity, industry threatened by technological change and global competition. In these kinds of times it’s not just ordinary people who are desperately scrabbling around for solutions, it’s also business owners, landowners and bankers. Authoritarian crackdowns are pretty good at managing this kind of social unrest whilst doing away with the troublesome unions that might pose problems for businesses in this delicate time. The mythologisation of a golden past explains away the indignities of falling wages, exploitation and disaffection as a temporary embarrassment that can be blamed on the enemies of society. It says that the goal for society should not be genuine transformation but a return to an era characterised by booming industry and rising profit margins. Gestures towards populism promise to restore some sense of power or dignity to disaffected populations and its a power that can be won without making trouble for landowners or businessman. And of course racism and scapegoating has always been a handy way of managing class conflicts by dividing the working class amongst themselves. It papers over widening economic division in the wake of the crisis by persuading the white worker that they have more in common with their white landlord than they do with that black neighbour. Fascism in particular deploys a kind of bogeyman that appeals to the stereotypical fears of both working class people and upper-class people. So you get the kind of Schrodinger’s immigrant that both steals your job and manages to laze around on benefits at the same time. You get the Jewish person who is somehow both a member of the feral underclass and secretly ruling the world at the same time. And by casting socialists or even moderate reformists as a kind of internal enemy, fascist ideology protects the interests of business by expunging the possibility that the solution might just lie in economic reform rather than letting business run rampant and tank the economy, again. You’ll notice that fascists rarely invent the ideas that they use. Hitler didn’t invent anti-semitism, Trump didn’t invent Islamophobia and he certainly didn’t invent anti-globalisation discourse and kind of populism he appeals to, but rather these ideas are sort of borrowed as sticking plasters to patch a bourgeois hold on power at times of social unrest. Mussolini called fascism a kind of reaction, and I think that’s a pretty useful way of thinking about it. Something that evolves as a matter of political convenience recruiting old tropes to mobilise hatred and forging alliances where the interests of nationalist capitalists and racists collide. Therefore fascism doesn’t so much propose a new politics as it does protect an old one. The fascist economic strategies we’ve talked about, whether that’s massive subsidies for failing industries or deregulation of business, are all designed as patch and stitch solutions to haul capitalist economies out of crisis of their own making. This is why as writer Corey Robinson recently pointed out, under the so-called National Socialists, German industrialists actually enjoyed massively increased profit margins. And the same goes for Franco’s regime. Similarly, although the Trump campaign was fueled by everyday bigotry it was bankrolled by real estate tycoons and businessmen more likely to actually profit from his policies. So perhaps this is a useful way of thinking about what fascism does at a macro political level. It’s an extraordinary response to an extreme historical economic moment. It manages the morbid symptoms of capitalism whilst allowing the disease to rage through the body politic. This analysis might give us a clue as to what a genuine alternative to fascism might look like in the contemporary political arena. It doesn’t look like trying to cravenly triangulate racism it looks like trying to build long-lasting sustainable economic solutions the crisis that don’t trade in the lives of many people to protect the position of a privileged few. In 1916 Rosa Luxemburg wrote that society stands a cross-roads between socialism and barbarism. It’s still time to choose.

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  1. Franco wasn't fascist at all. He was first of all, not totalitarian, but authoritarian. Second of all, far of being as socialist economically like the fascists were. Third of all, he was conservative. He didn't want to destroy the society to build a new one like fascists wanted to do. fourth of all, he defended Christianity and many other traditions, which fascism despised. Last of all, his definition of a nation wasn't based on the state. He thought that a nation was a reality that is deeper, older and stronger than the states. In other words, he wasn't a statist, the base ideology of fascists. Franco was very much closer to monarchists than to fascists. This was only one of the uncountable number of false facts in this video. Make your researches!

  2. Thank you — Fundamentally, Fascism uses ignorance, prejudice, fear, violence and murder to turn society against itself for the benefit of the
    demigods and a privileged few. Human religions are a most devisive force and a major tool of the ( usually atheist ) fascist "leaders".
    Since the majority of humans are easily tricked into blaming and then killing "others" ( in the name of their "god" ) there is really no hope for
    humanity. These same brutal devious manipulations to attain and maintain power and control are observed in all wild chimpanzee groups. Unfortunately, humans will destroy this once beautiful planet before a more "enlightened" species can evolve. Enjoy your life while you can . . .
    [ when Donald J. Trump proclaimed without hesitation that "We should TAKE THE OIL" he revealed that human greed and stupidity have no
    limits. Notice that he did not say " their oil" since his and Putin's "religion" is that anything he can "take" is "his" no matter the blood it costs.]
    . . .

  3. @Novara Media

    You should learn the definition of the word demagogue. Trump is the real deal. He came through on all of his campaign promises.

  4. 12 minutes and 50 second of misinformation on what Fascism is. Complete with the usual buzzwords that people are custom to react.

  5. Would it not be a fair statement to make. That every form of government on the face of this earth practices fascism to one degree or another ????

  6. You fugly bitch. I knew I was going to hate you when I released you are unfortunately almost a physical twin of LENA DUNHAM.

    God Emperor Trump is populist NOT a demagogue, who preachy, obese Jewess. Stop trying to fuck with America you British version of Lena Dunham.

    You honestly look like shit, I'm pretty ugly so I know just how ugly you are.

  7. OH I get it, Trump calling for deportations of ILLEGAL immigrants is Fascism but Obama actually deporting millions of illegal immigrants during his 8 years in office is just AY OKAY and completely ignored. Thumbs down to this liberal bullshit.

  8. WTF? The Leftists are the fascists. This video is all backwards. It's the Leftists who want to control speech and use political violence and indiscriminate attacks on citizens(terror) to promote their political/social ideology.

    Since Stalin called Trotsky a fascist, the Left has been using the tactic of labeling others with the very crimes the Left themselves commit. By the time people wake up and realize the Left is commiting these crimes, the Left has already controlled the narrative so that calling the Left "fascist" has lost it's meaning.

    When the Left labels others with the very crimes the Left commits, it's an attempt to control the moral narrative in people's minds.

  9. (2:24) The lady tells us "Fascism is thought of as toxic and rightly so.."
    Tells me, right off the bat, she has a slanted viewpoint and all information she gives
    should be looked at through that slanted lens.
    Thats as far as I watched.

  10. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if people tolerate the
    growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic
    state itself. That in its essence is fascism- ownership of a government by an
    individual, by a group, or by any other controlling power.”

    George Soros
    “Perhaps the greatest threat to freedom and democracy in the world today comes
    from the formation of unholy alliances between government and business. This is
    not a new phenomenon. It used to be called fascism…the outward appearances of the
    democratic process are observed, but the powers of the state are diverted to the benefit of
    private interests.”

    ‘Tory MP’, Simon Haxey 1938
    It is possible to prepare for Fascism gradually, but it is not safe to introduce
    it gradually. Hitler only took two months to destroy all of the important
    democratic institutions in Germany.

    Roger Douglas
    New Zealand Minister of Finance 1984
    Do not try to advance one step at a time. Define your objectives clearly and move
    toward them in quantum leaps. Otherwise interest groups will have time to mobilise
    and drag you down. Speed is essential. It is almost impossible to go too fast…
    Once you build up the momentum don’t let it stop rolling….The fire of opponents is
    much less accurate if they have to shoot at a rapidly moving target….. If public
    confidence begins to waiver, push the reform programme forward to the next big
    step and do it quickly.

    Milton Freidman,
     the guru of modern fascism stated the sole function of the State
    “to protect our freedom both from enemies outside our gates and from our fellow
    citizens: “to preserve law and order, to enforce private contracts, to foster competitive markets.”

    ie Government reduced to police, army and judicial system to enforce private contracts.

  11. fascism as understood by the layman is an authoritarian regime that advocates for a small, power-concentrated government. how do they acquire it? censorship by force. Spencer was punched and Trump voters have been rampantly assaulted. regardless your opinion, that behavior isn't protected by the Constitution. in short, you left out the Left's bigotry. was that an accident?

  12. I haven't watched the video (I will do now)… however, I do already know from all the events going on in the west that the main targets of contemporary fascism are white males , and also whites who voted with their feet against modern national curriculum by minimizing their participation in modern "higher education"

  13. instead of your choice of the word "blame", you should have used the word which describes what is being done. When a vote is cast against SJWs, BLM-types, Liberals, and everyone else searching discrimination in the name of SJ, it is not blame, rather a way of removing power from the unhealthy mission-creeping liberals who habitually discriminate against the upright equality-seekers of the world.


    Therefore, those here are in fact degrading this video as a means to that deception for fear of people like me who will debate them, of this video getting the attention it deserves.

    1. The 1,217 deadly police shootings from 2010 to 2012 captured in the federal data show that blacks, age 15 to 19, were killed at a rate of 31.i7 per million, while just 1.47 per million white males in that age range died at the hands of police. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/10/racial-disparity-police-killings_n_5965706.html

    2. "Racial Disparities in Sentencing Hearing on Reports of Racism in the Justice System of the United States Submitted to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights 153rd Session, October 27, 2014" – https://www.aclu.org/sites/default/files/assets/141027_iachr_racial_disparities_aclu_submission_0.pdf

    "Meet the Justice Is Not For Sale Act, which aims to reduce inmate populations all across America; from federal to local “correctional” facilities and prisons. www.anonhq.com/prison-industrial-complex-feels-bern/
    4. BERNIE SANDERS DOING SOMETHING ABOUT PRISON SLAVERY http://www.sanders.senate.gov/download/justice-is-not-for-sale-act?inline=file

    5. KKK OPENLY SUPPORTS DYLANN MURDER OF BLACK PEOPLE (NOW THEY SUPPORT TRUMP!) – NO WHITE ANGER? http://trofire.com/2015/07/13/kkk-applauds-the-s-c-black-church-killings-saying-the-bible-commanded-it-we-need-10000-more-men-like-dylann-roof/

    6. GUIDE TO POLICE VIOLENCE OCCURANCES AS THEY HAPPEN. http://magazine.good.is/articles/mapping-police-violence-to-advocate-change

    7. BLACK POLICE ABUSED BY POLICE WHEN OFF DUTY http://www.democracynow.org/2014/12/29/nypd_officer_speaks_out_on_fellow

    8. WHITEWASH: NEW TEXAS HISTORY BOOKS WILL DOWNPLAY SLAVERY, OMIT KKK AND JIM CROW – www.rawstory.com/2015/07/whitewash-new-texas-history-books-will-downplay-slavery-omit-kkk-and-jim-crow/#.VZv5BJaD-E0.facebook

  15. Try watching an a north american public intellectual who fleshes out the valuable contribution Eleanor Penny makes on this important and contemporary concern that many people have.
     you tube the following to deepen your understanding of what is tearing your country to pieces and replace emotive attacks with understanding and an acceptance of the considered thoughts of one of your most honest and well research public commentators Chris Hedges Brilliant Speech America Is Done

  16. Why don't you mention they were all Socialists who hated capitalism? Fascism means collectivism. The answer is to stop supporting globalism.

  17. A lot of people with half an eye on history would already have been alarmed by the massive rates of incoming immigrants who refuse to enculturate to the prevailing systems and beliefs of their host countries. As an American, I'm far more afraid of a "fall of rome" situation than a "muh resurgent reich".


  19. Winning an argument with a 'liberal' in the Obama era meant I was a racist. So the new gig is when I win and argument with a 'liberal' in the Trump era it means I'm a fascist.

  20. You forget the precursor of a corrupt, disgusting and complacent centrist consensus that provides the catalyst and some fuel for the hatred.

  21. OK this video is nonsense. Fascism is the political ideology that puts the nation above the individual. It is run by a dictator and usually employs severe economic regulation and oppression of any desent. It's pretty much communism except fascists tend to hate communists. Save yourself 12min.

  22. I got to 16 seconds in, and at that point the stupidity had already become too much. Leave your echo chamber and you might learn something new.

  23. I guess that's the thing though, everyone is afraid to challenge the bankers and oil barons, right? the one's who have all the power? They obviously want to keep things this way and no one will dare oppose. These people are hypocrites anyway. "overthrow the failing political system" UUUUHHH, isn't this what liberals want as well? MARXIST IS CONSIDERED TO BE LIBERAL AND THE WHOLE PREMISE IS ABOUT OVERTHROWING THOSE IN POWER WHO ARE CORRUPT. LIARS. Hitler was a socialist anyway, and so was Stalin, Pol Pots, Mao. "bolsheviks"

  24. brecht said the bastard may be dead .the bastard being fascism.but the bitch that bore the bastard is in heat again.the bitch being capitalism.

  25. Novara sorely needing a sounding board. Witnessing the lefts inquisition like persecution of everyday people based on nebulous, shifting regressive 'heresies' has, I can admit, left me grappling with nationalist, preservationist sentiments I had cast aside long ago. I can honestly say that I had rather accommodate 100 unvetted Syrian refugees in my neighborhood than 10 third wave feminist sjw domestics.

  26. your dumber than fucking nails comparing Trump to a fascist an insult to those affected by "REAL" Fascists

  27. Well he's Flaming 5 of 14 signs of Fascism as far as I'm concerned; to see what I am seeing; click on this link & share it freely w/those who you think agree with this assessment….

  28. Dear God this is ignorance at its best! Please don't watch this propaganda video!! comparing the Jew in the early nineteen hundreds to the Muslims of today it's an absolute disgrace! There is absolutely no comparison!

  29. Nazism isn't Fascism although Nazism springs from Fascism. Fascism is the merger of the corporate state and the political state. Nazism is an ideology of racial and religious hate. Some can argue that Nazism is the most virulent form of Fascism. But Hitler and his government was the only example of was Nazism looks taken to its highest expression. What I am saying maybe is you can be a Fascist without being a Nazi but you can't be a Nazi without first being Fascist.

  30. People who hate others who don't agree with their ideas try to kill those that oppose them are fascists? Are you sure that's not Muslims?

  31. i wondered how long the word "Socialism" was gonna pop into this equation Nice One, that is why i hate Champagne Socialists, innit (PMSL)

  32. Go on iron march or read "The doctrine of fascism" in this way you will learn what fascism is , and not by some dumb ass bitch.

  33. "Fascists are the ones wearing swastikas" okay this video is just pure propaganda because National Socialism and Fascists ARE NOT THE SAME!

    They're completely different ideologies, it makes about as much sense as calling Communists and Anarchists the same. Yeah, stupid.

  34. "What are fascists? Well they're the one wearing swastika, killing MP's etc."
    WOW! That really explained the economic structure of fascism, it's ideology and the fact that Mussolini was an ardent anti-racist along with it's conditional ownership of private property. Thanks for making a useless video about a topic on which you know nothing.

    Time to go back to school and actually read the textbook instead of smoking weed behind the bushes.

  35. A Lovely string of words with absolutely no meaning …… so you're actually saying that Facism is an oxymoron! …. I think not !

  36. ''…harsh state control of the lives of citizens. This usually involves heavy policing, harsh penalties for crimes, surveilance, censorship…'' " no Independent MEDIA''!? are you talking about "democracy"???

  37. Fascism is intellectually dishonest because it uses ideology from other schools of thought to convince people to concentrate power for a select few. That is why so many people disagree on its definition.

  38. Fascism isn't far right or related to Trump in any way you bumbling ugly baboon, its center Authoritarian. It combines the best aspects of socialism and capitalism, and is led by a strong central leader. Go back to the kitchen you fucking idiot.

  39. There are few points of contention in your definition of fascism.

    However, I would like you to turn your obvious intelligence in a more positive direction.

    For example. What do you consider an economy is for? What is its purpose?

    Having ascertained that:
    How would you build a system of governance to maximise the attainment of that purpose?

    What are the pros and cons of capitalism? What should be retained?

    What are the pros and cons of socialism? What should be retained?

    What would the resultant mix look like?

  40. I've never heard such cluelessness in my life. To oversimplify it : first you must separate Nazism from Fascism, Nazism is a PERVERSION  of Fascism which HAD NO racist doctrine , in fact Mussolini's mistress who helped him forge his fascist ideology and was equally responsible for it was Jewish. No Jews were persecuted or killed under Mussolini's Fascist Italy until his government collapsed in1943 and the Nazi pigs actually invaded northern Italy and set up shop with a puppet government. Moreover Franco was drawn away to a degree from his fascist principles because of the influence of the Roman Catholic Imperialism to favor corporate interest disproportionately. Capitalism was able to flourish under Mussolini(and yes Hitler too but he was a monstrosity) but it had to behave!  Capitalism wasn't overburdened, suffocated or strangled like in left wing liberal/progressive scum and filth but it had to play fair. To oversimplify it again fascism is  common  sense RIGHT WING SOCIALISM with limited but authoritarian small government(it may not be "big government" in its size and function but the power is concentrated there to make decisions) as opposed to degenerate, immoral, IRRESPONSIBLE, big wasteful tax and spend government, free welfare, SUCCESS AND HARDWORK PUNISHING AND PENALIZING left wing liberal GUTER VERMIN.

  41. Misinformation. You're trying to redefine fascism as conservatism, or mercantilism. You are being intellectually dishonest. Here are some quotations from actual fascists.

    "Some still ask of us: what do you want? We answer with three words that summon up our entire program. Here they are… Italy, Republic, Socialization… Socialization is no other than the implantation of Italian Socialism …"
    ― Mussolini (1944)

    "Race? It is a feeling, not a reality. Ninety-five per cent, at least. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today.… National pride has no need of the delirium of race."
    ― Mussolini (1932)

    "For this I have been and am a socialist . The accusation of inconsistency has no foundation. My conduct has always been straight in the sense of looking at the substance of things and not to the form. I adapted socialisticamente to reality. As the evolution of society belied many of the prophecies of Marx, the true socialism folded from possible to probable. The only feasible socialism socialisticamente is corporatism, confluence, balance and justice interests compared to the collective interest."
    ― Mussolini (1945)

    "After all, that’s exactly why we call ourselves National Socialists! We want to start by implementing socialism in our nation among our Volk! It is not until the individual nations are socialist that they can address themselves to international socialism."
    ― Hitler—(Memoirs of a Confidant, Otto Wagener)

    Fascism is simple, it's just a form of socialism like communism, based on nationalism rather than class, the results, as with all socialism are the same.

  42. Trump is not a fascist because he does not want world domination under one culture (that is what fascism is by the way, the Google definition is completely wrong since it was changed after the election, look down a few links when looking it up). Fascism requires socialist structures (like Obama Care for example) in place to control every part of a population/culture. Trump clearly does not control/influence the media or intelligence communities (or even his own party), is for free markets and more choices for the people, not less and is more of an isolationist than anything else. Hitler and Mussolini were fascists and were hard core socialists before they took power. Please stop saying he is a fascist. It is simply inaccurate, ignorant and just plain stupid.

  43. So if I understand this a plethora of PhD's do not understand the term fascism, mostly because it was never defined properly in the first instance but a non PhD somehow is going to educate me on a word it can't know the meaning of because due to it's abuse it now means either "the washing is ready" or "you are evil" and represents a dynamic moving target used by the regressive class to denigrate people who disagree with them.

    So let me save you the time, fascism is a pejorative term used by people who have no way to counter an argument and are seeking a way to shut down discourse.

  44. In summary. Capitalism bad, Socialism good. Everyone I don't like IS a fascist and Islam ISN'T a fascist ideology. Thanks for wasting my time.

  45. Fascism is strength. Fascism is unity, fascism is brotherhood, love, and prosperity.
    Fascism is victory. continue on degrading us, but don't be shocked when we begin to brutally mistreat you in the same ways that you so often falsely spoke of us. Goodnight commie.

  46. Same ole Marxist buzzwords: 'racist, sexist, hitler….' your fallacious attacks don't penetrate us. The left is in meltdown mode and sees their days are numbered. Fascism rise up.

  47. If you want to stop the rise in fascism, stop bringing in so many migrants and insisting that we all abandon our cultures.

  48. I must confess to a bit of a crush here……cute, smart, British…..the complete package……count me subscribed.

  49. is she quoting the ladybird Janet and John guide book to fascism?if so it's still well beyond her reading comprehension level.

  50. How is it that Communists and Socialists haven't figured out yet that the more power they give to a central authority the more they will suffer.

  51. A better question is: what makes fascism sexy to its followers? I believe the constituent parts of fascism consist of: orderliness, uniforms, shiny boots, purpose, sadism and latent homosexuality.

  52. I just read her piece on Tommy Robinson, what an incredible worthless written word of crap. It scares me that these awful people actually exist and are allowed to be heard by anyone else but there uni snowflake nut jobs. They truly believe every word say spit. To attack someone trying to save kids from rape is and always will be unacceptable and damn right disgraceful, even if there political views don’t match yours. Hang your head

  53. Hey Lady: Fascism is NOT "on the march" across the US". At their largest well publicized rallies they have maybe ?50? attendees. Compare that to the thousands strong KKK rallies of the 1950s. They are not growing and no matter how much you shout people like Shapiro, Ruben, etc. are NOT "alt or far right". On the march my ass.

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