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Welcome to the GCN Racing News Show. This week, the rainbow jerseys get dished
out in Innsbruck, we go through the winners and losers from the past week, plus we’ve
got round 2 of the Cyclo-Cross World Cup from Iowa City. The new road World Champions have now all
been crowned – for the next 12 months, they will have the honour of wearing the rainbow
jersey in the discipline in which they won the event – except for the team time trial
world champions – don’t even ask. The most dominant display of the week came
on Saturday in the women’s Elite race. Pre-race favourite Anna Van Der Breggen of
the Netherlands attacked with over 40km’s to go, and was never seen again. She caught and dropped Amanda Spratt, and
although she held on for 2nd, the Australian was a full 3 minutes and 42 seconds behind. For Van Der Breggen, it erased the one blemish
in her palmares – she’s won almost all there is to win in road cycling, but this was the
one that was missing. That also means the Boels Dolmans have had
the World Champion in their ranks for four years in a row. Almost as dominant was Remco Evenepoel. The Belgian was the hot favourite in the junior
men’s road race, having won the time trial, plus pretty much every other junior race of
note this year. Things didn’t initially go according to
plan – he was involved in a mass pile-up which meant that he had to close a minute and a
half’s gap to the front. Which he did, with relative ease, and it wasn’t
long before he’d regained contact that he’d gone on the attack, eventually going solo
and winning by a minute and a half. Remco is the son of former pro rider Patrick
Evenepoel, but amazingly, he didn’t take up the sport until the beginning of last season,
having pursued a career in football prior to that. He turns pro next year with Quickstep, as
a 1st-year senior – that means we’ll have a rider competing at the top of the sport,
who was born in the year 2000. How depressing! Coming from a cycling nation though, that
is a lot of pressure and expectation building up on some very young shoulders, and it’s
going to be very interesting to see how he copes with it. Watch this space. Another young man who will be joining the
Pro ranks next year is Marc Hirschi, who won the U23 event world championships to add to
the European title he won in Glasgow last month. He moves from the Sunweb development squad
to their full pro team. Our GCN Rider of the week, though, is Laura
Stigger. The Austrian lives just 50km’s from Innsbruck,
and won the first of the road races, the junior women’s, in front of her home crowd.. Stigger is the current MTB cross country world
junior champion, and in her post-race quote, she said “I just wanted to have fun, this
is just my 2nd ever road race”. Well Laura – that must have been fun, I mean
I wouldn’t know, but I imagine you enjoyed yourself – well done. The Elite time trial world championships went
true to form – in the women’s, it wasn’t just double Dutch, but triple Dutch Annemiek
Van Vleuten got the better of compatriots Anna Van Der Breggen and Ellen Van Dijk to
retain her title. Incredibly, she’d go on to finish 7th in
the road race despite having suffered a tibial eminence fracture in a mid-race crash. Here she is arriving home on crutches – hard
as nails. In the men’s, Rohan Dennis put in a dominant
display to finish over a minute clear of Tom Dumoulin, and take his first world championship
title. Interestingly, having finished 3rd, Victor
Campenaerts went straight onto the boards in Switzerland to do some testing for a possible
hour record attempt. Apparently, he has already done 54.8kph for
half an hour, watch this space. And so, we move onto the Elite men’s road
race. It was the only race to finish on the Hell
Holl climb, with ramps of up to 30%. Was it brutal? Yes it was – so brutal that Andrei Zeits,
who finished 22nd, had to walk up it…… It spelt the end of Julian Alaphilippe’s
chances, and by the end of it, three riders were locked together. Romain Bardet, Mike Woods, and Alejandro Valverde. Tom Dumoulin made it 4 with a couple of kilometres
to go, but with nobody able to spring a surprise attack, it came down to a sprint, and there
was only ever going to be one winner. 15 years after picking up his first medal
at the Elite World’s, an emotional and elated Alejandro Valverde finally won the Gold medal
and the Rainbow jersey. A lot has happened in those 15 years – Valverde
has picked up 4 Bronze medals, 2 silver, 4 Liege Bastogne Liege, 5 Fleche Wallone’s,
11 stages and the overall at the Vuelta, and a 2 year ban for blood doping. And so his win, was, well, somewhat controversial. For some, it was a deserved reward for years
of sacrifice and hard work from one of the most consistent riders the sport has ever
seen. For others, it left more than a sour taste
in the mouth. If you’re not a fan Valverde, then when
he wins, generally you can forget about it and move on to the next race, but now, those
rainbow bands will serve as a constant reminder of cycling’s less than perfect past. On the other side of the coin, he’s served
his punishment, and therefore he has a right to compete. It’s a subject we would like your thoughts
on as we’re going to be talking in depth about it on tomorrow’s GCN Show – get stuck
into the comments section below, let us know how you felt when Valverde crossed the line
yesterday. Before we finish with the World Championships
– well done to Mike Woods, who’s capped off a great season by finishing with a Bronze
medal, to Romain Bardet, who took France’s best result for some time with 2nd, and to
Tom Dumoulin. The Dutchman has, this year, finished 2nd
in the Giro, the Tour, the World Time Trial championships, and now 4th in the road race. An incredible level of consistency and professionalism
which is something we can all look up to. On to Cyclo Cross now, and It was the perfect
trip to the States for Belgian Toon Aerts. A win at the weekend in Iowa City made it
two races, two wins for the 24 year old from Belgium, racing for Telenet Fidea. In a repeat 1-2 of last week, Aerts got the
better of Van Aert, the two had been locked together until lap 6 of 8, at which point
Van Aert made a mistake. Aerts didn’t need a second invitation, taking
full advantage and eventually winning by a comfortable margin of 51 seconds. Michael Vanthourenhout came in third, making
it an all Belgian podium. In the women’s race, we had a new winner. Not just from this season either – a win in
Iowa marked the first career World Cup win for Katie Keough of Cannondale Cyclocrossworld. This time last year, Keough had finished runner-up
in both the US rounds of the World Cup, so this felt like a just reward for the 26 year
old. She made light work of the muddy conditions,
powering clear on the 2nd lap, and finishing with over half a minute’s advantage. Behind, a strong finish from 21 year old Evie
Richards of Trek Factory Racing saw her finish in the runner-up position, whilst last week’s
winner Marianne Vos could only manage 3rd this time around. Vos, though, leads the overall standings in
the World Cup, which will now take a three-week break before resuming in Bern, Switzerland. We’ll take a one week break now before we
return with the Race News Show next Monday, don’t worry though, there are plenty more
videos before then, including tomorrow’s GCN Show so don’t forget to get involved
in the comments with your opinion on Valverde’s win – we’d really like to hear from you,
whatever your thoughts. OK – if you’d like to subscribe to GCN,
all you’ve got to do is click on the globe, and if you would like to see Oscar and James
do their own race around Innsbruck, on Zwift, you can find that down here……they didn’t
win, obviously.

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  1. GCN gets even worse. Valverde has won how many times this season? Did you question those wins? Frankly lame and you should know better than acting like shitty UK tabloid newspaper.

  2. Why doubting always about Valverde mates? He is the best Rider of 21th century…how anybody can be sad for his victory? And what about the performance of the spanish Squad? No worries…Next year You have Sagan again. Cheers

  3. ffs GCN… why did you have to go and stir-up all of the internet medical experts with this talk about doping. Just trying to relax and enjoy the racing news show over here!

  4. Great race update Dan..always look fwd to your comprehensive report. Can you ask the producer for a more comfortable chair next time🤔

  5. It's not a question about Valverdes past anymore. People can go back to the straight and narrow and abiding according to the rules. It's a question about if is UCI full of formerly doped riders and being to soft when punishing.
    Hat off to Valverdes this comeback year.

  6. Never used to like Valverde but he's won me round. His attacking style is always great to watch. Always there when it gets serious and gives it full berries every time. Yes, he's had a ban but a lot of cyclists have a past and he has served his time. I say well done to him and I'm glad he has finally won the rainbow jersey.

  7. I came into watching cycling after Valverde's ban and it's safe to say that he quickly became one of my absolute favourites. Van Avermaet and, somewhat ironically, Contador joined that list soon after. (List growing.) I think Bala is a fantastic advert for the sport and perfect rider to show off the stripes. Looking forward to seeing the Endura made kit!!

  8. I cant believe they even let those drug taking scumbags back into the sport at all, what a terrible example for everyone especially the youngsters watching and getting into the sport.

  9. Very happy about Alejandro's win. He is no more dirty or clean than any other top rider be it now retired Contador or indeed the guys he shared the podium with. Singling out riders like Valverde as undeserving compared to others is hyporitical. They all do what it takes, right up to the line of what is acceptable, sometimes crossing it. Let us not cast shade on this epic win.

  10. Valverde – 38 year old ex doper and having one of the best seasons of his career and lifting the world title. Miraculous consistency that's too good to be true? Asked myself the same about Armstrongs comeback glories and look where that got us. It is sad that anyone with an objective view of relatively recent cycling history can (should?) reasonably come to the conclusion that if it's too good to be true, it probably…isn't true. If in 10 years time and anti doping is retrospectively testing whatever new nasties no doubt some are cheating with and he's proven clean, then happy days, it's a magnificent achievement. Until then, it's hard to stomach, and it's hard to believe.

  11. I really liked Valverde's never say die performance good on him,the other two were in with a chance right to the end. He is not the first doper to come back after a ban and win bike races, won't be the last .

  12. I'd have a rider like Valverde win over a robot with his eyes glued to his power meter any day. If a tainted past is your most important criterium in judging a winner than you might as well not have bothered watching cycling for the past 25 years

  13. Lots of hypocrisy and ignorance in some of the comments. Valverde was cleared to race, so he had the same chance to win as everyone else. He did the work and paid off. He did the crime (a long time ago by the way), and paid his due. He won, get over it.

  14. I was happy for Valverde. He’s had a great season and he was the best on the race. Not sure why mentioning his doping case now he won – he served his ban. He should not be punished now for the mistakes he’s paid for already.

  15. While I love GCN content, these post-race shows are meaningless without actual race footage.

    In an age where we can find just about anything on the internet, I can't find more than a clip of Valverde crossing the finish line. This regulation of content (I assume by the UCI) is damaging to the sport. Without coverage, how can fans and future riders get involved? Without coverage, why would a corporate sponsor fund a team or an event?

    Fortunately, the UCI produced a brilliant 2 minute highlight reel of riders reaching into their jersey pockets, so I was able to see some of the race…

  16. Amazing! So happy for Valverde and Spanish cycling. I think it takes a lot of guts to continue cycling after a ban of two years. It proves how much he loves the sport. Also it is very nice to see him win clean, making a statement of how drug free cycling has become. He barely won, which leads me to conclude that it was his natural strength and motivation that got him there first. Valverde is a stellar example of the sport, consistent, full of joy for the sport, his carrier is one for the history books. Now with the rainbow jersey as icing. Chappo! To him.

  17. I would like to see more research into the long term effects of 'short term' doping. Are dopers still benefiting from it years after they have stopped? I've seen some theories suggesting there are fitness gains that you don't lose prior to stopping doping. If the research suggests that there are long term gains, lifetime bans are surely the only way to level the playing field.

  18. I think it is a shame to shadow Valverde's glorious win with such talk. Yes we know practically every rider who competed in the late 90's and '00 years used substances. Is this not a well known fact! As a community cyclist have had to combat the stigma of being cheaters. Finally it feels like cycling is taking a turn for better. It has not been easy, but can we move on! Can we not just be happy with a glorious win. It is to bad we are for-ever jaded. Is no winner of a race safe from accusation. Millions of dollars are spent by UCI to assure dope free competition. Just be happy to be a fan of this wonderful sport.

  19. I didn’t follow cycling much during the drug controversy times so didn’t know much about Valverde, but seeing his raw emotion on the podium, his kids, the way he graciously accepted the medal from Sagan was enough to see how much it meant to him. People make mistakes and Valverde paid for his. I see this win as the culmination of a road to redemption.

    It’s fitting that he came so close when he was doping, but won it on pure hard work alone years after he served his punishment. Kudos to Valverde for overcoming adversity (even if self inflicted) and achieving his dreams in a great effort.

  20. I think "La Bala" is a great inspiration for those of us who get into cycling at the wrong side of 30 years of age. He doped when the entire peloton was doing it, paid the price and capitalized on his chance at redemption. It's not his fault that the UCI didn't ban him or issue a harsher punishment. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  21. It's embarrassing how you treated Valverde, such a great guy, humble, one of the most complete cyclists I have ever seen. He was punished, and he kept winning, as he did before. His title is a perfect end to his career, a HUGE deserved WIN after all that failed attempts.
    Embarrassing, I repeat, the two sides GCN has shown with, I have never heard anything like that with a more recent case like Froome's.
    By the way, we will hear in a few years about the Sky's case, just saying…

  22. Valverde – the man won. Why create controversy when there shouldn't be any? He should be thankful his name isn't Kavanaugh!

  23. Lets talk about how amazing it is that Valverde won at his age. Who cares what happened 10+ years ago (Half of you do, sadly. This is why we can't move on as a sport)

  24. You lost me GCN, I see cycling in the present. And, I see the Pros as having the best W/kg, FTP, Vo2 Max, skills, endurance and/or sprint power. And then I assume the UCI and WADA are doing the best they can at enforcing the rules. Let me enjoy the World Champs.

  25. ohh come on!! the man just paid…2006.,,how many controls since then??? 12 years on and that,s all you can say?? know perfectly that everybody was high those days..if there,s something strange in his victory,don,t doubt everybody will know…but come on!! don,t spoil the party..the man deserves it

  26. I enjoyed a lot watching Valverde winning. Two of the most exciting riders to watch racing nowadays are Sagan and Valverde. Their consistency and hunger of winning are spectacular. So, we cyclists are very well represented with the last 2 world champions. Highlight on Peter Sagan humbleness when going on the stage to salute Valverde and present him the gold medal.

  27. Doping is not the issue in that matter. Why raise that question? What about Froome? what about Diego Ulissi? The last one paid for it and after he raced again with few wins and nobody asked such questions

  28. I don't even know what to say. I'm not a Valverde fan, but I can't stand your hypocresy with his win when nobody said nothing when Froome won the Giro having a positive in Vuelta 2017. He paid his positive with a 2 year ban and he deserves this rainbow jersey like nobody on earth, so some people should stop encouraging other people to think that Valverde doesn't deserve this win because what happened almost 10 years ago. Good day lads

  29. Chapeau to the Spanish team and especially to Omar Fraile who went on lead out for a while before Valverda got a well deserved win. 10 years older than former world champion which gives Peter plenty of time to gain it back. I especailly enjoyed Sagan handing Gold medal to Valverda, Bravo Champions! Bravo!

  30. When Valverde came across, my mouth dropped, I did not think he would win, being that he was on the front and thought he would get picked at the line. I thought it was a pleasant surprise. I was thrilled for the guy, who is an amazing rider and thought at 38 years of age, it was more than well deserved.

  31. Valverde: no controversy. He deserves every band of color on that jersey. He paid his dues in more ways than we can ever imagine. GCN you should be ashamed, using Valverde as click bait. GCN: 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  32. I was actually happy for Valverde. Of course would have been happier if woodsy would have won but being from Canada I am bias!👍🏻 But, having been such a fan of cycling for soooo many years, and staying loyal through the dark years where Valverde was part of, he did serve his ban and I hope to god he learned from it and is a better person and rider for it! I want to give home the benefit of the doubt because he is an amazing rider. But, I am not naive to the fact there will always be a cloud over him. I have always been a glass half full kind of guy, love cycling and watching races and that will never change! So,,,, congrats Valverde, it was a great race to watch! And, GCN, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! ❤️👍🏻👊🏻💪🏻

  33. Valverde paid the price and served his time. While I am often suspicious of older riders who continue to win big races, I am not going to automatically damn these same older riders because of their past. Valverde is one of the most dynamic, talented riders of his generation. I only wish we had more riders with his kind of talent who seemingly races for fun, and to win – ever single time he toes the line. Bravo Valverde!

  34. GCN….. really….. you got more class than stirring up a lame contravercy. The man paid his dues and his doping years ago has nothing to do with this win. I love your show. But shit like this is not needed.

  35. The hardest part next year will be looking at the World Championship jersey and having to tell yourself every time it's not Peter Sagan! I wonder what he looks like in a regular Bora team jersey(LOL)!

  36. You totally disrespected Valverde. Only to get a couple of comments and position your vid.
    You clearly lack principles.

  37. Frankly I love cycling. I honestly don’t think any pro sport is completely clean.
    As soon as Money and endorsements are tied with being successful in a given sport you will have someone trying to find an edge.
    When an athlete can’t walk into a GNC store or Vitamin shop and by a protein powder or some other PED that is perfectly legal to the general public. Then I think testing has gone to far
    Admittedly that was a bit of a rant.
    But, come on!!!! When ever there is an attempted clean up of cycling the dust is never allowed to settle.
    Never mind that sports testing is always two steps behind the perpetrator.

  38. Hey I was very happy for him I was glued to me big screen in my home for the whole 7 plus hours. He did his BAN and was cleared.

  39. why should gcn even mention doping it was a long time ago and he was punished for it back then so why talk about it now?he deserves much more respect coming from gcn

  40. I am trying to find at GNC same way of opening debate just after S.Yates won La Vuelta, reminding all of us about his "small positive" in 2016…. etc. as they are doing with Valverde now…but I find nothing…

  41. Its a great shame about the doping, its a grey area, lots of the legitimate practices seem wrong to me, lots of injections etc.
    Ive got a fit kid, great at sprinting ( never lost) but his mild asthma absolutely rules out endurance events. Not Froome, Wiggins though.

  42. Valverde deserves this win other thing is that GCN don't like it, I will just unsuscribe, I am not from spain by the way, this guuy is kind of jealous, or who knows

  43. Dan, seriously I don't believe that you come up with a comment like that about Valverde, see down below the reaction of the forum. Or this is still about the last century war between Brits and the Spanish empire??
    Come on, please raise the level up.. I can't imagine Oscar Pujol making the same comment on the GCN in Español..

  44. Valverde’s win: If someone has served their time then they should be allowed to race and win. If there is a general consensus that the consequences of cheating are not big enough then lets change the rules.

  45. Just because he was caught and many others weren't/won't be this invalidates his win??

    No, I don't think so, they are all dopers, without it you won't win ..

  46. I'm really annoyed with GCN bringing up Valverde's doping ban, you just help incite the haters to start their abuse.
    He has been the best and most consistent and exciting rider for years and so classy. When he got his ban most of the peloton were doping and many are held in great esteem so why single him out.
    It's bad enough having the tabloids slagging our sport off but I expect more from you guys.

  47. A bloody hell it's happening already… I'm at that age when pros are younger than me in a few things now. It's not to say I'm old, but it does mean that's the end of youth, lol.

  48. Valverde deserves it for the best and the worst. He represents more than anyone the evolution of cycling. Firstly, being ban for blood doping and secondly for his consistency. Bravo Bala !

  49. Happy for AV… one of the most consistent and classy riders of all time. He served his ban, so he has the right to race and win (not easy), just remember that Yates also has a past an he is was a great champion in la Vuelta

  50. No no no!!! Not a fan. Take Valverde out of the mix, and you have a deserving champion and podium. Out with the old, in with the new.

  51. In my opinion, a sentence for doping is morally a lifetime judgment. He chose to cheat competitors, fans and the sports. I think it's sad that one of the representatives of the sport's shameful history now rides with The rainbow jersey. According to the rules he has not done anything wrong, but this is a reminder of how shady our recent histore is, and how important it is to cultivate good values ​​and condemn cheating

  52. If you want to enjoy watching cycling you have to assume that everyone on the start line is clean and have faith in the authorities to rigorously test and weed out anyone cheating. Endlessly speculating about riders without good reason does nobody any good and only detracts from the sport.

  53. It might have been me that missed it, but didnt you forget to talk about the u23 tt that Mikkel Bjerg won again this year? 🙂

  54. He doped, he paid the price – GET OVER IT! Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2018 UCI World RR Champion, Alejandro Valverde!

  55. As the saying goes: Valverde served his time, and if the Rules say he can race again after doing so; then his win is well deserved, and hard fought! Unless someone can prove that he doped on This occasion; in This race, then kudos to him. He was clearly the Best of the rest. To try and minimize his accomplishment, is demonstrating a bias against him that invalidates any objective argument. As several have said before me: if you allowed him to race-you have to congratulate his victory. Chapeau to Valverde. Besides-we older cyclists like the fact the "Old Man" of the pack was the first wheel across the finish line!!!

  56. The gaps are just Too huge in some of those events one has to Think that nothing has Ever changed from the days of EPO now its just called having a TUE!!

  57. Did you know, after Remco fell, he lost his Garmin. So what do you do when your in a World Championship and you lost your Garmin? That's right, turn around and go get it! And so he did

  58. At least Valverde did not need a fleet of lawyers to muddy the rules and truth the be this championship. As a former drug doing hippie from the late 60's I am thankful for second chances. I just didn't clean up soon enough to be World Champion. Or it could be genetics and skill involved.

  59. GCN –
    How many comments that contained unsubstantiated claims that Valverde was doping to win the World Championship were "hidden" or removed from the comment section? I know plenty of comments were removed for claiming that GCN is half tabloid and such.

    You clearly asked for opinions on the matter past what you were already going to get in a video comment section, and then can't handle what you got in return?

  60. He did his penance and has been just as clean as everyone else since then. Just as worthy a winner as anyone else in the field.

  61. I was happy to see Valverde win. He served his time (although not repentant), but that was many years ago. He has been Mr Consistency since then, and all the other riders knew not to take him to the line or he would beat them in the sprint, which is exactly what happened. No one wanted this more, so in spite of his past, I say congratulations to Valverde for sticking around long enough in the sport to finally get the rainbow bands!

  62. I think cycling still has work to do when it comes to anti doping and while Valverde is part of a darker time in cycling he has cleaned himself up and as others have said paid for the crime. I would have liked to see Tom Dumoulin win as I think he deserves to wear the Rainbow jersey given how hard he works and he is consistent.

  63. If the UCI have let him start having 'done his time' with a two year ban, then he should be allowed to also win and all power to him. Personally though, I am of the opinion that any drugs cheat should receive a lifetime ban.

  64. He won , its deserved , hes paid for his mistake in the past , hes clean and the best rider won , he showed his class, read it and weep if you mist but thats life , DEAL WITH IT

  65. gcn , some of these morons on here cannot be cyclists, makes me wonder if they know anything about the sport they claim to love ffs

  66. Obviously you are not a fan of Alejandro.
    I do not see any controversy other than that generated by GCN.

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