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the NBN rollout has been arduously slow it's still millions of connections and a few years short of completion but do we really need it with 5g just around the corner future is exciting ready let's hope we're ready because 5g is coming sooner than you think and it's going to mean a world of difference for the everyday consumer and small businesses we'd be able to import data software and we'd be able to look at better ways of manufacturing it's a fairly big step a big change from what we have today people can share what they see with family and friends in real-time 5g will connect the real world to the online to help medical practitioners with important information overlay 5g technology will likely have widespread implications across many aspects of our lives and it's not just sonic speeds on our mobile phones the network has the potential to transform everything from food and online shopping delivery to Australia's emergency departments and our police and ambulance services 5g really has the potential to change things here very simple analogy is that it allows us to out more lens to a highway so that in the rush hour we can keep everybody moving compare that to the 49 billion-dollar much-hyped and then maligned National Broadband Network the taxpayer-funded system uses a combination of fibre and copper technology and is in the process of being rolled out across the country it's not as fast as what they say it is it's by no means as fast as what it has been advertised or purported to be by the looks of it 5g could be down under before the NBN has even been finished so is the near immediate speed of 5g going to make it obsolete as the NBN all being a colossal waste of time and money they'll create big problems for for Australia and for the NBA more on that after the break on the current pher plus when we'll be seen 5g here in Australia and how you can take advantage of one of the most exciting technological developments in history welcome back slow internet speeds drivers mad in this high-tech world but new technology is promising lightning fast broadband 5g is about taking 4G will beyond work and currently go it's a new frontier in technology what is 5g in in the simplest form how do you explain five g 5g brings together a whole bunch of the latest wireless innovations in a way that allows us to connect everything from smartphones all the way through to consumer electronics it uses millimeter wave bands creating near-instant speeds basically it will allow you to download a full-length film in a second is tech expert and managing director of tel site Foad for doggy it's a fairly big step a big change from what we have today speeds that are comparable to fiber connections and also very low latency which allows for things like autonomous vehicles and machinery to be automated from a from a farm well certainly would stop any outages if it works where it's supposed to work Sonia Williams works for footwork podiatric laboratory a small business which designs medical devices including inserts for shoes sonia 5g really has the potential to revolutionize your business absolutely the speed at which how software operates and we manufacture of communication lines the fifth generation mobile technology will also help sectors like mining and agriculture with farmers able to use sensor technology to upload and share information on crops and livestock medical professionals will be able to do the same with patient records and information self-driving cars with sensor technology that communicate with each other is also on the horizon we will ultra-low latency communication between car people and infrastructure allowing them to operate smoothly over great distances without limitations then there's the fun stuff like 5g powered drones delivering food and online shopping to your door nowhere is the potential power of 5g more evident than here in Europe where there are trials underway testing the strength and capabilities of the technology and as you'll see the results they've been remarkable UK telco giant Vodafone is among the world's biggest mobile networks with close to 417 million subscribers we spoke to director of strategy Luc Evanson at the company's global headquarters in London it's very cool especially to somebody like me who grew up what your Star Wars Vodafone has been selected by the Italian government to equip the city of Milan with 5g it's kind of a living laboratory which is allowing the telco to understand what the technology can deliver some of the stuff that we're doing in Milan and things that excite me you know personally one thing called hala portation which is a way of generating live 3d holograms that are visible to people we're in the next generation of smart glasses back home and telstra is doing similar trials to great success with rescue drones and 5g hotspots Mike right is from Telstra well certainly 5g outside of the house was going to make a huge difference to the ability to put high-speed cameras and high bandwidth devices anywhere where you'd like them Australia's global ranking for fixed internet speeds is woeful we're 56 in the world behind Puerto Rico Ukraine and Slovenia compare that to our mobile data speed ranking we're currently doing much better in that department at seventh fastest it's for that reason 5g is likely to render some elements of the 49 billion-dollar National Broadband Network obsolete federal MP Josh Wilson is the Deputy Chair of a parliamentary committee looking into how the NBN and 5g will coexist unfortunately by choosing to do 2/3 of the NPN network using 19th century copper a lot of it is more or less obsolete at the point of delivery and that's that's a serious failure for us in it and it will hold Australia back there are nearly one-fifth into the 21st century Sonia says she struggled with the NBN and has had issues with outages through her businesses to hellström Network she just wants 5g to work and live up to the hype we're hoping that they can't deliver on what they say most Australian telcos are expected to have some form of 5g by 2020

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