1. Illegals operate the labor needs of farms for years in the Central Valley of California and the country. Jobs nobody wants and immigrants to the rescue. We feed America. We dont steal jobs we fill the needs for the hunger of our country and the world.

  2. Devin Nunes needs to be voted out….he is an embarrassment to my state of California, but; he is not my congressmen since his up near the central part of the state and I am near Los Angeles area.

  3. How is it possible that you can be attacked by Twitter accounts? It's possible because taking you out is illegal.

  4. As another descendant of Azores immigrants, this is embarrassing. This human cow patty should be scooped up and tossed on the s**t pile of history…

  5. You guys are making fun of his young adult looks and playing Old MacDonald throughout the video? What makes you any better than the people that made fun of Beto O’Rourke for being in a punk band when he was young, or those that got on Obama’s case for wearing a tan suit? I don’t like Devin Nunes, but this sort of thing is why I can’t stand today’s political discourse. Nobody is willing to plain and simply state facts without throwing in mocking statements at the same time.

  6. Nunes is nothing more than the pùre distilled bovine scatology (BS), that he currently spews like an effluent medieval sewer.

  7. The GOP is pure propaganda machine that’s coming to a end long live progressive America union strong 💪 Chicago carpenters local 10

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