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In 1991, after several years of negotiations
and a whole lot of tension, the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia finally managed
to break away from the Soviet Union. The finally had the freedom that they had
wanted for so long. Since then, 50 years have passed by since
the soldiers of the Red Army occupied these countries. But during the years under the Soviets, repression
and fear were the basic ingredients in the lives of people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Let’s have a look at some pretty alarming
data. In Lithuania alone, a country of little more
than 2.5 million people, these numbers were recorded:
(200.000 people were arrested, questioned and imprisoned, 132.000 people were deported,
especially to Siberia. 75.000 prisoners, deportees and partisans
were eliminated by the Soviet regime.) And if all that wasn’t enough, at the time
of their independance, poverty and shortages were every day realities for all the inhabitants
of these countries. “I remember the days, when the counters
of the shops in Tallinn were empty and the people were starving. The economy more or less had to be rebuilt
from scratch”. Since then, dear viewer, things have changed
a lot. More than a lot in fact… From the very moment these countries regained
their independence, they decided to bet it all on democracy and freedom. Their economies are today among the freest
ones, they are members of the EU and NATO, and they prosper. Today these are countries with really high
standards of living.  
They can really now be considered rich countries.  
The transformation has been total and remarkable. In 2009, they suffered, along with the rest
of the world, through the financial crisis and it really seemed as if their economies
were on the verge of collapse… “Latvia’s economy contracts almost 18
percent in Q4 2009”. Seekingalpha But, against all odds, they managed to recover
in a very short period of time. Indeed, they became an example to other countries
like Spain, Greece and Portugal.  
But that’s a whole different thing that we’re going to talk about in a future video. In this video we are going to focus on Lithuania
talk about a problem that is shared by a lot of countries in Eastern Europe. A problem that, today, is actually one of
the biggest threats to their future… BRAIN DRAIN The history of Lithuania, and all the Baltic
States in general, since their freedom in 1991, is a history of success.  
Today they are modern, open countries with prosperous economies. But… as with any good story… not everything
is quite so pretty. Yes, there are issues these countries are
facing, and today we are going to particularly focus on Lithuania. In this case, the biggest problem is “brain
drain”. Yep, emigration with an “E”! And this is no small problem for the country… Since 2004 only, when the country was integrated
in the EU, Lithuania has lost more than 10% of its population. That is: more than 300,000 people, especially
young people, have decided to pack up and move to a different country. And, by the way, most of them have chosen
the United Kingdom. Yes, while in Western Europe and the United
States they are concerned about immigration, in Lithuania it is the other way around – they
are concerned about people leaving. They are worried that this might end up decapitalizing
the country. “Since 1990 we have lost about 800,000 people
and for a small country this is a huge loss. We are losing our youngest and brightest so
in the future we will just have old people who will be dying. We will have a dying society.” And, as always, the ones who are leaving tend
to be the most capable and best prepared young people. This, of course, has an significant impact
on country’s economy: the number of young people working decreases, talent leaves the
country, and the population ages. But this isn’t just a problem for Lithuania… “Since the early 1990s, some 20 million
of central and eastern Europe’s most talented workers have left. And they have largely headed for Western Europe”. Foreign Affairs. So who you think has benefitted the most from
all this talent redistribution? Yes, that’s right, the wealthiest countries…  
And that is why we have to be very careful about the messages being sent by politicians
who are attempting to criminalize immigration in order to get votes. Yep, we’re looking at you Theresa May and
Donald Trump. But… I know what you are thinking: If the Baltic
countries have been so successful…Why are people leaving? Well, because they are looking out for their
own personal success… Look, for one, these countries have managed
to develop a well prepared young population who can also speak English (two must-haves
when it comes to look for a future in other places).  
And then we also have the fact that because of all the growth that has happened since
1991, these people can now leave the country in a comfortable way. But, there is still a key question to answer:
Why are they leaving if things are going so well!? Well, that isn’t hard to explain… Even though the salaries have improved a lot
in the last years, the difference with the wealthiest countries is still quite big. As an example, while the average salary in
Lithuania is about 800€, in the United Kingdom it is almost 2,500€, three times more. All of this might leave you wondering whether
this impressive economic development was actually good for the Baltic countries. Well, we’d say that yes it’s still worth
it, but it does leave us with a couple of very important questions: First, “What is
the cost of this?” and second “How can they stop the brain drain?” PUTTING AN END TO EMIGRATION So, stopping this brain drain has become a
major priority for Eastern European countries. In some of these countries like Poland, Latvia
and Hungary they have started a return campaign in order to persuade emigrants to come back
home. “I would welcome all Polish people who went
abroad. If only they could come back, it would be
a great day for Poland”. Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish deputy Prime Minister.  
However, while this is a nice sentiment, it is definitely in Lithuania, where there is
a larger concern about the brain drain, that there has been more significant support from
society. (In the last parliamentary elections celebrated
in October, the Lithuanian Greens and Farmers Union won the elections and took control of
the government. This pintoresque party had only had one MP
in the previous elections. Their  main promise: putting an end on emigration.) But, of course, it is easier said than done. So the question is: How is this party going
to succeed – a party led, by the way, by Ramunas Karbauskis one of the most important businessmen
in the country?  
Well, apparently their top priority is to stop emigration by attracting much more foreign
investment. They claim that, if they can succeed in getting
more foreign money for investment, they will be able to provide more jobs with higher salaries…  
So, how are they planning to do this? Well, by reducing bureaucracy, chasing corruption
and, also, by making adjustments to the labour market.  
And the truth is that this does make a ton of sense. We could say that, once again, the Baltic
countries really seem to know how to get things done. But… hold on for just a second… because
this isn’t the end of the story. There are some other things that… well…
they don’t look quite so good… THE SHADOWS OF THE LITHUANIAN PLAN On the one hand, at the same time as the government
promised foreign investment, they have also committed to raise taxes by eliminating what
is known as a “Flat-Tax.” Look, in Lithuania, as well as in Estonia
and Latvia, the tax systems are really simple. In Lithuania’s case there is a flat tax, a
flat tax rate of 15% for people and companies. That is to say that a Lithuanian who makes
10,000€ pays 1,500€ in taxes and the one who makes ten times more, 100,000€, also
pays 10 times more: 15,000€. Raising taxes in this way sort of goes against
the foreign investment and higher salaries plan, and this raise will directly harm both
of these things. And by the way, corporate taxes aren’t as
low as they may seem: If we add up the social security contributions
and other taxes, companies pay up more than 40% of their gross profits in taxes, according
to the World Bank. And now we have to point out the issue of
Russia and NATO. The previous Lithuanian governments (and the
current is no exception) have insisted on scaring the population, and also the rest
of the world, with the Russian threat, saying the country is constantly in danger… OK, while it is true these threats are real,
it’s not really a brilliant way to instil confidence in potential investors in the country… And finally, and maybe the most important
of all, there is a cultural matter that affects the entire country. So, if there is this brain drain doing on…
wouldn’t it be logical to try to compensate that loss by bringing young professionals
from other countries?  
Well, that’s a bit of a problem because this country is also a bit suspicious about
immigration. Most of these countries are a bit nationalist…  
Anyway, if anything is for certain, it is that Lithuania as well as Estonia and Latvia
have done their homework and their policies are certainly much more efficient that the
ones that predominate in the rest of Europe. Remember, in just 25 years they have managed
to become rich countries with high standards of living. Well, now we’d like to know what you think:
Do you think these countries will finally be able to stop this brain drain? We are looking forward to hearing what you
think in the commenst section below. And as always, if you liked the video, please
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  1. Let me guess, although average income is about 800€, most of the young people are paid way less, the country is corrupt, young people cannot afford housing, young people have to pay a lot of taxes to support older people while they know nobody will pay for them once they are older because there is simply not enough children (that tends to happen when young people have crappy wages and cannot afford housing).

    It's the case of old generation screwing over younger generation, but younger generation can simply pack their bags and walk away.

  2. It's a tiny country of less than 3 million people, if they wish to defend their culture they need to be very careful of who they let in.

  3. We are not concerned about the people's coming from Eastern Europe, it's the backstabbing murdering Muslims that concern us. Stupid found a home in you Liberal Socialist Liberals.

  4. Why is it such a problem when the natives leave and brain-drain occurs? I thought all the highly qualified immigrants and refugees can take up that role. Im sure this isnt an issue. Oh… wait….

  5. One of the worst mistakes has been adopting the euro, basically leaving its economy in the hands of the European Central Bank / Bundesbank (same thing).

  6. As a Black, I give my opinion…Lithuanians are weak, and a pussified version of what Western Man was. When Hitler threatened, they rolled on the Jews but quick. Your wealthy neighbor's wealth – was now your wealth. I worked in shit-cago. The Liths had more Honor , more self-respect than the rest of eastern-euros. Not as bad as bosnians, but not certainly not always. Czechs – way better people, because they ain't fulla shit and know how both sides work. But at the end of the day, where $$$ is, fucking bosnians.

  7. The real thing is that the average salary is much less than 800€. I also left the Lithuania just because I couldn’t live there with Lithuanian income as a nurse (receiving ~400€/month in public hospitals as a full-timer) and some things from society like pessimism, intolerance, etc. Most of the medical jobs are low in a quality by causing lots of stress, burn outs, conflicts, trauma accidents. In general, there are more things than economy that makes the youth leave the country…
    Speaking about the prices, since I live in Sweden, I noticed that the prices became lower than Lithuanian’s ones.

  8. Teresa may isn't against immigration when she was in charge of immigration she brought in hundreds of thousands of Muslims alone.

  9. LITWINI!! ROSIJA? Nieprawdaz? Slyszyssz popiepszony litwinski Palancie?? Pampersy1 Zaloz na Glupi Globus szmate a na jajka LOD!!! Powodzenia !!!

  10. Hey man , I ve always wanted to ask you , what are your thoughts on humanity becoming a Type 1 civilization ,in the context of a universally spoken 1 st language (english) and the whole concept of borderless earth , where humanity truly understands the significance and value of working together. How long will this transition take or does it seem unlikely to ever happen.

  11. I did not know that the average UK salary was 2500 euros… that seems ridiculously high. I live in the UK, in London, where wages are higher than the rest of the country and going by exchange rates when this video was made, that just doesn't add up at all.
    Also,and this is me being nitpicking, but it isn't Eastern Europe but the Baltics. Also Poland, Czech Rep are Central Europe. Nobody wants to be seen as Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Cold War. You also cannot trust Russia who are threatening the Baltics a lot of late, incl kidnapping somebody on their own land across the border – an international crime, along with hybrid warfare via propaganda, esp in the eastern tips of Latvia.
    As for immigrants, they don't want to be there. They want to go to richer western states, not freeze more every winter and get the welfare that places like Germany, UK and Sweden dish out like sweets.

  12. A FATAL mistake would be for Lithuania (& other proud eastern European nations) to open the floodgates to a tsunami of THIRD WORLD DREGS, as has happened in Western Europe. Take a look at videos such as Europe Is Killing Itself, & Paris Is A Sh*thole, on YouTube. There are countless videos which highlight how ratbag politicians of the corrupt, commie-greenie infested & controlled EU dictatorship are KILLING Europe.

  13. Hello, Lithuanian living in Netherlands here. 3/4 of the people (myself included) are so called "economic emigrants" because of the economic difficulties in our country. Yes, you can achieve 800 euro average salary, but it's only in capital city of Vilnius. There is a funny saying that "there is Vilnius and there is everything else in Lithuania". This is the truth. Countryside is mostly empty, smaller cities and towns are deserted and not in the best of shape, our forests are being cut down, blue lakes and gorgeous parks bought by private people who use the law to do so, poor salaries for teachers, policemen, firefighters, etc., – practically saying we have no middle class. Media is constantly pushing the agenda of Russia's invasion. And these are only few of the reasons why people (myself included) leave the country.
    On the other hand, banks are receiving billions and billions of euro from emigrants, because most of us send money back, so it would be unfortunate for banks to loose this massive income. And we all know that all the banks are Scandinavian (last non Scandinavian bank was Snoras – was made to go bankrupt) so someone is getting a very nice salary at Lithuania's expense.

    To wrap things up, I want to believe that great times will eventually come but first everybody has to get their eyes open. Everybody has to understand why it's being done and why it's need to be stopped. What we need is a peaceful revolution with songs and bonfires in our cities to show that we are fed up with all this nonsense. Only peaceful protests can solve this problem. Not the aggression, not the hate and anger. When this day will come, everybody (and I mean literally everybody) will need to get on the streets and show what 2.5 million citizen rally looks like. With only couple of thousands we won't make a change, but IF the majority of the mass chooses to stand the ground peacefully – we will get our freedom from this cabal.

    This goes for all the countries of the world, because, all in all, there is only a faction of people ruling the planet. And the time for them is up!
    God bless and stay united!

  14. Make these small Baltic countries to be european Hong Kong: (1) law taxes; (2) law byreaukracy; (3) fast uncorrupted courts. (4) Highway and fast railway would be plus too. You do not need more. Get rid off lefty snowflakes who care of people who never cared about better life. These lefty people will always cause brain drain. Nobody hardworking and talented wants to share the outcome of his hardwork and talent with communist idiots. Tell clearly to the baltic emigrants that they are not just welcome but preferred over the people always remembering Sojuz and social equality.
    Social equality is abnormal and is the MAIN factor for brain drain.

    If you are talented, educated, free young guy or lady with high income but no house you prefer to work in place that allows you to make money to buy house and have decent life. How would you manage it if you take 40% of their salaries in order to distribute it to people who hate the young professionals?? Would you be there?

  15. "Rich countries"… May be, may be… I just wish they actually shared with the people. We basically have no true middle class, you are either rich, or you are barely above poverty.

  16. I'm British and I don't understand the appeal of the UK. Life here is okay but nothing special, unless you come from a third-world country.

  17. Because immigration can be weponized and borders are capital to protect the social stability and evolution of the country, you series in West and Central Europe, the social environment is on fire and regressive violent and intolerant ideas got assimilated into the day to day lives of the natives

  18. Sorry, but the immigration issue isn't about Lithuanians or other Eastern European countries moving to the UK or Germany… it's about Muslims. Period.

  19. hi mate can you share some info on your vide you speak on re the financial wealth of the baltic , latvia etc…i cant find it through your hundreds of videos lol 🙂 thanks

  20. I agree with the video, higher salaries and language skills bring many people to seek for better opportunities somewhere else. It might be also that the brain drain phenomenon is a consequence of choices of the past by education systems, pushed by economic uncertainty. In Tallinn, Estonia most of the people speak English really well, they attend bilingual schools, and many know Russian as well. In Estonia we can say that there's tri-linguism

  21. Romania lost 4 million people (20% of the population) after 1989, they emigrated, it is a disaster for Romania due to the massive brain drain. And they will not return because of the Romanian Mafia that is controlling the country. Romania is doomed to remain a mediocre country due to its mafia groups.

  22. Hi,
    I follow your videos.
    I have a suggestion, kindly look for alternative soothing intermediate music instead of nagging loud sounds during your presentation.

  23. As a Pole, i can't to get why Lithuanians are hate us so much. I know there is some historical problem. We a Poles always have had much bigger problem with Germany, but we dont hate the typical German people so bad. We dont care anyway, its only LIthuania! 😉

  24. As a Russian living in Estonia, I think the main reasons for emigration are different. You have to understand that during the Soviet Union era, the annexed Baltic states were considered "rich regions" of the USSR, so a lot of Soviet people who wanted to live a "richer" life moved there. Most of such people are of Russian descent. But after the Soviet Union collapsed, those Russian families stayed in the country, because they believe living in a country that is a part of the EU is better than in Russia and more "western-like", so they don't go back to Russia.

    This makes the local (Lithuanian/Latvian/Estonian) people kind of despise such Russian families, that even after having declared independence, there's still some trace of Russian people here. As for the children of such Russian families (like me), living here doesn't bring much opportunities. For people who have lived their life during the USSR era these places might seem like heaven, but the younger generation is more "westernized". I can agree that because young people in the Baltic countries have reasonably good English skills (enough to be able to communicate in it, at least), it inspires them to move out of the Baltic countries… After all, their nationality is kind of "two-sided" and people often misunderstand you… Are you Estonian? No, because my culture isn't like Estonian. Are you Russian? I'm born Russian but… not really, since I've never lived in Russia (or at least moved here since a young age), and don't really know how the Russian culture works completely either! So to escape from this "madness", young people want to emigrate.

    And the last reason I can find, is that the current politicians of the Baltic states and the governments don't really attract young people in any way. What I mean is, all the social advertising and social benefits are targeted towards 30-year-olds and higher, as well as elderly people… Maybe they just don't know what exactly are young people missing while living here. A lot of the street ads are like "in our store, the chicken is only 1.99 euros!"… I mean come on now.

    As for me personally, it's hard to find IT jobs in Estonia that I would like. You may have heard of Estonia being a "progressive IT country", but it's only "progressive" compared to poorer countries, really. Yes, there is "electronic voting" and "ID card authentication", but that's about it. There's not much more to offer. Even in the neighboring Finland there are much more IT opportunities. If anything, the current IT culture in Estonia looks bleak at best. Skype was sold to Microsoft, so now Estonia has lost the "bragging rights" of it being their company. The only other Estonian IT company I can think of that is still relevant in the international sense is TransferWise. With headquarters located in the UK. sigh I don't think this motivates young people to stay here for sure…

    Anyway, this post is my opinion on how I understand things and you may feel free to disagree with me.

  25. I lived in Lithuania for two years , they are racist and dishonest people. It’s Land of criminals never trust Lithuanians they steal your pockets.

  26. I think… that as long as they are always heading in the direction of becoming a liberal democracy, they have my support; and I welcome EU projects that will help build their economy. On the other hand, if they take the path of Hungary, any amount of support is too much.

  27. According to trading economics average salary in Lithuania in 2018 july was 935euros. I agree such salary exsist only in Vilnius and mostly for those people who work skilled jobs.

  28. Hey friend, why not u mention corruption. 80 pc of Lithuania ‘leaders’ would be in jail in normal country. Lithuania is closer to Zimbabwe than wealthy western country in this respect!

  29. LOL @ at all the poor and unfortunate losers in comments. (or disguised russian trolls). Low wages, low that. haha. Yeah, minimum wage is low? but why do you care? In Vilnius you can earn 1k/month just by basically showing up to work. Want more? Primine minister does not owe you anything. You are young. Drop the gamepad, and get studying/working. You can make all the money in the world. All the opportunies are there. Many hi tech firms are opening up. Just learn some skill and get working. For fuck sake, you can easily make 1.5k just by being a painter or repairing cars. I cant even get a decent haircut for less then 20€. Thats 160€ per day if you are a barber. But ofc, if all you can do is scan barcodes, than yeah, please go, Norway is welcomming you.

  30. dude…. most of economical information you said about Lithuania…. is 100 procent bullshit… it shows you know shit about lithuania…”rich countries” LOL…. dude people flee Lithuania … emigration is masive… cuz ppl staving… averege salry is 500 euros… and the majority of work class ppl works for the minimum – 400 euros… can you even imagine to live… pay bills… eat … and get something to wear for 400 euros a month??? and by the way … Lithuania didnt move a finger to get ppl back from emigration…. Lithuania doesnt even have a plan…. so…. stoop bullshiting ppl with your false information …

  31. Who wrote this ?! Come back to what ?! Are you kidding me ?!
    Half of population stuck in 1940 with Stalin atrocities while more people left since EU "integration" unable to maintain crumbling infrastructure created 1960.
    Baltic countries are merely a puppet states – foreign currency, foreign army, foreign politics and majority of business are ether owned or half foreign – Small rotting hell for master to gain and play with global political leverage just like Ukraine and alike.
    Virtue signaling with pagan traditions while true identity lost somewhere with previous owners, talking about society there is none as demographics and population density speaks for its own. Easy to manipulate, nationality exists only for one purpose. Just wait till they have to return EURO shekels back to the masters.

  32. Why people leaving lithuania?

    1. Huge poverty in lower ranks.
    2. No politics to vote for, every election it's the same bullshit and corruption, also about half the people just don't care anymore and don't vote at all, while the majority is influenced by promisses and media.
    3. Nobody cares about an individual.
    4. Country politicians are oriented in making the country look rich while starting by increasing the prices.
    5. No more union/unification of the people, everybody just takes the easy way.
    6. Almost everything is corrupt. (It's acctually getting better but not enough)
    7. People are generally very sad and everybody is just looking a way to trick their own.
    8. People are scared of War. (We would be the front line).
    9. Many good salary jobs require at least couple years of experience with a major degree and being 20 years old.
    10. The LAW is unfair to uninfluenced and poor while very gratefull to rich and influenced.
    11. Education system concentrates more on putting as much information as you can while not giving much practical activities.

    I could go on and on, and these are just the tip of the iceberg…….

  33. Latvia's biggest problem is politicans they steal from people just like in USA with help of bank and taxes. Fuck money!!! Everything has become too expensive and salary is low. Maybe we will have civil war against politicans. They are too many xD

  34. Comments are much more insightful than the video itself :). Baltic countries got richer after gaining independence but they are still really poor by EU standards – of course no-one wants to work there given any kind of choice. It happened to every under-developed nation joining EU – people will always migrate towards higher salaries, which are still comparatively low by, say, German standards.
    Of course Baltic countries can lure a lot of educated immigrants from Russia (who would gladly emigrate there for exactly same economic reasons) to replace those who leave – but they are not "a touch nationalists", that's an understatement of the year, they are full on Nazis, at least in everything concerning Russians. So that's not an option for them.

  35. I live in Lithuania, I live with my dad and he gets about 400€ a month so he has to work extra illegally to get more money so we could basically survive.

  36. I hoped this time he won't say Poland is eastern europe but i got my hopes up in vain. And in Poland a lot of peopl left when we joined the eu, but now the economy is getting better and better with gdp growth of 4.6% people are coming back and youth doesn't have to leave now. People should try to make their country better place to live if it's possible instead of just getting the free education and then leaving without contributing anything.

  37. “In 25 years they’ve become rich and prosperous countries.” Rofl no offense but you are clueless about the situation in Lithuania. The middle class is almost non existent because of the joke salaries and the majority of the population can only afford the basics of life with their average income of 800 EUR.

    There is no way the Baltic states will find a solution to emigration and stop the well educated from fleeing away. Those qualified people are well aware that life is too precious to waste at a poor country so they just choose to live in actual prosperous countries where they have an actual income instead of a joke salary which is only enough to afford the basics in life.

  38. As a Latvian I can definitely say that the getting rich part is great but emigration is a very difficult problem.
    Also saying that were a touch nationalistic is understating it.

  39. Just keep making babies and educate them (personally if the education system is damaged). It is all going to be nicer and nicer in the future! The corrupt will die out eventually.

  40. Western Europeans don’t hate immiration. They hate immigrants that aren’t white. The white immigrants integrate into western europe and their children will be indistinguishible from the native french, english or german.

  41. Nice video. I'm from Latvia. btw, these 3 years was quite good for all of our small Baltic countries, especially Estonia progressed well, they even stopped brain drain. I advice you to make some video about that and about my own country Latvia would be also nice to hear from another perspective. =)

  42. my distant ancestors were Lithuanian before being swallowed up by Russia–
    so, I did some DNA research and found out that Lithuanians are most closely related to
    Latvians firstly, and then, to Romanians, secondly.

  43. lol, our average salary is 450 then take taxes off witch are above hundred euros, you are left with pennies with which you need to live the rest of the month with high prices and the prices are going up day by day.

  44. Ostracize those who leave the country, deny them the right to dual nationality, maintain a backward Soviet era social mentality then cry when everyone is leaving and no one wants to come back…

  45. America is also looking for our own personal success and that can’t happen with a welfare state and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!

  46. The braindrain will stop in a few years. Western europe is destroying itself through mass immigration from the middle east and afrika. No sane person comes here anymore from eastern european countries.

  47. I am American and moved to Lithuania to live. Everyone who I had worked with at the US Embassy here, love this country and enjoy the safety for children to play freely without worry. Out of my group who came here to work, three of us married a local. 🙂 The LT's are patriotic people and appreciate freedoms.

  48. Average salaries are so high, because the salaries of polititians are so much higher than salaries of ordinary people. In Latvia, an average person lives on 500 euro a month. For most of the country the standard of living is nowhere near 'high'.

  49. It's a pity,because some of Lithuanians do not appreciate,that they live among civilized white men and white women.For me, money is not the most important thing in life.I live in Romania, a country where the gypsies have multiplied very much.Romanian people are 16 milion and gypsies are 4-5 milion and lately the traitor government of Romania began to receive Arabs and Africans "to study".It is true that people are VERY racist in Romania and do not interact with these miserable africans and gypsies and arabs,but there are a few small exceptions,we also have retards people,country and race traitors. Money does not mean anything when you are sick of the ugly and stupid people from black races who lives around you.Learn to appreciate the peace and the beautiful things in your country.All the good things you can easily lose,if you accept immigrants from black races and it is a great sin to run after money,if you have a beautiful white population with whom to live.

  50. All 3 countries has an issue that you conviniently didn't mention.. Way too high unequality (between poor and rich and between countryside and main cities). Those who can't find a job and a home in a main city usually are the ones who move away. This "marvelous" flat tax is partially to blame why things are out of hand, because all 3 Baltic states seriously lack funds to deal with their increasing poverty (especially outside of bigger cities)..

  51. In the world there are over 10,000,000 people worldwide…. according to latest people count there are only 2,500,000 living in that wonderful country….. yet, still…. Lithuania is against migration. Lol I’m glad though it’s funny, I’m glad still.

  52. Lithuania – My favorite EU country – safe and quiet. Very prideful after a long struggle to be free with their Baltic brothers.

  53. trump is married to an eastern woman, you really have no intelligence in your data. you should also have talked about Mart Laar, but you certinly don't even know him. sad

  54. Just shows how a "normal" country can succeed after communism, unlike Moldova, Ukraine and many other former republics which are corrupt shitholes.

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