WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff: July 14, 2019

WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff: July 14, 2019

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Ok after watching entire Ppv and watching preshow last Drew vs Nesse stole show before the show officially started damn it.

  2. they should have made him defend more and not 4 defenses in 4 months and lose it at a ppv thats trash wwe is turning Trash

  3. Nakamura is connected the is title ascrele as the wee title just like he did back at knew japan

  4. Just call Shinsuke the King of Strong Style, thats not copyrighted by njpw i mean if it was he woulnt be nickname like that back on nxt so pls just call him king of strong style, calling him artist is plain disgusting (come on marks tell me how im wrong)

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