Why Willow Smith Is Open To A Polyamorous Relationship: 'I Love Men & Women Equally' | Access

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  1. my heart is in tears for willow this life style was force upon her she needs our comforter Jesus Christ….. fame and fortune

  2. I’ve been in a polyamorus relationship for 3 years it’s not for everybody but if she can make it happen I hope for the best for her

  3. I don't think she wan't to date a man and woman I think she gets really bored really fast with the people she dates because her mentality is not thier mentality.

  4. Somewhere along the line, someone veered off course? You can still come back home, if it aint too late?

  5. Hope that they know the ledge? People wanna live too close. Watch your step. Its a dousy. Put on your red shoes, and dance the blues? Do you wanna dance?

  6. It gets stranger by the days. Jaden bi-sexual, willow, bi-sexual, wil and jada just dont care about who they sleep with, hollywood swingers. Its enough temptation in the world. Woman is hard to tackle, along with man. Never seems to be enough. Family is the most difficult mission that God gave us to accomplish. It all about family. Now we think that maybe there is a substitute? Nope, there aint. You can try to be happy in any relationship. It takes work on both sides. Two is company, but now three is a crowd. Competition and 2 personalities that must be in sync, or has the knowledge and respect to deal with the 3rd wheel. One is enough. Its hard enough just getting that to work without counseling. God bless the smiths and family. The world is just one big playground to fuck up in. And we do get fucked up. Wont catch me shit packing. That shit is sick. Im glad i stayed a man and did not compromise my dignity. Some people cant help it because they become so confused. Which is a devilish deed. Black folks have to stay strong. We suffer enough of exclusion, and brain washing. Sometimes we fly over the cookoos nest. Most of its for entertainment purposes. It aint that much entertainment in the world. But, give it your best shot. Im not the one to judge.

  7. People are so stupid acting as if this is new and it's going to make other people to be this way lol. I respect it more if a person is in a three way relationship instead of cheating. Some people are not meant to be in monogamous relationships because they're not monogamous people.

  8. funny thing about love and relationships is that the other party or parties need to love you back …. don't get cut out of your creepy love triangle lol.

  9. Celebrities raise their children different.
    Let’s not forget that the whole family believes in Scientology.
    Jayden left home at 15.
    This is who they are.
    We are living in a world where children are exposed to everything
    They are growing up very fast

  10. And my feelings are what is the point of pointing this out to all the other fragile minded children who follow her. I don't know but i know i shouldn't have waisted my brain cells on this nonsense when people in flint Michigan don't give two fucks about this nonses because they still don't hAve clean running water. What they think of is if the the high levels of lead will even give them the ability to have kids in the future not what sex they prefer in there world of emptiness. Can't you see it in her she has a though road ahead of her but we are over here spupidly celebrating her confusion

  11. Are you all fucking serious? All of you people making comments about how she’s “just trying to being edgy” or “her family made evil blood pacts and are animals”. I cannot believe the level of DISREPECT that most, if not ALL of you have shown. Willow has FULL RIGHTS to be able to experiment and be open about her sexuality and sexual preferences. Some of you saying “but she’s only eighteen and considering a poly relationship?” She’s allowed to experiment and figure that out for herself. She decided today to be open about her feelings and how she feels towards relationships; romantic and sexual, and she has (and I’ll say it again) FULL RIGHTS to be able to express herself and how she feels. Calling someone out as “just being edgy” when they are open about their sexual preferences, especially if they’re famous, is a low. You don’t know her. You can not justify how she feels, because you do not know. And It it is EXTREMELY disrespectful to call her and her family animals, and make crude comments about her honest feelings; it really does show how disgusting of a person you are. You all need to get a grip and stay the fuck out of people’s lives and opinions. Willow is allowed to feel how she wants, express her feelings, and BE who she wants.

  12. Is this college lingo to say… “I am bi-sexual”🤦🏻‍♀️. Rich privilege kids.. can’t find something productive to do!! 🤨🤨

  13. Her parents are demonically possessed they made blood pact with the malevolent entities that have been inflicting mankind for centuries. This is not progressive thinking this is a demon thinking with it's tranny parts nothing but defilement to turn this sunshine into a reprobate. Poor girl her parents should be locked in cage for turning their kids into confused human cancer pushing the elites satanic agenda.

  14. That entire family is messed up beyond repair. I'm sure her parents are thrilled their teen-aged daughter tells the public this sh#t, I'd be ashamed! But then again, my daughter would never have made such a personal, trashy comment for the world to know. Who comes up with these ridiculous words?

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