What Past Life Lessons Are Currently Affecting You {Pick A Card Tarot Reading}

hey and welcome to my channel my name is
heather and this is a fluffy oracle this reading is going to be a past-life
reading about whatever past life is currently affecting your current life
right now what’s kind of going on and how it’s showing up in your life right
now and how it’s affecting you and also the lessons you are learning from it
currently and also some extra guidance to help you through this situation with
whatever past life is currently affecting you right now so for your
piles we have pile one two and pile three they are all amethyst crystals so
there’s kind of like no real difference except for just shape and color um I
kind of wanted to keep everything the same because I really want you to focus
on your intuition and really kind of focus on which pile draws to you the
most intuitively please feel free to take as much time as you need and pause
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we are growing so fast it’s just blowing my mind honestly so without further ado
though I will see you at your pile already so for my lives at Joe’s pile
number one let’s get into this and see what past life is currently affecting
you so the current past life that’s affecting you was one where you had just
started out a budding career as a writer is what I’m getting with this because we
have the baby card and the scribe or writer card so that tells me and what it
makes me feel is that you were just beginning to finally write about the
truth in a past life and also it was a great hobby of yours and I feel like
some of you were also some wonderful poets as well in a past
life and some of them some of some of what you wrote actually I feel might
have gotten you in trouble and I feel like there was you were cut short in
your prime some by illness and some by just prosecution others by just
happenstance is what I’m getting with this but nonetheless you guys were cut
down on your prime so currently in this lifetime what you’re learning and what’s
coming up like how it’s showing up right now is breaking through negative cycles
extreme times require deep reflection so like going doing a lot of inner soul
searching and trying to figure out why things are the way they are why patterns
need to be broken and breaking through those patterns which are leading you to
kind of having blessings and serendipity kind of like a good stroke of luck but
it’s also teaching you to kind of also speak your truth because this is the
most important lesson over here for what you need to be learning right now in
this lifetime from what it’s teaching you kind of picking up where you left
off with speaking your truth because it says a deep secret will come to light
but what I feel more also with this is being able to speak up and kind of say
what you need to say and being honest and open about it and also some of you
might also have the need to well not the need but you guys have a passion for
writing and you’re kind of not understanding quite sure where it’s
coming from so this is where it’s coming from wanting to write about things
wanting to write about the true some of you might be journalists and wanting to
report the truth or even people who run a blog you want to write about nothing
but the truth and your truth as it is some of you are involved with kind of
either helping children or raising children so some of you our parents this
time around and that’s causing an effect on you and you’ve been blessed with a
new bundle of joy some of you is what I get because you
were able to break a negative cycle from going within and kind of figuring out
what it exactly is that you wanted for your life and what direction that you
wanted your life to head in at this point is what I’m getting for some of
you this one’s pretty deep so there’s a lot so take what resonates and leave the
rest but please don’t try and fit it just pay attention to what intuitively
pings you on a deep level and that is your story and your messages so what do
we have for the gardens we have protection and we have power so for the
guidance they’re asking you to be careful with some of the things that
you’re doing and some of the things that you’re saying because sometimes if you
say the wrong thing it can get you kind of nixed or shut down and you won’t be
able to speak the truth and get the truth out there so watch what you’re
saying how you put it out there but stand in your power nonetheless and
kind of take lead in your life and take charge of it and continue to break
through whatever negative cycles may actually come up and always be honest
and open about everything that you feel and not be afraid to kind of speak your
truth and speak up for what it is that you want in your life and how you want
to see things go and also like if you catch somebody out there in a lie this
is I know it’s for somebody specific out there I’m not sure why but if you catch
someone in a lie don’t be afraid to call them out on their bullshit
I’m just saying hold your power stand your ground so I do hope that you
enjoyed this reading and these are your messages if you’re new here go ahead and
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alrighty so for my loves to chose pound number two let’s get into this and see
what past life is currently affecting you so for its kind of like a half and a
half because some of you were farmhands and
some of you were sailors well you’re both yearned for the other the other
type of lifestyle I mean sorry to make that clear so for those of you who are
farm hands you dreamed of traveling the world seeing the sights taking in new
things learning all kinds of different stuff you know just live in the dream
and those of you for who the sailor part resonates you yarn for finding that one
perfect home for settling down and staying in one place and you got kind of
sick of traveling so much but those were your dreams and aspirations know how its
currently affecting you right now is some of you are looking for the key to
your happiness and the it’s right within reach but a lot of you are really
discouraged from this because it’s taking forever it seems but they’re
asking you to keep your courage and to keep your faith because that’s the
lesson that’s you’re learning right now for this card over here this is the
lesson but you’ve got two different decks that are telling you to stand up
for yourself be brave and you know just don’t give up
the fight basically and I’ll show you what I mean by two different decks cuz
you’ve got this one and this one two different decks same message basically
because this one reads take a stand and this one reads be courageous truth
conquers all so the lesson that’s most important for you to learn right now is
to not give up before the miracle occurs is what I hear but I also hear home on
the range so for some of you I feel like some of you are kind of longing for home
is still yet still and you’ve been looking and looking and looking from the
observer card and you feel like once you are able to find this home like it’s
gonna unlock the key to your happiness but if you continue to have the lack
mine mentality it’s gonna block you and it’s gonna feel like it’s just taken
forever and it’s gonna cause you to lose hope and faith
and it’s gonna kind of defeat the lesson of standing within your power and seeing
you know standing strong and not giving up so let’s see what we have for the
advice we have faith and we have gratitude so with these two cards for
the gardens they’re asking you to stay strong continue to have faith that it’s
right there it’s just within your reach it’s coming it’s just taking time even
though you want it now it’s still gonna take time because everything happens as
we always say in divine timing so they’re asking you to be grateful and
happy for what you have now and that way you can kind of unlock your happiness
now and they want you to be happy now they want you to stay in the present
moment and as soon as you do that everything will click into place and you
won’t even a while it’ll feel like a blink of an eye when everything clicks
into place and you find your happy home and your happy place and whatever it is
that unlocks the key to your happiness but you have to be happy now you have to
stand strong and continue the fight and continue the journey in order to reach
this happy place so that you can stop looking so much and all like you know
high and low places and like just the cracks and crevices and not finding
anything because once you’re able to be happy now it’s going to cause the
transformation that you most need in order to get happy and have everything
it is that you truly need and they’re asking you to kind of basically count
your blessings and hold everything dear and everything as a blessing treat
everything as a blessing treat everything as something that’s supposed
to happen for your greatest in highest good because that is what it is it’s
there to teach you it’s there to help you whether it’s good or bad ugly or
beautiful everything is there for a reason
it all happens for a reason because it’s there to teach you the lesson as a
blessing and they’re usually a blessing in disguise because you never really get
to see the blessing or the happiness on why that happened until after in
hindsight so these are your messages I do hope that you enjoyed this reading
and that it did resonate with you let me know how you know how you like the down
below in the comments and if you new here go ahead and hit the subscribe
button and joining our happy family and give this video a big thumbs up if you
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other than that I will see you guys next reading I love you guys
alrighty so for my love so chose paddle number three let’s get into this so
usually whenever the Atlantis card comes up for me it usually means someone has a
connection to the to Atlantis so that’s usually very important because there’s a
lot of like there’s not a whole lot but there is a decent amount of information
on Atlantis and the Atlanteans and what happened about how they were like years
and decades ahead of themselves in technology worked with a lot of crystals
had to harness crystal energy and kind of like almost like a futuristic society
not sure how true that is but they were definitely ahead of their time a very
scientific type of people with learning and exploring new and different things
but yet they still have their home taken away from them because something
destroyed their land we’re not exactly sure what sank Atlantis at least I
haven’t come across anything that tells me what sank it or how it sank and if
anyone’s actually really found the actual real lost ruins of it but that’s
besides the point that’s neither here not there but with your ties to Atlantis
I feel like during that time you were a loner type of person you were left alone
you were very abandoned and I feel like and I’m really attracted to the fact
that she’s a child I really feel like when you were in that lifetime you were
abandoned as a child and made an orphan at an early age and people kind of
ostracized you and left you out in the cold and didn’t want anything to do with
you or include you in anything so you felt like you had to take on this
persona of protecting your self and being the only one capable of
doing for yourself at all times because you were the only one that you felt that
you could rely on so that’s how it’s showing up right now in your current
life like you feel like you have to do everything on your own because you feel
like it’s better that way you feel like if you continue to stay disconnected
from those you can’t kind of get hurt from having an attachment to a family
we’re to a loved one and kind of just remaining distant but what that’s doing
is it’s kind of blocking your blessings because you guys had extra cards pop out
well one extra card pop out because these over here are all the cards that
are currently affecting you and this over here is the lesson so that is most
important for you to learn right now what’s most important for you to learn
right now is to learn how to let go of old past hurts and emotions that you
kind of have like still yet to understand where they’re coming from and
learn how to go within and release these feelings and kind of not let them bother
you as much as they do because that it’s kind of like a false illusion is what
I’m getting with this like there’s a false sense and you’ve tried so hard
strategize so hard and planned and planned and tried and everything keeps
coming up as it’s not for you with this card but you do have some help there
what what is for you but the thing is is you have to let your guard down a little
bit in order for that help to come in and help you so you can have what is for
you instead of it not being for you all the time because you’re going about it
the wrong way by pushing everyone away instead of going within and releasing
all these old emotions and hurts and feeling like you have to just you know
be the only one be the brave one do everything all on your own
that type of thing because once you’re able to do that you’ll have some
fulfilling opportunities being able to come in because they are on the horizon
they’re just within reach but the thing is this
you have to let your guard down and you have to accept the help so let’s see
what the guidance is so we have discernment and shadow self so right now
you’re working on a lot of shadow self stuff with learning how to release these
emotions from a past life that have kind of trickled over into your current life
and kind of made you repeat the cycle of being alone and kind of having to fend
for yourself and do everything on your own
and kind of not knowing who to believe and what to believe so they’re asking
you to kind of have a better judgment on things and it would be open to accepting
the help and releasing all these things from the shadow self so that you can
kind of finally work through those issues and be free of the burden of them
and to have everything that it is that you so desire and to finally win that
game instead of strategizing agonizingly and taking forever just to reach exactly
what it is that you want in life because you do deserve that happiness you
deserve everything it is that you want in life but you have to accept help
because when you do everything on your own and feel like that’s the only way
things are gonna get done it says the universe I’m not open to receiving
because if you can’t receive help how the heck do you expect to receive
blessings kind of goes hand in hand there give a little get a little even
energy exchange I kind of can’t express that enough to you guys some of you so I
know this is a pretty deep and harsh reading but it is here to help you I
want you to be able to reach out to those who are there to help you I know
some of you feel like you don’t have anyone there but you really do open your
eyes stop being such a you know a jerk and
pushing everyone away I know some of you even tell me I don’t have friends I
don’t have family yes you do there’s co-workers there’s people that you can
actually walk up to and say hello hey how you doing if you’re always seeing
them places make side conversations hey what’s up hey how you doing that type of
thing and it’ll progress from there it’s a slow going
Faye’s believe me I know because I’ve been there and I’ve done it when I felt
alone but it was the only way for me to make human contact at some some points
in my life especially with work I feel always alone and outcast at work so what
I do is I try and you know be polite and I say hello to everyone
and I’ve made a ton of friends and now my friends at work feel like my second
family so if that helps you because I really hope it does just a little advice
to try and help you make some friends in some new contacts I know some of you are
very shy and that it is very hard for you because you have social anxiety but
there comes a time where you have to pull up your panties and your big girl
pants or your big boy pants and kind of just suck it up just a little bit I know
it’s hard and it’s not nice to say that because I know exactly how hard it is
because I have two children that went through social anxiety but now they’re
social butterflies they’ve come out of their cocoons and they’ve blossomed into
beautiful children who are very social but they put in the work they did what
they had to do they stepped it up just a little bit and learned how to make
friends and social connections so these are your messages I do hope that this
reading helped you if you enjoy this reading please let me know down below in
the comments and if it resonated and feel free to subscribe if you’re new
here if you enjoyed this type of reading know that I love you guys very much and
that I’m here to listen and that I do read all of your comments
and I will get back to you as soon as I can and help you as much as I can
alright I love you guys and see you next video

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  2. I felt pulled to this reading today.. & I have not watched any readings for like, weeks! (I was addicted!)
    See, i couldn't help myself just now after seeing your video popup in my feeds.. for serindiptious reasons.
    I heard 2 strangers specifically use your name "Fluffy" today.
    …being told I looked "Fluffy" on account of my coat, leg warmers, hair. By some visiting Australian on the street.. In toronto.. it's cold still!
    AND I heard some other random woman say "fluffy" as I walked by today. So 3rd time.. maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? โ™ก
    >i chose 1, and I agree. That's what I have been working on lately. Like to an extreme. Haha โ™ก
    Maybe, gonna listen to the others.. & the first one again! โ™ก Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

  3. 1 and 3 spot on written all my life and beginning to tell my story and Atlantis keeps coming up and was fascinated by story as a child and feel ostracized today for being autistic and different and isolate now out of fear of hurt have been releasing much hurt and pain but felt so,strong even beyond this life now I know why have even spoken atlantian language In deep meditation.

  4. Woah I still can't believe that these stuff actually work like wow , I really am a good writer , I've been always a good writer since my childhood, people were shocked by my way of writing but I had a writer block for a few years and I still feel that it's my destiny to be a writer , thanks a lot for this reading and yeah I really should be careful cuz I'm always getting myself in trouble with my long tongue

  5. #3 Fascinating, last week I was recommended a book by Edgar Cayce, called "the children of the law of one and the lost teachings of atlantis" after I was doing some mediation exercises outside and embracing the weather by laying on the ground for 6 hours in the beginning of last week and found a person named Derek Kato who knew something called the star exercise from this book.


    Hey could this work as an akashic record ?

    Pile 3๏ธโƒฃ. 11:30mins


    Orphan at an young age (u felt like u can only rely on urself, rather being distant …itโ€™s blocking ur blessings, loner)

    Lesson: learn how to let go of past hurts and go in and release, itโ€™s a false illusion. Stop pushing everyone away โŒ๐Ÿšซโ—๏ธ ask for help! Accept help! Donโ€™t do everything on urself !

    Pile1๏ธโƒฃ2๏ธโƒฃ๐Ÿ‘Ž not for me

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