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Live and in HD, this is ABC 7 News at 11 on your side and good evening everyone first tonight
at eleven a warning for parents after multiple reports of a suspicious man watching even following young children
it’s happening in the area around mclean Central Park in McLean Ashley common is there tonight
with the details and so what’s being done there Ashley E files in please tell me they are aware
these reports however no suspect has been identified no arrests have been made and that’s
pretty unsettling for this neighborhood known as a very safe one judy turn is key has been taking her two
little girls to McLean Central Park for years safe neighborhoods safe area and may go
I hear you feel comfortable anymore as much now police to question one man but found
he had committed any crime they’re urging parents and children hit you feel
uncomfortable about any situation call police reporting live
in McLean tonight Ashley common ABC 7 News okay Ashley thank you very
much what we have new details tonight about a deadly crash involving an
ambulance in Calvert County shares tell us the ambulance was heading
south on Route four in Prince Frederick when a car crossed into its past the
driver of the car was killed the ambulance driver also
heard it was fun to Baltimore she was 11 an emotional plea for help in finding
the person responsible for a deadly hit-and-run that robbed a little boy up his mother tiara Jackson died June eighth after multiple cars hit her on
the outer lobe aBC 7’s jacor spoke to her parents tonight and he’s in our newsroom with the story
J else and Jackson’s parents are understandably
reeling from their daughter’s death in that hit and run crash what are calling on the public for help
in solving this case they’re also taking on a new unexpected role princeton Jackson knows
very well the person in the picture the wet trail
well things are clearing out after some downpours earlier tonight our cameras
actually caught this storm take a look rolling through southwest DC earlier and
it just drenched to the people who are down near the jefferson Memorial abc7
chief meteorologist Doug Bell joins us now but what to expect next eider duck hello
there and at this hour we have some showers still in the area but early this
evening some people enjoy beautiful sunset like this be the observer’s book
called Scott this image along the Potomac River looking %uh back
northwesterners towards rosalynn a beautifully made and then during the
night take a look at our doppler radar live
right now still some late night showers and downpours on a Doppler right now we have a east to
Baltimore over the bay and the operation short some thunderstorms West washes summer downpours one little
thunderstorm near Front Royal although this will diminish over the
next couple of hours 79 Washington now 72 in Frederick 76 in Fredericksburg an overnight the
showers will diminish it’ll be partly cloudy areas of fog 6571 very warm and muggy tomorrow and more
showers more store evaluated at the hospital so the man who unveiled
the massive government surveillance program may be in hiding but he isn’t staying silent coming up
new details about the case as he answered questions it in online chats plus the speed limit
could be dropping on some busy area roads were to tell you where when ABC 7 News at 11 returns in 60
seconds do way well we have a warning tonight for three
area beaches will tell you where the water is off limits ahead plus what may have saved the teenager’s
life as he went toe to toe with a shark and house and that man for
Marrone who leaked all that government information about surveillance programs
will today he answered questions in an online chat find out what he said and what people think of him coming up
remain silent today Edward snowed in instead answer questions in an online chat Tom
rallies in the ABC 7 satellite center with the new details and reaction
tonight tom wells and former Howard County resident
edwards known answered questions on line from a secret location today believed to
be somewhere in by information derived from this
suspicion was surveillance center on Tom Rousey aBC 7’s news okay
tom thank you very much what new at 11 slice of a shark attack and this was off
the coast of Texas pearly beach a Rundle Road Beach and
Magothy beach it’s not clear what caused the spike in
bacteria anyone who comes in contact with the water should immediately clean off with warm
water hand soap so it’s that time a year at beach time it definitely feeling like
summer out there yeah they were get more more oh no we
haven’t had many days of 90-degree heat were only three so far this year a lot
of our in years gone by but I get home to
really get more than some Immodium getting let’s start of the night
videographer Ben rice was are just gonna run Arlington the Air Force memorial how it goes all time lapse this a little
down for the rent for the nation’s capital looking back towards Arlington
your and you can see it was only a couple
miles wide but the shower came through and then moved across the district
Southeast Washington adjacent Prince George’s County pretty heavy downpours this kind evening
we had a few were either one of these there was a beep you’d pro boner lot to celebrate yep okay done thank you anything to celebrate in
sports or make some earner talking about the Stanley Cup be no rocky with hopes up another cup the
Tigers a nose battle in Motown for the Nats and fills entertain the
folks in the city of brotherly love so it’s all coming up next in sports is and now all but Toyota Sports Desk
brought to you by your local Toyota dealers for the Nationals as you know been badly
right around the .500 mark for weeks now they get some offense going on the
pitching squeaks and then hitting stops in the guys on the mound don’t get any support and I said this
before but it’s getting late early game tied at one we go back would pay up conflict with a broken foot Washington
aforesaid a broken heart 1c 90 three games with a broken foot yeah how alright well casting couch with a wild ride a thousand miles under
the hood of a car to be exact ratio the rescue and how you
doing next on ABC 7 News at 11 well bring on summer I cannot thank you enough few isolated
showers up here this evening out tomorrow no 7a showers and thunderstorms
but more likely very warm and humid a lingering shower when she is drier air
comes in 30 looks great pride in pretty nice for
the first day of summer and your first weekend of summer very warm and humid highs in mid to upper eighties
Jackie jeers gets out the door a good morning Washington with your go to work
forecast the future very genuine not thank you so much and
thank you for joining us tonight jimmy Kimmel Live’s is nags have a great evening the ABC 7 weather center is sponsored by Bellfort furniture thanks for watching ABC 7 News honored with the Walter
Cronkite and Edward R Murrow words for excellence in broadcast

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  1. If you can surf through and see, say KOKH-Oklahoma City or WTVC-Chattanooga or even Fox 45-Baltimore for example…you have a general idea of what kind of graphics Sinclair has and probably will bring to the WJLA table.

  2. Iv'e looked at those & other sinclair stations. They are literally all different. Some are REALLY horrible, and others are decent. Ugh really worried about sinclair ownership of my fave DC news.

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