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Assalam O Alikum my name is Mubasher Lucman and you are watching Mubasher Lucman youtube channel deaths from the virus in China have not stopped and WHO has said that the chances of controlling the pandemic are lessening by the day because this virus has spread fear in many countries after leaving China the reported cases outside of China are increasing I will tell you more about this, but first but let’s first talk about the Pakistani students stranded in Wuhan many agencies are giving fake reports regarding this and a confusion is being created there’s a website, daily mail Pakistan in the editor note they have published a report by Ajmal Khan Yousafzai which claims that some people in a mysterious group, which is affiliated with certain political groups and have previously been associated with some banned international, private organisations they have been found inciting stranded Pakistani students and their families in Hubei it has also been said that these mysterious elements have also directly communicated with the students through wechat, whatsapp and are urging them to create a protest for evacuation the question is, do parents need an agenda to demand the evacuation of their children? someone is going to come and tell them that they care more for their children, more than any parents? it has been said that there are two sympathetic groups, they deal with the parents and the students separately, one group is compelling the parents to protest in order to pressurise the government of Pakistan while the other is advising the parents of students returning to China to come out on the roads to demand immediate evacuation they are trying to convince them that they can get scholarships in universities in USA and the UK and they can get admissions in their supervision if by pressurising the Pakistani and Chinese governments they make arrangements for leaving China and it further states that there are some agitated people behind the protesting students these anarchists are coercing the parents and the students to protest for evacuation immediately whereas 10-15 students are spreading hopelessness among the students I fail to comprehend this, that the people who’s livelihood in on the line, and this predacious virus that is revolving around them, there is no way that accusing them of being involved in plots is in any way right this whole thing has been going on for two months now, the whole world has evacuated their children, only the thousands on Pakistani students are there in the shackles of Pak-China friendship the truth is that now many Pakistani’s are trapped in China some of them are Pakistani families but a majority of them are students who are studying in China but because of the spread of this virus they are trapped there, now among the families there are some that have young children with the parents, while others are currently expecting currently in China, especially Wuhan there are a large number of students, initially all Pakistani’s waited patiently very calmly because statements were coming from all sides that China will quickly gain control of the situation but after the statement from WHO, it seems that it will not be as easy to control this virus because after devastating China it is arising in other countries as well but with the passage of time, the Pakistani’s that are trapped in China for their families in Pakistan, this wait is a torment they are fearful for the lives of their children, they are praying for the welfare of their children, this is a natural thing, and they have also approached the courts so that arrangements may be made to evacuate their children to Pakistan on the courts orders, the government tried to brief the parents and to give assurances to them but none of them were assured, before going further, if you have not subscribed to this channel then please do so now, also press the bell icon so that you continue to receive updates now an additional 109 people have died in China because of the virus, bringing the total death toll to 2,346 whereas the number of affectees has crossed 76 thousand outside of China 11 deaths and over 1000 cases have been reported Chinese official are saying that the number of affectees is declining, however, the deaths of the affected persons are not declining two drugs are in the testing phase through the WHO … they are being administered in China however, the affects of the medication will be known after 3 weeks the virus has been detected in 165 people in South Korea and the virus has also been confirmed in two people who travelled from Japan to Australia 3 additional cases of the virus have been reported in Iran in Ukraine the bus carrying travelers from Wuhan to quarantine was stoned, roads were blocked and tyres were burned, while the UAE has confirmed that an additional 2 people have been affected by the virus one of the affectees is from Bangladesh and the other from Philippines in the Emirates the total number of affected is now 11, most of these are from China the director-general of the WHO expressed concerns about the cases that have no direct link with China or other previously affected cases this statement was given when two new deaths due to the virus were confirmed in Iran and the cumulative deaths in Iran due to the virus is now 4 because according to the Iranian department of health this virus was already present in cities across Iran and the statement by the WHO that many cases have no direct link with the virus is most alarming like travel history, dates of confirmed cases, in Lebanon the first confirmed case is a 45 year old woman, and it has come to light that she travelled from Qom to Beirut the WHO has said that it is concerned about the spread of the virus in countries where the health services are lacking cases of the virus have also come forward in Israel and Egypt while in Canada a total of 9 cases has come to light that includes a woman traveling from Iran to Canada doctors say in Italy that a 78 year old man died due to the virus, and became the first death in Italy in Italy there are over 16 cases reported and all offices were closed and sports competitions were postponed in all affected areas according to the AFP none of the affected went to China in the Initial cases were two tourists from Wuhan and one Italian national the South Korean prime minister has declared an emergency in the country after 100 new cases and the second death, now the total number of patients from the virus there is 204 two southern cities of the country have been declared special protected areas after 3 soldiers were diagnosed with the virus, the military base was also put under lockdown in South Korea a religious sect of 9000 adherents were advised to self quarantine because the virus has been diagnosed in that group officials believe that the current wave of the virus broke out when people of this sect gathered to perform the last rites for their founder’s brother from 31st Jan to 2nd Feb and the news also came to light that the virus has reached the jails in China where 500 inmates have also been affected in Wuhan alone the number of affected in a women’s prison is 230 similarly in the eastern province of changdong and south eastern province virus affectees are being diagnosed the weather is changing now while the destruction of this virus is still not being controlled it is now spreading to warmer regions like Iran, Israel, Egypt and the UAE may by the grace of Allah we are all rid of this pestilence soon you are watching Mubasher Lucman youtube channel my name is Mubasher Lucman do subscribe and press the bell icon so that you are notified of further news and updates Allah Hafiz

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