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Press the Bell Icon to never miss a video from Testbook.com Hello Friends & welcome to this video. Do you know who is Kamla Harris? If you don’t know about her, in this video we will be discussing about Kamla Harris and her relationship with US Presidentship. Kamla Harris was Born in Oakland, California on Oct 20, 1964. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, is a Breast Cancer Scientist and a Tamil Indian and her father, Donald Harris, is an Economics Professor in Stanford University who migrated from Jamaica to California for his studies in the year 1961. Kamla Harris was very close to her grandfather P V Gopalan. Her Grandfather was an Indian Diplomat. In her childhood, she used to visit her grandparents who were situated in Besat nagar, Chennai. From 1990 till 1998, Harris played the responsibility of Deputy District Attorney for Alameda County. Harris always wanted to pursue her career in law enforcement. She used to say she always wanted to be on that table where decisions were taken. In 2000, the City Attorney of San Francisco, Louis Renee recruited her on the post of Chief of Community and Neighborhood Division. In 2004, Harris initiated the “Back on Track” initiative in which she defended non violent drug offenders from serious penalties. She got re-elected in the year 2007 and in 2008, she presented her candidature for the post of President of US. In 2009, she launched the book by the name ” A Career Prosecutor’s Plan To Make Us Safer in which she explained about the smart approaches to fight against non violent crime. In November 12, 2008 Harris announced her Candidacy for California Attorney General. On June 8, 2010 with 33.6% votes, she defeated Alberto Torrico & Chris Kelly and secured this post. For the re-elections being conducted in 2014, she filed the paper work. When United States Senator, in the year 2016, Barbara Boxer talked about retirement, at that time Harris was the first candidate to express interest for this post. For the US Presidential Election 2020, as an Indian Citizenship Holder Kamla Harris is presenting her candidature, just like that, 2016 US Presidential Election, a candidate of Indian Citizenship, Bobby Bobby Jindal also presented his candidature. He presented his candidature from the behalf of Republican Party on June 24, 2015. Is is often said that Tulsi Gabbard who is a supporter of Berney Sanders and Democratic Party she is also going to be one of the contestants for US Presidential Elections 2020. Tulsi doesn’t belong to India but she is a practicing Hindu and is highly inspired from Hindu culture. The US Presidential Elections of 2020 are going to be in limelight for quite a while now. After the controversial Presidency of Donald Trump, the governments & people in politics throughout the World have been significantly intrigued for the upcoming elections. Kamla Harris, who is also termed as ‘Female Barac Obama’ is being considered to be one of the strongest candidates for the post. So how did you find this video? Do let us know in the comment section below. Like this video & do share it with your friends. Subscribe the youtube channel of Testbook and if you haven’t clicked on the Bell Icon yet, then do it now so you could get the latest update for all the new videos. Thank you for watching this video & All The Best for your Upcoming exams.

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  3. President to American hi hona chahiye, Jaise soniya Gandhi India ko pasand nhi, I am sure Americans bhi Isko president nhi banage or banana bhi nhi chahiye

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