What’s New at OWU Ep.2 – 2020 Mock Convention

“Hi I’m Ashley Biser and this is ‘What’s
New at OWU.'” “I’m always surprised by how excited students get about it even
though they’ve never seen it. “I wasn’t sure what to expect because it only happens
every four years.” “You know everybody really wants to make this a great
experience not just for themselves but make it you know a highlight in like
the long-running line of Ohio Wesleyan Mock Conventions.” “It’s dated back to 1884 which is amazing and you know the weight of the tradition of it and it’s one of the
few college campuses that actually attempts to do a simulation on this
scale.” “I think that mock convention just shows that people really do care.” “How do we nominate a president? How do you go about researching a candidates you
know what their stances on things? How do you get to know a candidate beyond
whatever commercials you may see on TV? And it gives people kind of a lot of
those skills of research, of critical thinking, that you know carries obviously
in the realms beyond what we’re doing here at mock convention.” “We’ve always had a tradition at Ohio Wesleyan of helping to prepare students to be good citizens
and this is one of those moments where they get to learn about how actual
nominating conventions take place, they get to learn about the breadth of
candidates, and what they stand for and what some of the major differences are
between them. And it gets them excited and engaged in the political process and
so that to me is sort of the most important thing is that it makes them
follow what’s going on politically more than they might have and to have a
little bit more of a nuanced understanding of that.” “I think a lot of
students are just tired, especially coming into the voting age in such a
like tense environment is kind of a lot and we’re not really sure like we’ve
never known with what’s supposed to be normal.” “Politics has become such a
divisive issue over the last four years but I also think that I think that is
the view outside campus and I think inside of campus people kind of have
politics fatigue or where they’re slow to respond to a lot of the stuff
because they just think I just don’t want to talk about politics,
that’s just not something I want to do and you know it’s not you know this isn’t
necessarily like a debate of people like trying to clash with their ideas but
it’s a way for people to have fun in a way that is with your peers.”
“I mean I’ve even learned like sometimes that has to be a good thing because you
know and you can’t just have all or nothing so I think it teaches that and I
think it just teaches how how difficult these things can be.” “We reach out
specifically to Republican students, and to students in the young Republican Party
and to others campus organizations to try to make sure that they know that
it’s a simulation, right? So everybody is there taking on the role of a Democrat
but that doesn’t mean that they have to be a Democrat in real life.” “We do it for
the opposite party that’s in power so a lot of students who maybe aren’t
Democrats we’re like I can’t do Mock Convention because it’s for the Democratic Party, like no you still can.” “I think it’s a really special moment because it’s one
of those few moments when you get the whole campus together and not just
students and not just faculty but like the provost and his whole staff will be
there, the president will be there, but then you also have you know
the representatives from the advancement office come and they always have great
costumes. They had these huge stovepipe hats and beards because they
were from the great state of Illinois last time and it’s not often that we all
get to interact with both students and faculty and staff in that way so it’s a
pretty special tradition.

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