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[Chanting] Not in DC, not in the US. In a Mexican restaurant of all places! That’s Kirstjen Nielsen. Here’s how she went from high school soccer star
to being shouted out of a Mexican restaurant for forcibly separating thousands
of children from their parents. Kirstjen Nielsen was raised in
Clearwater, Florida, a small city in Tampa. During high school, at Berkeley Prep she
ran cross country, served as student body president, and was a midfielder on a district
championship soccer team. She went to college at Georgetown University
and studied abroad in Nagoya, Japan- focusing on Asian studies. A classmate who attended Georgetown with
Nielsen always knew her as a Republican- just a far more moderate and
considerate one than she is today. For instance, he says she was an internationalist
— a supporter of free-trade and open borders, she was the evil ‘globalist’ that the Steve Bannons
and Stephen Millers shout about today, perhaps a believer that all people
worldwide deserve respect and humanity. But that would change. She worked for former Senator
Connie Mack in Florida for a couple years before returning to school at the
University of Virginia’s School of Law. Upon graduation, Nielsen landed a gig
working as an associate for a Dallas law firm. Post-9/11, Kirstjen got a job working for
George W Bush, remember him? As senior director for prevention,
preparedness, and response for disasters. In February of 2005, Nielsen got an email
report that said in the event of a giant hurricane, flooding in New Orleans “could cause similar devastation” to the disastrous tsunami that
had just hit Southeast Asia. And more and more reports found their way to
Kirstjen and other Bush aides with similar information. One from the Homeland Security Operations
Center warned them that this storm “could leave the New Orleans area being
submerged for weeks or months … The magnitude of this storm is
expected to cause massive flooding.” Nielsen did not heed the reports warning. 6 months after the first email, Hurricane
Katrina hit and devastated New Orleans, with an estimated nearly 2,000 lives lost. a Senate report said. After the poor, costly response to Hurricane Katrina, Bush replaced Nielsen and a string of
others in the office of Homeland Security. But she wasn’t out of a job for long. She landed as a principal of the for-profit
security industry company ‘Civitas Group.’ Is that Latin? Good for you. And in 2012, she founded Sunesis Consulting, a firm
whose online profile listed her as the sole employee. The firm’s listed phone number
was Nielsen’s personal cell phone. Sunesis was awarded Department of Homeland Security
contracts during the Obama administration, focusing on cybersecurity. The Trump administration looked at her career
of profiting off war and not reading emails, and knew there was one place for her: the Department of Homeland Security. Nielsen started as then-Secretary John Kelly’s chief of staff, then followed him to the White House for bit. President Trump must’ve seen something in her that would qualify her to oversee mass deportation
and separating children from their parents, because he nominated her to be
the new Secretary, replacing Kelly. Her nomination left Department of Homeland Security staffers literally speechless when they
found out and a former Bush administration national-security official said, Her nomination was confirmed by a vote of 62 – 37. And she instantly proved why Trump picked her: She immediately cancelled the status
of two hundred thousand Salvadorans who had been living in the U.S. legally since 2001. She claimed under oath that she
couldn’t remember whether Trump had described African countries as ‘shitholes.’ ‘Shitholes’ ’Shithole countries’ In the same hearing, when asked about the
President’s reported comments that he was frustrated with people coming into
the U.S. from shithole countries like Africa and Haiti, and wished more immigrants would
come from places like Norway, Nielsen kind of forgot what
people from Norway look like: LEAHY: Norway is a predominantly white country, isn’t it? I actually don’t know that, sir. But I imagine that is the case. Norway is 95% percent white. 5% not white. 95% white. Although she was reportedly lying
for the president, it wasn’t enough. In May of 2018, Nielsen reportedly came close to resigning
after Trump berated her in front of the entire cabinet- blaming her for a surge in illegal border crossings, despite her hardline stance on immigration. But she hung around. Ever since her close call with unemployment,
she has been winning the president’s heart over by defending the policy of separating
children from their parents at the border. SESSIONS: If you’re smuggling a child,
then we’re going to prosecute you. And that child will be separated from you as required by law. But Nielsen blamed the separation of parents
and children at the border on congress, taking the heat off of Trump and the
administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. Nielsen argued that they can’t change their practices
until the republican-controlled Congress closes loopholes on the
current immigration law. This administration did not create a policy
of separating families at the border. They did. Congress and courts created this
problem, and Congress alone can fix it. And the President agreed! We need 10 votes, we can’t get them from the Democrats. You can’t do it through an executive order! But then two days went by, possibly
enough time to learn about executive orders – or at least how to spell them, and the President signed one, ending his separation policy, caving
to tremendous political pressure. Kirstjen Nielsen stood right behind
the president as he signed it, when just days before, she tweeted: However, the executive order Trump signed does nothing to address the more than 2,300
children already separated from their parents. Nielsen has been protested while having
dinner in a Mexican restaurant, and multiple members of congress
have called for her resignation. Meanwhile, her department is looking
to build even more detention camps. A classmate of Nielsen’s from Law School said,

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  1. she went to Georgetown, so on some level she knew taking kids from their parents was going to get her some MAJOR pushback in DC.

  2. ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 KIRSTJEN NIELSEN IS A GREAT AMERICAN 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  3. It seems like a repetitive pattern with Trump's administration. They take a lot of heat for him, that is a lot of loyalty in my opinion. I wonder if the pay for this torture worth it? I mean, professionally I might think that they are competent, but from the way this video claims, it's like everything that relates to Trump becomes rotten. As a senior citizen, President Trump should have a more friendly approach to a lot of issues. It's not that hard to improve on a country that was running well before. It's like they hand picked President Trump to wreak havoc, not only in the US, but around the world.

  4. She getting thrown under the bus today 8.01.2019 or 01.08 for my yankee brethren. Someone needs to admit they failed if there is an emergency in his/her sector.

  5. I thought she was born in Pretoria. I could have swore she was responsible for the release of Nelson Mandela. But then again I could have been misinformed( apparently there's a lot of that going around these days misinformation missing truth Miss representation)

  6. listen people , no one asked those family ( caravan group) to put their children in harm way, parents are responsible for their safety. I myself is immigrated to US 28 years ago , I had to go through the proper channel, and it took UN&US 12 months to prove my application . its sad to see kids what they are going through, but that not us government fault . and if you people are really care a bout illegal immigrant then i have suggestion for all of you;get to gather with senator Schumer , Pelosi and CNN and MSNBC ,donate money and build a camped for them in Mexico. this country is COUNTERY OF LAW.


  7. Ummm. Didnt Obama Deport 2.5 million immigrants in the 80 years that he was president?
    In fact Obama deported 850 per day more than any president in US history. Nielsen is absolutely right.

  8. As soon as I heard "Kirstjen was raised in Clearwater, Florida – a small city in Tampa," I knew I was about to hear a bunch of factually incorrect nonsense. The bias and opinion bleeds from every word, this is the opposite of news.

  9. But I’d rail her, non-consensually of course: It’s only the modern RepubliKKKlan old southern dem- confederate way, right? Since when did they every respect rights of people that don’t matter, remember guys white women’s rights don’t matter and of course…..black people don’t matter at all. Start the R. Kelly playlist.

  10. no one that would take the job she has could do any better. if you want people to come up here and not be accounted for it means, laws mean nothing to you

  11. As a citizen, if you are arrested and your child is in your care, the arresting officer may call a relative of the child or CPS to come and take care and control of the child; the child does not get housed with you in a jailhouse efficiency. if, as a non-citizen, you enter the country illegally with a child in your care, the child will be taken into protective custody while their identity is determined and relatives or foster parents (INSIDE the U.S.) are located. How is that controversial? If you look at the numbers, the majority of children released to sponsor foster parents do not continue the immigration process with the court; they simply stop showing up to court dates, though they remain in the U.S. Quite the opposite from languishing in dog cages for weeks on end, only to be shipped back to their home country without whoever they had arrived at the U.S. border with… It's so disheartening to see every single media outlet (on both sides, obvi) so intent on pushing their agenda, regardless of the facts. Especially when it's something so seemingly common sense.

  12. Is it just me or does Neilson always look like she’s recently been crying and/or smoking pot? Her eyes look so red.

  13. She does not separate children from their parents, a convenient talking point for politicians to leverage for personal power and take advantage of decent people's (such as the narrator of this video) desire to live out the golden rule. I'm friends with people who know personally about these matters and they say that what is presented publicly is skewed for political power. As hard as it is to believe, people put their own children in harm's way, perhaps for good reasons, a mere chance to have a good life (not understanding that they are harming them this way) and we are left to clean up the mess… unless we personally go to the borders and clear out our own bedrooms and homes in order to put up these refugees, we find it easier to blame others. We actually do need a way to sort out the mess. It's easier to blame someone like her who's trying to figure it out and actually responds VERY respectfully to the questioning, which often sounds like the equivalent of "have you stopped beating your wife yet …yes or no…?"

  14. I hope what shes done haunts her for the rest of her life. I hope she sees those kids sitting in court alone as a toddler in her last moments. Shame

  15. "In a Mexican Restaurant, of all places!"

    LMFAO! Wtf does that even mean? Good ol' SJW & Liberal nonsense right there. Lol

    Look at her! Just sitting there eating dinner. Can someone please remind her that this is AMURICA! No Tacos or Burritos over here! This is AMURICA! We eat Steak & Apple Pie while singing the National Anthem at a Baseball game. Anything less and it's no longer AMURCIA! Lmao

  16. That's right let them all in don't check any of these loser's why because they are loser's like your selfs. Hahaha hahaha hahaha

  17. You loser's never said anything when you're loser obama was doing the same thing did you.we heard nothing from you loser's.

  18. To the people, who knew Kirstjen Nielsen before now (and before this video), and who commented about her, saying, "The person I knew had a conscious," I say, that you should rely upon what you knew this person to be before viewing this video, because, clearly, this video was ONLY made for the purpose of making her look bad. I have watched the hearings in Congress with different members of Congress asking her questions, having their own conclusions, before ever hearing her answers, and behaving overly emotional, to the point where they were behaving badly (ie., making errors in what they said and how they said things, yelling at her, calling her names in their accusations and accusing her of things without hearing an explanation &/or the truth about something, not giving her time to answer a question, before "throwing" another question at her, not listening and understanding her answers because they had their own conclusions, bullying her, giving the history of his "poor me" life experiences, along with all of the above, before walking out in a huff, instead of doing his job. I ask them, "If you have your own conclusions, what was the purpose of the hearings?" Was it just to show the public how emotional you can get over a child being separated from a parent, who broke USA law, and who is now facing prosecution? Why are you so emotional about THIS, when you think NOTHING of ripping a baby from its mother while its being born (or even in a late-term of gestation, when its capable of feeling PAIN), killing it, and tossing it in the trash? Why is that okay? You people are hypocrites!! You do not care about the children being trafficked through the southern border. You are just putting on a show to make yourselves appear to have compassion for children, when that is an out and out lie. Kirstjen Nielsen conducted herself appropriately throughout the hearings, when she was subjected to a lot of badly behaving Congressmen and women. (The name should be "Congressperson/Congresspeople.")

  19. More people need to know about this absolute horror show of a “human being.” I become infuriated any time her name is mentioned. Her main stance is that people are “taking advantage of the laws” of the United States, as if that’s a bad thing. She needs to be removed from her office which she never should have been confirmed to in the first place. Which Dems voted for her confirmation?? They need to be replaced, as well.

  20. Any parent that takes their child on a trip w/o getting a visa, & seeks asylum which is NOT guaranteed – is a fool, & reckless.
    It is NOT my responsibility to put trespassers interests ahead of seniors that built the nation & the vets that protected the country.
    Kirstjen as Sec of Homeland Security has a tough job, as 1M are illegal aliens, criminals, outlaw are crossing the borders illegally.
    60K parents separated from themselves from their children while only 2K were separated by ICE. Just the facts straight.
    Charity begins are home & it is NOT possible to feed, house, educate all the people that would like to enter Texas & the U.S.
    CLOSE THE BORDERS – BUILD the DAM WALL. Deport ALL MUSLIMS as they were outlawed in 1952.

  21. Thank you for confirming what some have only suspected. And that is one of the many reasons that Trump needs to be evicted from the White House. Good job.

  22. She is not, the illegals are doing this. She is following the law of the land. Stop being so judgmental and look at the facts of the law. Post the real facts so everybody can see them and judge the facts. You should not judge people that support the law.

  23. First of all Obama was the one that started separating kids from their family so stop lying you f**** Liars

  24. This video needs an update. Glad she got kicked out of White House. Now, Stephen Miller is in charge of immigration and Homeland Security. I can imagine Mr. Miller wants us to have a giant robots to go after us Mexicans and other brown/red/yellow people.

  25. Its not because you don't remember what country you come from or what kind of transportation and how much it cost you to get here that makes you an native American ! America is a colonies born out of Europe mostly Britain ! There a serious amnesia disorder here !

  26. Why blame Nielson or anyone else in charge of our Border, for the separation of children from Adults. It is the Mass migration of people who use the manipulation of children both pretend family's and child trafficking that's responsible for the separation of children from adult's. The day we send Children to prison with American Parents, that the day illegals can be jailed or detained with children.

  27. The Left is a Negative Socialistic Cult of Self Proclaimed Thieves Attacking Collage Students! Look how stupid they are acting?

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