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– [Matt Gaetz] The conditions in Haiti are deplorable, they are disgusting. I mean, it’s everywhere you look in Haiti, it’s sheet metal and garbage- – [Narrator] That’s Matt Gaetz, What a football helmet
would look like as a person. Gaetz was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in 1982. Although he spent his formative years in a town called Niceville, Gaetz falls short when
it comes to being nice. He’s been widely criticized for being Trump’s loudest cheerleader. But before he was championing the former steak salesman’s efforts, he was but a little rich boy, who had more in common with the former steak salesman than
just red meat ordering. – [Donald Trump] My father
gave me a small loan of a million dollars- – [Narrator] Gaetz’s father, Don Gaetz, there he is, hooked his son up as well. After making a fortune co-founding
a hospice care company, Don later used those profits to launch his son into the spotlight. The Gaetzs were so well off, they owned a second
home in Seaside Florida. It’s the same house Jim
Carrey’s character calls home in The Truman Show. Little Now This trivia. Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones notes, “Gaetz, who has devoted his
career to getting on television, spent much of his childhood
in a house made famous by a character trying to get off TV”. After graduating from William & Mary with a JD in 2007, Gaetz worked for a law firm, where, according to Mother Jones, “He filed a debt collection suit against an elderly woman who couldn’t pay home care firm owned by Gaetz’s dad”. Take that elderly woman. Then in 2008, one year into his gig at the firm, Gaetz was pulled over for drunk driving. After failing an eye test twice, and absolutely refusing that breathalyzer he was arrested, but the charges were dropped
thanks to a lawyer at the firm. As of 2014, Gaetz has been cited for 17 traffic tickets since 1999. And in addition to his DUI, Gaetz rear-ended a constituent while talking on his phone, and racked up multiple speeding
tickets over the years, with no signs of slowing down. See what I’m doing? In 2010, he decided to run
for the state house seat in Florida’s fourth district. Once he was in the State House, Gaetz lead an effort to allow Floridians to carry guns openly in public, he also sponsored a bill to speed up the state’s death row executions and he sponsored another
bill to ban abortions under Obamacare. In 2013, after George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, Gaetz offered a full-throated defense of Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law. Which a recent study concluded, conviction outcomes under that law are racially biased. Further fanning the
flames of racial hatred, Gaetz fired off a Tweet criticizing two lawmakers’ writing skills. Out of the 14 Democrats, Gaetz picked on the black legislators. A comment he never rebuked. In early 2016, Gaetz announced he was running for the U.S. House seat, representing Florida’s first
congressional district. But winning was a different challenge. According to Mother Jones, In six year, Gaetz’s net worth went from one million dollars to just 388,000. Yet, he was somehow pouring
hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign. More than half of his net worth, How was he doing it you might ask? The young Gaetz began selling real estate property around town. But who bought it all,
you might ask again? Thank you for asking. A company owned by his father, where Matt himself, at
the time of the sales, was listed as an executive. That’s apparently a perfectly
legal and a fun thing to do in America, which is a country that rules by the land. So after Gaetz sold those properties to a company owned by a bunch of Gaetzs, he obviously won that seat, where he has been stirring
things up ever since. With the help of some… Super reliable folks, – [Alex Jones] Well, Matt Gaetz, really impressive, what you’re doing. Mattgaetz.com, thanks for joining us. – [Narrator] During his first term, Gaetz invited a Holocaust skeptic, who threatened to take
out a black lived matter activist, to attend
the State of the Union. – [Matt Gaetz] I have
met Chuck just briefly before allowing him snag a
ticket that was at our office but, you know? Some of the claims against Mr. Johnson are not accurate, he’s not a Holocaust denier, he’s not a white supremacist- – [Narrator] At a House
Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence, almost a year after the Parkland shooting, Gaetz, along with his
eight plus NRA rating, tried to eject two
fathers who lost children to that shooting. Gaetz explained, “The greatest driver of
violence wasn’t the weapon, but our immigration system
and a lack of a wall”. When a grieving Parkland dad, whose son’s life was taken
by a U.S. born citizen, said, “That’s not true”. Gaetz responded, – [Matt Gaetz] Is there a
process in the committee where if by the very same people, are repeatedly interrupting
the time of the members, that those people will be
asked to depart the committee? – [Narrator] So, who was cheering Gaetz on through all of this? – [Donald Trump] You talk about defending, he’s fantastic, Matt Gaetz. (cheering) – [Narrator] Well Trump
has reason to back him. In addition to their mutual beliefs, Gaetz went a step further on the eve of public testimony by Trump’s former personal lackey, I mean, attorney, Michael Cohen. Gaetz invoked his non-right
to intimidate a witness, tweeting, “Hey @MichaelCohen212- Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a
good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain
faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot…” – [Interviewer] Does your tweet
amount to witness tampering? – [Matt Gaetz] Absolutely not, it’s witness testing. – [Narrator] The Florida
bar opened as investigation and Gaetz deleted the tweet. In April 2019, on a beautiful spring day, Gaetz hired an ex White House Aid, who was fired by the Trump Administration, for his strong ties to
white supremacist groups. – [Donald Trump] He got fired. – [Narrator] Picking up scraps deemed even to controversial for a president, who said they were good
people on both sides of the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, truly sums up Gaetz’s moral compass. In Trump’s Washington, anything goes, and Gaetz, along with his numerous speeding tickets, appears to be hauling straight to the top. As long as he keeps sticking his neck out for the President, the sky is the limit. – [Donald Trump] Matt Gaetz, where’s Matt? Stand up Matt. Boy, a great defender, he gets on television and he’s like, it doesn’t stop.

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  1. I use to just disagree with conservatives. Today I hate them, and rightfully so. They are the greatest threat facing our country and I refuse to be polite anymore.

  2. how are these people the ones that get elected, this system needs a change. prob should start with term limits and super pac money . just saying.

  3. Can anyone tell me, what is so great about being born white ? All I read was white skin is super friendly to skin cancer..

  4. Matt Gaetz is nothing more than an insane egomaniac who just spews forth the right wing propaganda lies for the crooked "Human Scum" repub party! He needs to resign or be voted out of office!

  5. What a smear video against Matt Gaetz. The hatred of conservatives, republicans, and all things Trump is the MO, modus operandi, of this website. What else could one expect when this site is funded by the Hollywood entertainment leftist elite. headed by 'All in the Family' meathead.

  6. The wierd thing is that in an alternative universe he's considered the epitomy of a fine person. That alternate universe is the Republican party.

  7. I can't stand him! He was so disrespectful to witnesses in impeachment inquiry. He verbally attacked a Army Veteran. (Vindman)

  8. The best way to handle this raving lunatic Matt Gaetz is to do the Jesus trick…..just say nothing. Do the Times crossword and ignore him. He doesn't want you to answer anyway, just let him make a fool of himself.

  9. Guts has to scrape the bottom of the barrel who else operates the way he does and he is a coward on top of all that scared of his own shadow. BOO!

  10. Looks like Cartoon American Dad Stan Smith, BRAINS, like Cartoon Patrick Starfish. His constituency should be ashamed

  11. Im so fascinated by this guy. Record breaking stupidity, ignorance and inflated ego. He’s so repulsive that I can’t stop watching. No wonder Alex Jones likes him. 💩 attract flies.

  12. Matt Gaetz is a steaming pile of human garbage with no moral compass or soul. He also has history's most punchable face.

  13. Like trump never had to live paycheck to paycheck and is detached from the reality of how most Americans live. So naturally trump supporters will worship him. Country Club conservatives are a blight. Republican party is the party of entitlement right-wing rich kids. Can't understand why working class Americans keep voting against there interests.

  14. A genuine bonafide sleazeball and a true embarrassment to US politics. Just like his orange idol. Sociopaths flock like birds in the GOP.

  15. If anybody was wondering how somebody looks acts and behaves when their soul and spirit have been sold bought spent beyond usefulness. This stooge is a prime example

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